Scene: Gaining Control

We warned Julie not to overuse the lamp. That it was unpredictable. But the moment her breasts had finished growing, practically eclipsing her head in size, it was clear she was lost.

She hadn’t believed us anyway. That the lamp was magic, I mean. I don’t think she would have so flippantly wished for “breasts ridiculously big” if she had. But soon enough they were growing. I know from my own experience it’s a sensual, pleasant sensation…like warm mud being poured over your ribs. It feels good, the “I need a dick inside me now” kind of good.

Her eyes were a little glossy afterwards. Quickly she wished for nipples to match her bosom, as her current ones were still the tiny thimbles that had adorned her until-recently apple-sized bust. I could hear her cooing as her teats, already hard from the erotic growth of her breasts, started to swell. Her areola crawled along the curve of her fleshy pillows as her nips settled somewhere between the size of a golf ball and a baseball. Her fingertips gently brushed all of her new enhancements, and she bit her lip in reaction to their equally increased sensitivity.

I think at that point she realized she’d wasted two wishes on tits. We weren’t certain exactly how many wishes each person  got on the lamp – no genie had ever emerged to spell things out for us. As Julie assessed what she had done to herself, it was clear the gears were turning in her head.

“I wish I had access to unlimited wishes, with the ability to control exactly how they are granted!” she exclaimed. She had a grin of victory, which was quickly washed away when her feet started to wrap around themselves.

She dropped the lamp. We all watched in silent disbelief as her legs started to press together, forming a thin tail that was snaking its way towards the brass spout, which was leaking a blue smoke. It was clear that Julie was about scream and shout, but the moment her former feet entered the lamp her face went slightly blank. An odd smile spread across her lips as she lightly pushed herself up from the chair.

Her legs had merged together all the way up to Julie’s hips, pushing her pussy up to rest on the outer surface of her tail. She seemed to hover for a moment, then looked up and gave us a smile before she was suddenly pulled inside the lamp.

And then it vanished.


  1. Great short story. I like how it just starts half-way through (assuming there isn’t a previous chapter). While, short it conveys enough emotion and detail to describe exactly what is happening. Finally, the ending leaves some nice questions about both the friends watching and now the adventures of the newly minted genie.

    It works as both a stand-alone and as the opener to a series.

    Well done!

    • Why thank you! I really appreciate all your great comments!

      There is no earlier portion, I reserve “Scenes” for quick ideas that come to me that may not have time for a larger story to be written around them. If people seem to like this one I can think about expanding the story in either direction…I didn’t expect to write more for “Joan and Julie, Humantaur” but people seemed to like it and that always spurs me on…

  2. Her wish is unfortunately vague. Having access to unlimited wishes does in no way stipulate that they must be her own wishes, thats the first thing. The second part seems to further solidify her peril, she may decide how exactly a wish is carried out. She does not say this includes the ability to not grant said wish only to decide the method in which a wish is granted but that means it must still be granted in full. From this interpretation I must say she has very likely consigned herself to magical and eternal slavery and imprisonment. Her smile simply implies she believes herself to have full control and power. The lack of dialogue after transformation and the fact the lamp disappears justifies this reading all the more.


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