Poem Reposted: Unexpected Perfection

Unexpected Perfection

by Dan Standing

She looked at the second pair of hands,
All four now palm up to her face.
She had not wiped the extra lotion away,
This had not been part of her plans.

She shrieks as her breasts are quickly parted,
Splitting like amoebas moving into their new place.
Four hard nipples popped up to softly sway,
She runs to the mirror heavy hearted.

She had bought the tube to increase her bust,
Rubbed the cream on her tits like an ace.
Doubling numbers instead of mass was not what she expected today,
She suddenly recognizes a building lust.

The cream was on her chest, hands and…oh no!
She had played with herself; hand had crept under panties of lace.
Now she feels her clit and nether lips reforming as if made of clay,
She nearly weeps; this body she can never publicly show.

Nude she stares at her reflection,
Doubled arms and chest, a pair of pussies nestled in one’s place.
Both glisten as she decides to play,
Take advantage of her changes and search for unexpected perfection.

Lost in dual orgasms she fails to hear her roommate returned,
The lovely woman walks upstairs at an exhausted pace.
She finds the changed woman in a sensual lay,
Her secret crush spread out on the bed, her passion quickly burned.

They test their flesh and find it without compare,
One’s dream found, the other discovers pleasure from a woman’s grace.
The next day one lover works, the other inside will stay,
She minds not as long as there is love to share.

Months later no more secrets hide,
A lovely couple in a unique embrace.
More limbs had doubled, for what is there to say?
For them Love is not all that can be multiplied.

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