Room 2739: Thursday, 2009



As Michelle slowly awoke, the first thing she noticed was the feeling of an arm – that was not hers – stretched across her midriff. Sunlight was streaming into the hotel room, and the details of the previous night began to filter into her brain.

Looking to her right, she found the source of the arm to be the Sports Bra(less) Slut, lying completely naked and face down in the sheets. Michelle followed the slowly rising and lowering lines of her back down to her succulent round ass. Her legs disappeared under the sheets. Michelle found herself licking her lips – maybe she could get used to being bisexual. She turned and looked to the other side of the bed.


A quick glance to the bathroom door showed it open, and no sounds of life were coming from within. Michelle was certain that a quick search of the floor for clothes would prove her suspicions correct; Phil had left during the night. She let her head fall back as a thought passed through her mind; what would have happened to her if the wish had changed her with Phil in mind as intended? Shaking the thought out of her head, she simply grumbled, “Fuckin’ men…”

“It’s overrated, but that was fun…” muttered the blonde lying next to Michelle. Eyes still closed, she turned her head out of the mattress and pressed her forehead against the side of Michelle’s body.

She realized she kind of liked that.

“All those days on the train, I never took you as being a lesbian,” Michelle said.

“Sorry, sometimes I forget to wear the arm band,” came the harsh reply.

“I didn’t mean…”

“Shhh…” the Sports Bra(less) Slut cooed, nuzzling more against Michelle’s equally naked body. She then added, “Besides, sometimes I find sucking on a cock to be really fun. Only advantage of having a threesome with a man.”

There was a moment of warm silence as Michelle thought about the escapade. She couldn’t believe what she had just done.

“Don’t get me wrong, that was great, I’d never been with a woman before. If possible I’d want you to fuck me every night, and I need a body better designed for a threesome. I was a little out of my league,” Michelle sighed, closing her eyes and letting herself relax.

There was a strange tingle across Michelle’s body. The woman next to her took a deep breath, and it stopped.

“Well, I’m not normally that willing to get up and go,” replied the blonde, as a new feeling moved into Michelle’s arms, chest, and crotch, “That was actually very unusual for me.”

Michelle wasn’t listening any more, however.

It had happened within a split second, faster than Michelle could even snap open her eyes. First, she had felt a strange stretching across the length of both arms. Then, two warm spots just under her breasts, which quickly grew tight, heavy, and pleasurable. Finally a strange itch, and then a very familiar sensation, stretched across her flesh between pussy and naval.

Once Michelle’s eyes did snap open she almost screamed.

Jumping up and out of the bed she ran for the bathroom, nearly causing the other woman to be flipped off the mattress as her hand and arm was pushed off Michelle’s body.


“Sorry, gotta pee real bad,” Michelle shouted as she slammed the door shut. Her breath heaving, she leaned against the sink counter. Four hands supported her weight, each gripping the marble as tight as any of the others.

Four hands.

And she had plenty of new weight to support with them.

Staring down her body, Michelle could see between her cleavage…another cleavage. Finally gathering the emotional strength and courage, she looked up into the mirror.


Staring back at her was a form with four arms and four giant tits. Her second set of arms grew right out of the armpits of her original set, and were identical to their predecessors.

Similarly, the new set of round sensitive flesh that adorned her chest also flowed out from just under her first pair of tits. All four breasts were essentially identical, down to the large, chronically hard nipples. The bottom of her first set brushed gently against the top of her second set, and the constant caress was turning her on twice as much.

Part of this was because of the extra pussy that had grown in.

Stepping away from the counter to give herself a better view, Michelle’s jaw simply dropped at the sight of the glistening vagina that rode her body proudly between her originally pussy and belly-button. Given the curve of her abdomen, its look was a little alien, but it was definitely a fully formed pussy; a small rise of mons, the labia, an engorged and aching clit, and a canal that lead…who knew where. It was already secreting its own scent in addition to her original.

“Is everything okay in there?” a voice rang through the door.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Michelle sputtered. She had to get that woman out of her room, but without her calling the freak police. she looked around the room frantically, eventually spotting a hotel bathrobe hanging on the back of the door.

“Just, uh, just finishing up,” Michelle shouted back, throwing the fabric over her shoulders. Pushing her slightly uncontrolled lower arms flat against her sides, Michelle slid her upper arms through the sleeves. Closing the robe around herself and tying the sash, Michelle almost punched the mirror in frustration as she watched the knot loosen by itself, and the robe opened just enough to see her dual cleavage.

She tried again with the same lack of success before Michelle realized Scrim’s clothing hex was acting on the robe, forcing the fabric to reveal her succulent breasts.

All of her succulent breasts.

With concentration, she brought up her second arms, crossed them over her breasts, and used them to hold shut the wayward robe from inside.

Looking at the mirror, Michelle knew that it was painfully obvious something was wrong with how the robe hung, but she hoped the Sports Bra Slut wouldn’t have enough time to ask any questions.

