Shhh…it’s a secret…

So, I’m not widely publicizing this yet, but today marks the first posting of my new comic HELD WITHIN over in the ESCarchive. I’m calling it a “goaled” comic – it is loosely based on an unpublished novel I wrote and does have a planned and definite end, but since I’m still adapting it and I have 50+ strips written it’s far from short and essentially “ongoing.” It will update twice a month, unless I find the budget to post more often.

It’s drawn by W. Wondollar (of Bloomin’ Faeries fame), and colored by me (the panel at right is from a rough). Like most of my writing it involves wishes and transformations of varying types.

I’m soft launching it right now, so when Strip #3 posts I’ll make the big announcement on Exiern, but if any readers want to sign up for the ESCarchive now and get started early I wanted to let you know.

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