Room 2739: Wednesday, 2009




Michelle found herself once again startled awake by the alarm, but this time she was more surprised than pained by the breasts she woke up with.

“Still not a dream,” she mused as she sat up and pushed her hair out of her face, staring down at the huge warm orbs that hung from her chest. The sheets gently resting upon her hypersensitive flesh were quite pleasant.

The sound screeching through the room was not.

Finally silencing the buzzing box, she further adjusted herself in bed and watched dreamily as her new proportions rolled around her naked and now extremely voluptuous body.

Standing up and looking at the mirror, Michelle realized she wasn’t even an hourglass figure – maybe sledgehammer was a better description, given how much her breasts stuck out on either side of her frame. Far wider than her hips did.

Until last night she had every intention of using her next wish to further reduce her breasts. Since then her orgasm had lightened her opinion of them, and she was kind of okay with them now, especially after having gotten new bras and having made it through a day without much issue. She wasn’t sure she wanted to waste another wish on breasts, and instead had another idea.

Taking the pendant out of the drawer, where she had returned it the morning before after dressing, Michelle summoned Scrim again.

“Good morning, human Michelle, and what may I do for you today?” Scrim said as she took form over the bed.

“Well, Scrim, you certainly made my life interesting yesterday,” the human replied, pacing the room and motioning towards her bobbing breasts.

“I am simply granting what you desire,” Scrim replied, smiling.

“Well, this time I’m out to make my life better, not just bigger, so here’s my wish,” Michele said, taking a breath, “I wish that you would make me capable of successfully sexually-attracting, and asking out, my boss.”

“It shall be so…again, it will take me time to sense the universe in order to grant you the proper abilities…you may want to go about your business until I am prepared.”

“Very well, thank you Scrim,” Michelle said, leaving Scrim to meditate in the air.

Dropping the pendant on the desk, Michelle walked over to the bathroom, her chest swinging along the way. She knew she couldn’t really get away with another day of not washing up. As she went to inspect the shower stall, she realized that she was also very hungry – she’d need to stop at a food cart on the way to the subway.

Checking for towels and soap, Michelle got in and turned on the water.

She almost came right then and there.

The spray of the liquid, like the wet massage of a thousand tiny hands, washed over her breasts and nips and Michelle had to quickly turn away from the jets. Taking a few deep breaths to calm down her suddenly spiked libido, she picked up a washcloth and soap and decided she’d just need to tend to her breasts without the use of the showerhead.

That was only slightly less arousing.

Near the end of her bathing Michelle heard Scrim exclaim, “It shall be so!” There was a flash of light and she knew that the smokey being had returned to the pendant. Michelle’s body tingled for a moment, sending goosebumps and shivers through her despite the warm water, but otherwise she did not feel any different than before.

Getting out of the shower and turning off the water, in that order to avoid an accidentally erotic spray across her chest, Michelle grabbed a towel and started to dry herself off. As she did so she became aware of a pleasant scent in the room that had not been present before. Looking around, she could not locate the source of the scent, and eventually put it out of her mind as she finished gently drying and got out the hairdryer.

After being satisfied with her hair and putting the hairdryer away, she grabbed her razor and realized that shaving her legs while working around her invasive breasts was not going to be easy. Placing her left leg on the side of the tub, Michelle ran one hand down her thigh and calf to see where she needed to work, but didn’t feel any hair. Her whole leg was silky smooth. She found the same for the other. Placing down the razor and going over to the mirror, Michelle found that leg hair was not all that was missing; her pubic hair was gone, as well as her armpit stubble.

The wish!

“Phil must like his girls shaved…” Michelle grinned, admiring her smooth skin for a moment. Part of her partially missed the look of maturity the tuft of nether-hair had given her, but as for the rest – good riddance!

