Story: Truth and Freedom

Sometimes being a freed genie is not all its cracked up to be.

For example, did you know I still have to grant wishes? Not every wish, mind you, but if I ignore two I have to grant the third one I hear. And yes, I’m kind of one of those genie…if I’m in a particularly foul mood I will fuck someone over. But most of the time I’m quite amiable.

And looking to fuck.

You see, I can’t grant wishes about myself anymore. And when my last oh-so-generous master wished me to be free of the lamp’s servitude, he also wished for me to have a body with porn star proportions, be very horny very often, dress provocatively when in public (and not at all when in private), and only be capable of screwing him and hot women. A pretty specific wish about me, so it got granted pretty much as it reads. And it left me pretty apathetic about humans in general.

Of course, he never said I had to fuck him, only that he was the only man I could screw. And when he made the casual comment about wishing his dick could be rock hard all the time I left him as a statue in his apartment and went on with my new life. Which involves having sex with a lot of women.

It also means that while I don’t have to live in the bottle anymore, and I’m not forced to serve those who possess, it is still the source of my power. I do have to stay within its presence a good portion of the day to retain my abilities and stay corporeal. But sleeping while it stands on a table near my bed takes care of most of that.

What’s the point of all this rambling? Well, sorry, but it’s important background info so you can best understand why the events of my story played out how they did. I mean, once things get hot and heavy do you really want me to suddenly stop and go, “Oh, and here’s the background on this…”

No? Right, didn’t think so.

Anyway, this particular story starts with me at the coffee shop just off the Lyon State U. campus. Colleges are fun. Plenty of sexy women, who should be old enough to know better than to get involved with someone like me, who are supposed to be smart, but who are usually too interested in looks or popularity to properly harness those brains. You know the old saying, “Education is the only thing people are will to pay for but not receive.” I know that my description is a grand generalization, but the women who are exempt from that generalization aren’t the ones I really enjoy playing with.

Anyway, there I was, seated at my usual table. I had dressed myself up to look like I had just finished jogging; tight sports bra, small shorts, sneakers with a slight lift to them, and little else. My breasts, grapefruits which were fully filled with what I call flesh but shaped to look like some sort of insert had been placed within, bulged with gusto from my top. My round luscious ass was pushing out of the shorts against the seat of the chair, even though the hot pants sat low on my hips because of my hourglass figure.

It was a fairly conservative look compared to some of my other outfits, and one doesn’t always want to look like they should be trolling on a corner. I was getting looks from a lot of the men, but none of the women were biting. I was already well within one of my horny phases and was trying to figure out what to do when three female Lyon State students entered.

I’ll spare you most of the loud vapid conversation going on at their table. Basically you had three tropes of college student; the loud attractive one who claimed to get more action than she probably did, and then her slightly less slutty-looking friend who probably experienced more of what the first girl claimed she did. Then there was the shyer, more mousy girl, who was indeed very pretty and sexy under all her baggy clothes but was too timid to go after the physical pleasure her bubbling hormones and peer expectations were pushing for.

My attention was initially on the loud one, whose own orange-sized chest fleshes were squeezed up into the dip of her tank-top by the push-up bra she wore, but the timid one is who gave me the window of opportunity.

“You have the best stories, Anna. Sometimes I really do wish something could get me so worked up down there I just had to go home with a stranger to satisfy the urges.”

Well, done and done. Their drinks had just been delivered, so it was an easy wish to grant; the emptier her cup got, the emptier her loins would feel. The drier her cup, the wetter her…pussy. And, since I counted as a stranger, it was easy to switch her gender preferences and plant into her head the idea of approaching me before anyone else.

Yeah, it was all permanent. I’d just made her a lesbian for the rest of her life to fit my whims. It was her wish. Besides, what part of “apathetic” don’t you understand?

Anyway, it was quite fun to watch everything wash over her. The preference of gender change was immediate, and I observed her making little glances to her table-mates, flashes of confusion in her eyes as she realized what she was doing. Those glances started to linger a little longer as she drank on, and I could see her thighs under the table squeezing and rocking slightly. Now and then a hand would absently snake down, but pull away before it could poke at anything.

By the time she was done her drink I knew her panties would be sticking to her moist lips. As she placed the empty cup down she excused herself from her friends, got up, and walked right over to my table. If you were looking for it you could spot the slightly dark patch under crotch, which was mostly hidden by the mixed hews of her blue jeans.

“I’m sorry…I don’t normally do this…especially not with women…my name is Lina, by the way…but I was curious if you’d be interested-”

“I’d love to take you back to my place,” I grinned. My own thong was quite soaked and I didn’t feel like drawing out her awkward proposal. I quickly got up from the table and we walked out, much to the astonishment of her two friends.

