Magic Shop: Not A New Game, But A Fun One…

Some of you may remember a Flash game pushed around the internet, oh…last year I guess. It was called Magic Shop. And it was quite entertaining.

MAGIC SHOP's tite screen.

You play the unlearned magic shop apprentice desperately trying to help the pretty girl dye her hair blonde with a magical concoction. Get the ingredients right and you could have a chance to get with her. Get them wrong and…well, there are easily over 50 (possibly almost 100) ways to get it wrong, ranging from giving her a mohawk to turning her into a pile of ash and many other, well, very NSFW transformy results.

I do suggest you just skip most of Apprentice Joe’s droll and somewhat dated dialogue in the beginning…just read the young lady Biannca’s lines and you’ll understand what’s going on.

Roninsong, the creator of Magic Shop, has mentioned a possible sequel for some time. Until that arrives I’ve taken the initiative and hosted a copy here on because I don’t know where it exists elsewhere anymore, and I have this written correspondence from Roninsong to back up my decision;

You can find Magic Shop anywhere on the net and put it on your site for free…

So, please enjoy Magic Shop…I’d love to hear people’s favorite accidental transformations…personally Rose Milk + Poison Clover has a certain class to it I quite enjoy. It just goes to show that some things age quickly on the internet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t age well.

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