Dried off and ready to dress now, Michelle opened a drawer of the bureau and got out a pair of panties. Sliding them up her legs and pulling them over her hips, she was surprised to feel the elastic actually slip back down over her buttocks. It was just a little, just enough that the crack of her ass now poked out from the elastic band. Michelle grabbed them and pulled them up again, but they just slid back down again as soon as she let go.

Thinking the elastic must be old on that pair she took them off and threw them aside, grabbing another pair out of the drawer.

Which did the same thing.

It was then Michelle noticed she was also wet again – at least between the legs.

Not really having the time to mess around with another pair of underwear, she grabbed a skirt out of her closet and pulled it on. After clasping it round her midriff, it too slid down to show a little bit of ass crack.

“Okay, that’s not good…” Michelle muttered, reaching for one of the bras she had left by the door. Walking to the mirror, she placed the cups around her tits. It was now she noticed her nipples were still standing at rock-hard attention, despite lacking any recent attention, and she had to gently tuck them inside the cups. She then attempted to hook the clasps. It was difficult, as if they were fighting with her, but she eventually managed to do it.

“I didn’t have that problem in the store…”

As she let go and started to move, Michelle suddenly felt the bra cups pull against her, as if someone was cinching up the straps of her brassiere. She turned to the mirror just in time to see her cleavage bulge out of the bra from the tightness. She didn’t have time to deal with this.

Going back to the closet she pulled out a blouse and put it on. Somehow it was just short of tucking into her skirt, and she could not get the top few buttons to stay buttoned. They kept popping open, revealing a substantial amount of cleavage.

Sighing at the realization that this was probably thanks to her most recent wish – to make her look a certain way to really get Phil’s attention – Michelle slid on her heels, grabbed a dress jacket from the closet, and picked up her briefcase on the way out.

By the time she got to the subway she had figured out that her jacket wouldn’t button at all. She couldn’t believe how inappropriate she was dressed, but she’d rather be chastised for her outfit today than fired for taking the day off.

On the subway Michelle could again smell the same scent she had detected in the hotel room. She still couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Looking around the train, she found that people were glancing at her again, but this time some were lingering a little longer than before.

Given the state of her outfit she wasn’t very surprising that people were staring at her. But it was the looks she was getting that Michelle found unsettling. It was…odd. And unlike her walk down the street, she now had nothing else to do but take notice of people.

After a stop or two Michelle spotted the Sports Bra Slut a few seats down and across the car from her. Michelle found herself looking at the woman differently than she ever had before. She lingered on the long legs that disappeared into the flimsy shorts, her firm stomach rising and falling from breathing. She realized her eyes were wandering up to lustily watch the other woman’s breasts rise and fall, bouncing with the clacking train, when Michelle finally forced herself to turn away.

She had been staring at the Sports Bra Slut like should would any scantily clad man, and the thoughts that had been creeping into her head were…

“Am I…am I a lesbian?” Michelle muttered to herself. She quickly looked around the car and spotted the Jogger – he had actually gotten on while Michelle had been ogling his female counterpart. She quickly discovered she still felt all the usual lust for his body.

“Why am I…bi?” Michelle sat confused, not realizing that the Sports Bra Slut had been returning the lusty look when the enchanted woman had looked away.

Once at the office, Michelle found that the scent followed her into, and quickly filled, the elevator up to her floor. She noticed that by the time she got off the lift, another woman riding along to some other floor above was giving her a look much more than “What are you wearing?” – more like, “Can I see more of what’s under what you are wearing?”

Michelle was officially concerned. At her cube, she turned on her computer and slumped into her chair. She couldn’t understand what was happening. All she wanted to do was ask out Phil – why was she filled with bisexual lust and had this odd ability to attract women?

As she signed into her systems, her inbox came up with an urgent alert that had come in not so long after she had left work the evening prior.

Michelle took a sharp breath.

As of now, Philbin Krow is no longer with our organization. He has our best wishes on future plans.

Michelle’s heart sank deep into her chest.