“Okay, I’m sorry, that was great, but you have to go,” Michelle exclaimed, bursting out of the bathroom. She was relieved to see that the other woman was already mostly dressed, and started to shoo her out the door.

“But I, oh, wow, what’s the rush?” the blonde exclaimed as she was ushered to the door, still holding one of her shoes.

“I, uh, I’m late for work,” Michelle stammered. Then she almost stopped as she realized just how real an issue that was. Shaking it off for the moment, she continued her corralling.

“Okay, well, maybe we should exchange-”

Before she new what had happened, the Sports Bra Slut found herself on the other side of the closed door, a DO NOT DISTURB sign now hanging on the knob. One shoe was in her hand still. “See you on the train, then!” echoed from the other side of the door. For a moment the blonde just stared at the swinging sign, then put on her shoe and walked off with a huff.

Michelle locked the door and marched over to her bed. She ripped off the robe and threw it aside – the rough fabric on her four sensitive teats had been driving her mad. She wanted to summon Scrim and scream at her, but Michelle figured that the priority was calling work and making up an acceptable reason not to come in.

Grabbing her cell phone and dialing, she nervously paced around the room a moment, but stopped as the undulation of her breasts against themselves was driving her further into lust. Her second set of arms seemed to be driven by her subconscious, and she had to concentrate to keep them from fondling any of her breasts or pussies.

After a moment Natalie, the company’s secretary, picked up.

“Hello, this is Natalie with-”

“Natalie, this is Michelle Spending, I need to talk to Ms. Schowe, I’m going to have to take today off.”

“Hold on one moment, I’ll transfer you.”

Michelle nervously tapped her foot as the hold music played, and pushed one encroaching arm away from her chest.

“Hello Miss Spending, this is David Thelm in HR,” a voice came on the phone.

“Oh, uh, hi…” Michelle replied, her heart stopping, “I had asked for Ms. Schowe.”

“Yes, well, actually, that’s the reason we’re talking, Miss Spending. Yesterday a few employees reported an inappropriate sexual encounter between you and Ms. Schowe. She admitted to having come on to you and then kissed you. She’s been suspended and we’ll need you to come in and fill out a few forms.”

Michelle could not believe what she was hearing. It hadn’t actually occurred to her that anyone would report the event. But the Phil issue must have fired everyone up.

The multiplied woman realized just how much of an effect her wishes – her greediness – was starting to have on others. She had never particularly like Ms. Schowe; the woman was bossy, demanding, and unforgiving. But Michelle realized she had been doing her job, and never showed favoritism.

Ms. Schowe had never practiced any of the office evils that Phil had done hundreds of times and had been overlooked by Michelle only because she wanted to get into his pants. Now this woman was being punished because she had pushed her over the edge.

Michelle also realized anything could have gone on in that room – the shadows in the meeting room could have been her grabbing and kissing Ms. Schowe, and she was certain her boss knew that. One lie and her career could have been saved, but instead the woman jeopardized her own future for the sake of honesty. She hadn’t thrown Michelle under the bus. And Michelle decided she wasn’t going to let the woman suffer for it.

“No, actually, that’s not what happened,” Michelle spoke up, “I came on to Ms. Schowe. The shock of my actions must have her memory rattled. It’s been a rough week for me and I lost it for a moment.”

“That is how a few people reported it, Miss Spending, and I appreciate your honesty. Personally, I was surprised by her confession. I’ll need you to-”

“I can’t come in because of…the flu, but if you fax the paperwork to my home machine I’ll fill it out and return it as soon as the fumigation is completed there. I’ll also send in my resignation.”

Michelle realized that even if she wasn’t to be fired, there was no way she could go back, not after this. Not only could she not face Ms. Schowe again, but she’d never live it down from her coworkers. She’d just wasted the last few years of her life. Michelle confirmed her fax number and hung up on David Thelm in the middle of his goodbye.

Dropping the phone, all four hands gripped the bed in anger, as she finally did something she’d been holding in all week.

She cried.

Bawling was a better term. She brought up all four hands to her face, before realizing that she was cradling her head in four fucking hands and pulled them away. Michelle examined them, tears dripping off her chin down to her doubled breasts. Each hand was identical to its partner – her second left hand even had the same tiny scar that her original had over its middle knuckle.

Blurry eyes turned to the mirror on the wall, which was clearly displaying her new enormous side cleavage as all four breasts hung from her ribs in their near-natural shape. Michelle could see the strange peak in her abdomen where her second mons and pussy lips raised slightly away from her body. Not having anything else in reach she threw a pillow at her reflection with both right hands, and collapsed her face into the remaining pillow.

The crying resumed in full force.

After sobbing for a few minutes and pushing herself up from the bed, two of her hands pulled her slightly matted hair out of her face, while the other two rubbed away the tears.

“It’s okay,” she said to herself, regaining her composure, “I can fix this tomorrow. I can fix all of this tomorrow morning. I’m strong. I can do this.” Four years of self-funded college and years of successful post-graduation work meant she could handle anything, right?