The great part of being a genie is, by manipulating the right wishes, you could get yourself quite the little nest egg without a drop of real elbow grease. That allowed me to keep a few apartments around the city, and the one I was currently shacked up in was just half a block away from the coffee shop.

Thankfully the walk and trek up the stairs was short. Not due to how horny I was, but because I’m not sure how long I could have put up with her confused, but giddy, babbling about how horny she was. As we moved along she wished she had more experience feeling this way, so I made so she’d basically be horny all the time from here on. That’d give her plenty of experience. Then she mentioned that she wished she knew why she was suddenly acting like this, but I pushed that wish aside. The key to remaining a free genie is to remaining a secret free genie.

Once in the privacy of my apartment I had no choice but to immediately start stripping down. Lina had walked past me and was taking in the decor, forcing me to ignore another wish from her to have a place like mine. I didn’t like being forced to be completely nude when I didn’t want to be, so I had a collection of sheer scarves near the door which I’d loopholed into being exempt from my last master’s wish. I grabbed one and looked up at Lina’s shocked expression; she had turned and been watching since I dropped my bra to the floor.

“Well, we’re not going to get much done clothed, now are we?” I asked. A grin returned to Lina’s face and she started to undress, her eyes never leaving my nudity.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to stare, you just have an amazing body,” Lina sighed, peeling the fabric of her panties off her slick slit, “I mean…all of you is just so great. But you’re nipples, man…” I looked down at the tips of my tits, which were wide, round nips about the size of a half dollar, “…I wouldn’t want bigger breasts, but I wish I had nipples like yours.”

I didn’t have a choice with this one, so I tried to make the granted growth subtle. I added in that as long as she didn’t have to notice her engorged and ridiculous looking nipples, she wouldn’t. She had already pulled off her shirt and was undoing her bra, so there was a chance there’d be no reason for her to notice. As she removed all the cloth covering her top, and I saw that her breasts were about a quarter the size of mine, I figured anyone else not noticing was a pretty big long shot.

Her spreading areola already covered about a third of the skin of her breasts, and her previously petite nipples were catching up fast. I wanted to get things underway before she did something to especially bring attention to them.

“Why don’t we move to the bedroom?” I asked, moving in close and placing my palm against her dripping sex. I put my face right up to hers in order to tease her, but my plan was cut off as she moaned from the touch of my hand and pushed her lips against mine.

We were a tangle of hands and arms, stumbling from my sitting area to the bedroom, mouths and tongues sloppily attacking every inch of the other’s face. I mean, I was over the top horny myself by this time, so you can’t blame a girl for just going with the flow.

Upon reaching the bedroom Lina broke off the make-out session, and took a few breaths. She pulled my sheer cloth with her, and started to do a sexy little dance with it. She was no harem girl, but it was cute. Her coin-sized teats bobbed a little on her three-inch thick breasts. She stopped and seemed to need to catch her breath again, stepping back and resting her arm on the table holding my bottle, flashing me a smile while I moved to ready the bed.

“You have a great place. And I love this bottle. Is there perfume or oils in it?”

In all my time of bringing someone back to my place, no one had ever seemed interested in my bottle before. I hadn’t though twice about the possibility that she’d touch it. My head must have snapped her direction like whip, and I saw she’d picked it up.


“Could you, uh, could you please put that down?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry, is it fragile?”

“No, as my former genie residence it is indestructible.”

Fuck. You see, while I was freed of the bottle’s servitude, I still had to be honest with anyone who held it. I wanted to say it was an antique. Fragile. Priceless. Whatever. But I couldn’t. This was bad.

“Former genie residence? What do you mean by that?”

“I am a freed genie. That is my former home. Now please put it down, I’d like to have sex with you.”

“Freed genie, huh?” Lina repeated, slinking over to me. I could only assume she thought this was some sort of role-play, “So, do I get any wishes?”

“You can make wishes, but I only have to grant every third one.”

“What am I on now?”

“Two to go, since I had to grant your last wish.”

“Mmm…and what was my last wish?”

“Nipples like mine.”

“Oh, I see, and when…wait, what? Oh my god!”

My hand went to my head as Lina took notice of her tits. With her panicked distraction I would have grabbed the bottle from her hand if it was within my power, but the damage had been done.

“Sorry, I didn’t have a choice.”

“This is real!” the young woman replied, gently touching the dark teats that commanded her breasts. Once she was sure they weren’t hallucinations or anything she turned her attention back to me. I didn’t like the look she had on her face. “Why are you telling me this?”