If Phil was gone, and Michelle had wished for the ability to ask out her boss, then that meant –

“Miss Spending,” boomed the voice of Ms. Schowe, and Michelle spun around in her chair.

As Michelle looked at her new, if only temporary, boss, she saw for the first time Ms. Schowe go speechless.

And then Michelle put it all together. She had always thought Ms. Schowe’s single status was because of her job. But now she realized the other woman must –

“Well, Miss Spending,” Ms. Schowe collected herself and interrupted Michelle’s thoughts, “There are some things we need to discuss regarding last night’s developments. I’ll expect you in the Bower Meeting Room in five minutes.”

Ms. Schowe didn’t wait for a reply and walked off, adjusting her suit jacket as she went. Michelle wanted to leave, she didn’t want to go into any room with Ms. Schowe like this. She knew it was a bad idea, but with Phil gone defying Ms. Schowe now was like a request for termination.

Although causing her interim boss to come on to her didn’t sound like a safe option either. She turned away as she realized she was undressing Ms. Schowe with her eyes as she walked off.

A few minutes later Michelle was nervously sitting in the Bower Room, tapping her nails on the table in angst. It was a bare room, just the table, two chairs, and stark light above. There were large wall length windows, but the blinds had been drawn shut, Michelle imagined this was from meetings with previous employees. She could already sense that her new scent was beginning to fill the room. She thought about getting up and trying to find a way to vent the small space, but Ms. Schowe’s entrance brought that plan to a screeching halt.

“Thank you for meeting me here, Miss Spending,” the manager said, closing the door behind her and standing on the other side of the table.

Michelle watched her new boss pace back and forth, long legs pushing the pants material along as they flowed up to – she had to get these thoughts under control.

“Uh, sure, absolutely,” Michelle finally responded, “Does this have to do with Ph…Mr. Krow’s resignation?”

“Dismissal, actually,” Ms. Schowe replied quite firmly, “He was dismissed yesterday evening, not long after you would have left, actually.”

Michelle’s scent had filled the closed room at this point, and she could tell that Ms. Schowe’s normally stoic and icy forward glare was starting to break; Michelle could see an ever-more occasional glance at places that weren’t her eyes. Michelle wanted to end this as quickly as possible, but part of her want to know what happened to Phil, and part of her wanted Ms. Schowe – NO!

“As I’m sure you can understand, I cannot go into the details of Mr. Krow’s termination, but as your new, if not temporary, boss, I do have to ask if he ever…said anything to you…” Ms. Schowe continued, becoming increasingly more flustered.

“He was my boss, he talked to me all the time…” Michelle said, trying not to get Phil into any more trouble.

“No, I mean,” the sweating woman finally sat down, “Did he ever say anything about…your body.” Michelle noticed a noticeably husky tone in Ms. Schowe’s voice. Her new boss was leaning over the table now, staring intensely at Michelle.

“Uh, no,” she lied, both attracted to the woman and uncomfortable at the same time, “…he didn’t.”

“Nothing about your legs, or stomach, or breasts –”

Michelle suddenly realized she had leaned forward because of her intensity, but that had caused her new cleavage to roll into view. She threw out her hands, this had to stop before either of them got carried away.

“Ms. Schowe, I –”

Michelle was startled as Ms. Schowe suddenly dove forward across the table, planting a sloppy and lustful kiss on Michelle’s mouth. The employee had pulled back in surprise, but even still Ms. Schowe had planted the kiss square on her…and her tongue followed.

Enjoying it briefly as Michelle’s new lesbian desires momentarily asserted themselves, she quickly pushed back both her new bisexuality and her boss.

“Ms. Schowe, no! I…I can’t,” Michelle gasped as her boss’ lips pulled away. She had grabbed the other woman by the shoulders and pushed her into the other seat. Michelle got up from her chair and moved towards the door. “I think I need the rest of the day off.”

Ms. Schowe was sitting, completely dejected, staring at the table. Michelle couldn’t see her face.

