Poem Reposted: PARTING GIFT

Parting Gift

by Dan Standing

I moan as the cold tip pushes against the lips
Of my wet and waiting snatch.
Shirt and bra removed, panties pushed down off of hips
I never fully considered the implications of the catch.

The smooth metal glides inside my slick womanhood,
My left hand pumps while the other grabs my breast,
All the warnings did no good,
At the sight of the auric toy my desires would not rest.

Deep inside this cave so dank,
I found this golden rod under covers.
Now I cry out like a dirty skank,
Surrounded by past – and doomed – lovers.

My bare ass rolls against the cold and gritty floor.
I see the other golden statues scattered around.
Each one in a pose best befitting a whore.
I know soon I will cum and also make no more sound.

My hand holds Bacchus’ final parting joke,
The phalus of Midas himself turned to yellow gold.
My muscles tighten and my scream becomes a choke,
I feel the curse begin to take its hold.

As the warm and wonderful orgasm explodes,
Another feeling also travels along,
Changing bone and flesh and hair and sensitive nodes,
As I quickly join the still, helpless, guilded throng.

I sit as my metal form loses all its heat,
Evermore only to collect dust and simply be.
The phallus somehow returned to its tempting seat.
My nudity and lust on display for the next explorer to see.

Wrinkles will not encroach and breasts will never droop.
So eternal beauty with eternal stillness is not quite all bad.
I secretly wait to see who will be the next dupe,
But meanwhile it’s definately the longest orgasm I’ve ever had…

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