“You hold my bottle, so you get the truth.”

“So, I could, say, wish that Anna was interested in women like I am? I never realized her body was so…succulent.”

I granted the wish, because it didn’t really effect me, and I didn’t want to be cornered into skipping two wishes and having to grant Lina one. The next time Anna went to the coffee shop she’d get horny and wet as she drank, and then be compelled to find me.

That was actually a pretty good result for me, actually.

“Granted,” I spoke up.

“Oh, yay!” Lina practically giggled. I could see a slickness dripping down her thigh as she thought about Anna’s new lesbianism…which wouldn’t be directed at Lina, at first, but no reason to ruin her thoughts. I was also amazed that the girl hadn’t yet figured out that I was probably the reason for her sudden shift in sexual partners.

“How about we get to business? I know I’m so horny for you, right now,” I cooed, hoping she’d put down the bottle as she was lured to the bed.

“Oh, yeah, totally!” Lina grinned, “In fact, I wish this would be the best sex I ever had.”

I granted it, just to force her into the bed. As I expected, she put the bottle down and eagerly jumped on my naked body. Our nipples and breasts mashed together, as Lina writhed her skin against mine. I felt my magic take ahold of the situation, and as I began kissing her my finger found her folds. Some caressing and pressing in the right spots and suddenly Lina was curling up her body and crying out.

And I felt the magical guide leave me. Seriously, what the fuck? Had this girl never orgasmed during sex before? That was all she needed for the “best sex” she ever had? My own body had barely been touched! My loins were like a flooded furnace, and this bitch’s idea of amazing sex is satisfaction only for herself?

I was pissed.

“Mmm…lady sex is the best…” Lina glowed in my arms, completely oblivious to my thoughts, “…none of my boyfriends ever made me feel like that…”

Shit, what are these college guys doing these days?

But I pushed the question, my anger, and as much horniness as possible aside. My worst nightmare had come true; someone knew I had to grant wishes. If I couldn’t do something about that I’d pretty much be under someone’s thumb again. And I couldn’t have that.

But I could lie again.

“Yeah, sex is great,” I replied, fighting through my own retained arousal, “…you know what would be great is…”

“If I wished we did that every day?” Lina asked, a greedy grin on her face. I pushed the wish away. But it was clear, as she gyrated in my arms, that my magic causing her to be more horny was beginning to get her turned on again.

“Sure,” I replied to her, “But wouldn’t you get bored of just one woman after a while? What about Anna?”

“Oh, yeah, I totally wish she’d join us for each fuck!”

I had to push that one aside, too. I was getting a little nervous about Lina’s eager wishing. I’d have to grant the next one in some way.

“If you’re really interested in having sex with women, why not make a more general and generous wish?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“From experience, I know that never being tired, and the ability to fuck any woman until they are satisfied, is a great thing.”

“Oh, yeah! I totally wish for that!”

Suddenly the woman who had been in my arms nearly instantaneously turned into dildo.

I mean, yeah, there was a brief intermediate state when her body was turning to rubber, locking the joints of her arms and legs straight. It would have been a warm, fuzzy sensation as her bones first transmogrified, the wave of alteration slowly pushing through her flesh until every inch of her torso, legs, pussy, and tits were inanimate plastic. And she would have felt everything below her knees merge together and form a proper head and shaft as her body started to shrink. But it was very quick. What she mostly experienced was suddenly being a conscious and eternally horny piece of inanimate plastic landing on my sheets.

“Sorry, Lina,” I said as I picked her up. She was still conscious inside her new stiff form, but I figured she was probably too distracted by the unyielding sense of need in her plastic pussy, and the sensation of my fingers on her body, to really listen to me. “You did two things wrong. You found out I granted wishes, and then you left me horny. This way I can resolve both issues.”

With that I wasted no time in filling my own recesses. As I pumped Lina back and forth between my drenched folds, her plastic body did warm up to her own orgasm as I came, her already slicked body sprayed with even more of my juices. But as I finally had relief, Lina’s magically augmented libido immediately kicked into gear again. As I cleaned her off and placed her in a special drawer of mine, she finally realized she’d be trapped perpetually aroused, unable to sat herself, until I next fancied her.

Which wouldn’t be for a little while. I didn’t really think much about the people I’d transformed. And I had better dildos.

But the next time I brought someone back to the apartment – Anna, actually – I made sure to place my bottle in the same drawer with the Lina. It didn’t take her long to realize some people shouldn’t handle the truth.

I didn’t care. I was too busy handling Anna.


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