“Yes…understandable…go ahead,” Ms. Schowe weakly answered.

Michelle didn’t waste any time. She opened the door and marched over to her desk, her ridiculously adjusted bra barely controlling the bounce of her tits. She didn’t notice that all her coworkers were staring at her until she had picked up her briefcase and turned around.

It was then that she realized that the light from the meeting room was still casting a perfect silhouette of Ms. Schowe’s still form. Michelle realized everyone had seen everything. Even more embarrassed now she marched to the elevator.

…and waited an awkward three minutes before it finally arrived and took her down to the lobby.

Once outside Michelle angrily marched away about a block and a half before finally stopping and collapsing onto a bench.

She just sat for a moment, staring down at the sidewalk.

Well, as much of the sidewalk as she could see. Her shirt had unbuttoned itself enough so that most of what was in her view was an expanse of cleavage.

Fighting back tears Michelle looked up and away from her chest. Two bikers caught her eye, a man and a woman. As they biked past her she found herself staring at the woman’s ass as much as the man’s. She shook her head in frustration, forcing herself to not cry.

“What have I done to myself?”

Frustration turning into determination, Michelle popped open her briefcase and pulled out her cell phone. A few months ago the Tenneman Account almost fell through, and Phil had called her into the office for some emergency weekend work. She now hoped she still had the number stored, and that the call had come from Phil’s personal cell phone.

After some clicking and quick calendar estimates, Michelle thought she had it. Taking a deep breath she hit DIAL.

The phone rang and rang and Michelle could feel a drop of sweat bead on her brow, but suddenly a familiar voice picked up.


“Phil? It’s Michelle,” she stammered, “…from…work. I had your number in my phone still. I was calling to…see how you were.”

“Oh, wow, Michelle, hi,” Phil replied, sounding like he had just woken up, “So I guess you found out what happened last night.”

“Not entirely, Ms. Schowe was not very specific,” Michelle said.

“Of course not, that bitch,” Phil muttered on the other end of the phone. Michelle was taken aback a moment, still not accustomed to the idea that Phil no longer had to talk professionally about her coworkers.

“Could I…see you tonight?” Michelle blurted, nerves finally getting her.


“Could we, like, meet up somewhere tonight?” Michelle replied, her voice slightly meeker this time, “You could…tell me what happened.”

There was a long pause on line.

“Yeah, sure,” Phil finally replied, “Got a preference?”

“Uh, no,” Michelle had not thought that far ahead.

“Know where a place called Club Veer is?”

Michelle almost said no, but a random memory struck her, “Oh yeah, I pass that place on the walk back to my hotel.”

“Great. How about we meet there at 8?”

“Sounds good Phil, I can’t wait,” Michelle replied.

“See you then, Michelle,” and Phil hung up the phone.

She also hung up and threw her head back in relief. She let out a long deep breath and smiled; finally, a night out with Phil! All it took was him being fired. She couldn’t wait to see him and –

Michelle was snapped back to reality, jerking her head up as she realized she had nothing at all appropriate for a place like Club Veer – or her new body.

A few hours later Michelle was back in her hotel room. In one hand her briefcase, in the other a shopping bag from Spencer Twins. Dropping the briefcase and hanging the bag’s contents in her closet, she grabbed the pendant and walked over to the mirror.

Michelle stripped down and rotated her body back and forth, examining every inch of her reflection.

She needed to make sure she hadn’t missed any other changes from the morning.

Her breasts still sat out proudly on her chest, nipples still achingly hard, just as they had been all day. Michelle gingerly touched them with her empty hand, her body jumping a bit each time from their sensitivity.

She could smell her scent start to fill the room again, and noticed just how much her pussy was glistening. Nothing, not even her call with Phil, should have gotten her this excited. As Michelle stared at herself she suddenly realized her own reflection was turning her on.

It was time for some answers.

Michelle clicked open the pendant and Scrim’s smoke and cinders solidified over the bed again.

“Ah, human Michelle, it is good to commune with you again, and so soon,” Scrim seemed to do a little bow as she floated in midair.

“Okay, cut the crap,” Michelle shouted, pointing at Scrim, the chain of the pendant swing around loose out of the bottom of her wrapped fingers, “What did you do to me?”

“I only-”

“No,” Michelle interrupted, taking a step forward now, “I don’t want to hear any ‘only what you wished’ bullshit repeated back to me – tell me what I asked for and how you granted it.”

Scrim was silent for a moment, then nodded her head.

“To begin,” the supernatural being started, “Your request from the first day was,” Scrim perfectly replicated Michelle’s voice, which disturbed the human greatly, “‘I want my breasts to be as big as any of the cheerleaders that I went to college with,’ and thus I made each of your breasts as large as the cheerleader Jenny Burlo.”

“Oh God, I remember Jenny,” Michelle replied, thinking back, “I guess they were about the right size…”

“On day two,” Scrim continued, “…you said ‘I wish that my breasts would shrink down and stop at a size twice that of the largest breast size possessed by any cheerleader I went to college with and that my breasts would always be round and attractive and never cause me any physical pain.’ Granting that I sensed the present size of all the cheerleaders and made it so you’d always be twice as large as any of them, and included a hex to keep the shape of your breasts molded as you specified. Another hex removed the pain receptors where appropriate.”

“I didn’t mean as big as now, I meant as big as then,” Michelle moaned, sulking to the other side of the room.

“I am not a mind reader, human Michelle. Was I such I would be bound to grant any passing thought. It is a safety mechanism,” Scrim explained, slowly floating after Michelle.

“Some good it’s done me so far, now I have tits the size of my head, and my nipples are constantly hard.”

“The nipples are from your third request,” Scrim added, “…you said ‘make me capable of successfully sexually-attracting, and asking out, my boss’ and after sensing what she would need to be attracted to you I took the needed steps.”

Michelle wanted to argue that Scrim picked the wrong boss, but knew that error in wording was on her.

“And just what the fuck were those steps?” Michelle demanded.

“The human woman you asked me to profile prefers her partners hairless except for the primary mane and brows. Thus you no longer grow hair elsewhere.  She is also partial to thick, well-defined nipples, so yours are now eternally thick and aroused to satisfy at any time. She also needed to take notice of your body, so I have enchanted you to always effect your clothes so that they display your sexual attributes as ideally and apparently as possible.”

“So that’s why my clothes seem to be fighting me,” Michelle muttered, “What else?”

“You personally had no attraction to human females, so in order to make it possible for you to ask her out I made you more attracted to females than males so there would be less conflict. To decrease the time it would take to mature a sexually-charged relationship, your vagina constantly excretes a pheromone that makes other women sexually excited.”

“Great, I’m a walking date rape drug,” Michelle muttered, collapsing down into the desk chair, her breasts bouncing with gusto against her chest.

“No, it is designed to entice desire, not overpower will. Whomever wishes to engage with you does so of their true choice,” Scrim corrected, “Those who would naturally wish to bed with you will simply do so in a more timely fashion. Now, may I return to my pendant to rest?”

“Yeah, yeah, go ahead,” Michelle weakly motioned with one hand, not even looking at Scrim. The ifrit erupted back into the piece of metal still hanging from the human’s hand, and she dropped it on the desk.

Michelle sat in silence for a moment. She could change all of this in the morning, but for now she might as well make the best of it.

Running one hand down her legs, she was actually happy at the thought of never shaving again. That was definitely a benefit. Gazing down her body Michelle knew that at some point she’d need to deal with fixing her cartoonishly large and sensitive breasts – and her new attraction to her own body – but in the meantime there was no need to let them go to waste.

Stretching her lithe form out in the chair, Michelle let the hand running along her legs slide between her thighs. As one finger slipped inside her wet and scented sex, the other hand grasped a sensitive teat and Michelle let out a slow “Yes…”

It only took a few moments for her playing hands and responsive body to bring her to another orgasm. Her body gently convulsed against the pleather material cradling her lovely ass, eventually relaxing again in a warm afterglow. She smiled as her mind drifted, and she actually fell asleep.

Sometime later the sound of one of the other hotel room doors slamming shut jolted Michelle awake. She glanced around the room in groggy confusion, trying to sort out where she was in the dark and still unfamiliar place.

Realizing where she was Michelle placed a hand to her head and rested against the desk for a moment before she realized how dark the room was. Spinning the chair around towards the nightstand, she saw the clock.


Bolting from the chair, Michelle rushed to get washed and dressed.

She couldn’t miss this chance to see Phil.

Marching down the sidewalk towards Club Veer, Michelle could feel all the eyes locked on to her as she made her way through the people. Well, more so locked on her breasts than her, perhaps, but that was splitting hairs.

The quick shower she had put herself through had thrust her libido back to Code Red, despite her earlier self-session. Quickly dressing in the thong underwear she had picked up, she found that Scrim’s hex on her seemed to make no changes to the thong.

Michelle could not say the same for the little black dress she had purchased.

Despite the store clerk’s best effort, the hem of the dress pulled up far enough that the enchanted woman’s ass was almost showing, and the dip in fabric down her chest showed plenty of cleavage. As her breasts bobbed and bounced she wasn’t sure how her nipples weren’t leaping out of the confines of the built-in silk bra.

Michelle found that she had no trouble skipping the line outside Club Veer. The doormen practically escorted her inside. Once within she was almost blown away by the sound of the dance mix. She had been clubbing in college, but not since. She had forgotten what it was like.

Looking around the dimly lit room, Michelle could see men and woman in all sorts of outfits everywhere. And both men and women were all giving her a look. But she had only one person in mind.

If only she knew where he was.

“Hello, Miss Spending,” Phil said, suddenly appearing at her side. Michelle was startled and jumped a little, sending ripples through her bosom. Phil almost spat out his drink as he saw her from the front. “My God, your…”

“You’ve never seen me out of my work clothes,” Michelle stammered to explain her body, “They’re very concealing.”

“I’ll say…” Phil said, still staring. Even his look at her earlier bound chest had not prepared him for her full glory. Suddenly he came to his sense and gave his head a quick shake, “I have a table over here for us.”

Phil led Michelle back to a little room just to the side of the entrance. The music was not quite as blasting. There he pulled out one of the chairs for her, and then sat himself on the other side of the table after he had seated her.

“So, did they tell anyone why I was fired?” Phil muttered, taking another sip of his drink.

“No, just that somebody said you did something,” Michelle replied. She was glancing at the drink menu, and as a club waitress came by she pointed at the tequila sunrise.

“It was that bitch, Allison Prude,” Phil muttered, “I give her one compliment and suddenly – whak! – hand right across my face! I should be suing her!”

“Oh God, what did you say to her?” Michelle asked, receiving her drink and taking a big sip of it.

“Nothing worse than I ever said to you,” Phil answered, “You never seemed to have a problem.”

“Well, I’ve also wanted to jump your bones for some time,” Michelle couldn’t believe she had actually just said that and took another drink to hide her embarrassment.

Phil had almost choked on his drink again.

“I’m sorry,” Phil replied, “I had a feeling, but I don’t get involved with people who work for me.”

“I don’t work for you any more,” Michelle gave him a small smile.

“Michelle, do you know what kind of club this is?” Phil asked, leaning forward.

“Uh, no actually,” she replied, a little taken aback by his sudden question.

“It’s a swinger’s club. I’m a swinger. Not just a swinger really, I’m really partial to sex with more than one partner…preferably women. A lot.”


“And, apart from the hitherto unknown humongous breasts, I think I know you pretty well,” Phil said, “You’re not into this. And that’s fine. But just one girl isn’t for me, and I couldn’t do that to you.”

“I’m not enough for you?” Michelle asked.

“No, you’re certainly plenty,” Phil replied, motioning to her chest again, “I’d love to fuck you. But I don’t want you to think it’d go anywhere. You may think it won’t matter now, but there’s no way for me to know you won’t regret later that we don’t have compatible sex lives.”

Michelle’s head was a little fuzzy from drinking down her first drink so fast, but she thought she understood what Phil meant.


“Stay here,” Michelle said solidly enough to almost startle Phil, and she got up and went towards the bar area. She’d be damned if she was going miss out on finally bedding this man! Especially not after all that she’d done to herself. She was getting more turned on at the thought of finally having Phil, and she could tell that her sex-inducing scent was increasing because of it. All she needed to do was find someone she was attracted to…

Getting up to the bar she let her scent fill the area. She could see women all around her start to squirm and look at the men a little more lustfully. But Michelle needed someone who was looking at her with that stare. Glancing around the room she saw a couple women giving her glances, but none of them rang the right bells until Michelle saw – no, it couldn’t be!

The crowd almost seemed to part as Michelle saw the Sports Bra Slut a few stools down from her. She was wearing a short ruffly and black skirt, and a tight blue-and-white latex top that covered nothing more than her breasts, and hugged them up into a spectacular cleavage. And she was staring with fire in her eyes.

Michelle smiled and approached.

Back at the table Phil was getting fidgety. He had always thought Michelle was a nice girl, totally attractive even before her breasts got loose, and if he wasn’t so accustomed to this life he may have even considered asking her out. But deep down Phil knew that eventually he’d revert back to this lifestyle, and he wasn’t about to lead on anyone who wasn’t prepared for it. If only Michelle –

Phil’s thoughts were interrupted by Michelle’s return to the table with another girl.

They were holding hands.

“This dedication enough for you?”

There wasn’t much conversation after that. The only thing that really triggered much reaction was when Michelle finally mentioned, “My hotel room is within walking distance.”

All three soon found themselves stumbling through her door.

There wasn’t much foreplay. They were all pretty much fully stripped between the quickly closed door and the bed – only Phil had paused a moment to rubberize his raging cock. Once on the bed Michelle was all over Phil, Phil was all over both of them – but mostly Michelle – and the Sports Bra Slut was all over both of them – but mostly Michelle as well.

Michelle couldn’t believe how exhilarating this was. Since college she had only had sex once, and it wasn’t terribly common in her studious university years, and this blew everything away. The hands, the tongues, the sweat, the grinding of bodies, Michelle actually found herself laughing as the three forms entwined. Her pussy ached for its first fucking in years. Her only regret was that she could only feel so many chests and butts and arms at once – she wanted her hands everywhere!

Eventually, amidst all the writhing appendages, breasts, and one very hard cock, Michelle found herself between Phil’s legs, pushing her dripping pussy down over his waiting erection. She felt so full, the rubber film pressing tightly inside her. Kneeling at the other end of Phil’s body, over his face with his tongue lapping wildly in her snatch, the Sports Bra Slut cooed and moaned, as her hands caressed Michelle’s tits.

Pumping his shaft with as much concentration as she could, Michelle didn’t take long to come to a screaming orgasm, her hands tightly grasping the sheets, her toes curling, back arching, and her lower muscles tightening around Phil’s cock – bringing him to his own surging rush.

Michelle collapsed on the mattress, moaning as he slipped from her, breathing heavily from her extraordinary orgasm. The rest of the world was just colors and sounds. She briefly noticed Phil quickly bring his erection back as he and the Sports Bra Slut coupled without her, but even as she began to doze off from the alcohol and energy expended, Michelle could still feel a pair of glorious female hands occasionally playing with her breasts as she fell asleep.

The next part of Room 2739 continues tomorrow!

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