Wiping her face dry with the sheets, Michelle decided it was time for some more answers. Her lower right hand opened the end table drawer, and her panic resurfaced briefly before remembering she had left the pendant on the desk. Getting up, Michelle breathed a sigh of relief as she found the tricket where it was supposed to be.

Grabbing it with her original left hand, she released Scrim.

“Good morning, human Michelle,” Scrim began, “I-”

“You call this human?” Michelle exclaimed, all four hands flying out and motioning over her body.

“All your parts are human,” Scrim replied.

“Well, you better explain why I have extras, because I totally did not make a wish this morning,” Michelle barked, crossing all four arms across all four breasts without even thinking about it. This actually started to turn her on, her forearms pressed against her numerous nipples, but she didn’t want to show any weakness this time.

“I never said that I granted wishes, I said I granted requests, which wishes would be counted as,” Scrim explained, “You said you needed a body better designed for a threesome. I examined the areas you felt lacking in; not enough arms to touch all the human parts you wanted, the desire for more attention to your breasts…”

“Why do I have an extra pussy on my belly?” Michelle shouted, all four arms uncrossing and pointing at it. The stimulation to her breasts had caused her scent to glisten heavily around it and the original. Her newest pussy even seemed to be dripping down into the original.

“A threesome can consist of additional combinations beyond the demographics present last evening,” Scrim replied, “I added the additional vagina in the event you were with two men, so that you can mount one from above and the other could penetrate simultaneously from the front.”

“Oh, great, thanks for the concern,” Michelle muttered, leaning against the desk, “So, any other rules I should know about?”

“Once again, given your hotel arrangements, whatever your request is, I can only make changes to your form.”

“And just why is that, anyway?” Michelle asked, really only half interested at this point.

“The limitation keeps the universe from falling into chaos,” Scrim replied, “You are the only one responsible for your own desires. Also, my capabilities are limited to your stay.”

“Right right, I remember that. Just…just go away…” Michele sighed, afraid to even look at Scrim again for fear of attacking the fiery creature.

“Thank you, human Michelle,” and Scrim erupted back into the pendant. Michelle sat in the chair despondent for a few moments. She rested her chin on one of her right hands and let the others fall limply around her.

Sitting in silence a moment, she finally took note of her abandoned laptop. Between work, sleeping, fucking, and masturbating, she had not yet even opened it. Tossing the pendant on the desk, one set of hands held the bottom part of the laptop and the other opened the screen. How natural this coordination was becoming almost scared Michelle. She thought she could almost feel her brain building new synapses.

She quickly plugged in all the cords and turned on the laptop, discovering quickly that her unrestrained double set of breasts were not going to make computer activities easy. Sitting how she was, the top set blocked her view of the keyboard, and the bottom set’s nipples brushed against the edge of the desk.

Slouching slightly, Michelle discovered she could see better, and resting her top pair gently on the faux wood allowed the bottom pair to just barely brush her thighs, with the desk edge in-between the pairs. It was slightly stimulating, but not uncontrollable.

She knew that given all the changes she had brought upon herself, and only a few days left to her stay to fix things, it was time to start taking notes and planning ahead.

She opened up a fresh text file and typed CHANGES:

Underneath that she wrote BREASTS: and then, making a new line for each item, typed EXTRA LARGE, EXTRA SENSITIVE, and…

Michelle tapped one finger to her lips for a moment, and figured she might as well go with the flow and wrote EXTRA PAIR.

Continuing on, she added BISEXUAL, HAIRLESS…after a few minutes she had;




Sitting back, Michelle tried to think if she was missing anything. Not coming up with another item, she copied the list to a new file and started sorting out what she needed to fix.

She knew she needed to get rid of all the extra appendages, but since she was going to have to start a whole new job, she didn’t see why she’d have to return entirely to status quo.

Michelle decided she’d still keep her new breast size. No reason not to keep them anymore, and she felt she’d be unsatisfied with anything smaller at this point.

She also liked never having to shave again, she didn’t really mind being bisexual, but some things really needed to be toned down. After a few moments she had a pretty good run-on sentence of what she wanted to do;

I wish the following was true; that my extra pair of breasts and arms and the extra vagina would disappear, that my breasts would be their old sensitivity unless being touched by flesh, that my nipples would only be hard when I am aroused, that my clothes would no longer self adjust, that I am equally attracted to both sexes, and that I would be able to control the pheromones I exude.

Michelle knew she didn’t need to say “I wish” but it was the structure she was most comfortable with. Satisfied with herself, she took out the hotel stationary and pen from one of the desk drawers and copied down what she had typed. She then placed the written request in the drawer next to the bed so she’d be able to grab it right away when she woke up.

Turning back towards the computer, Michelle stopped and took another look at the mirror. Reminding herself that she had a plan would fix everything in the morning, she was not so horrified by her form anymore. She took her multiple hands and ran them over her smooth hairless body. She shivered as she passed near her pussies, and felt the sides of her arms caressing multiple curves of multiple breasts. She felt her vaginas find a fresh surge of lubricant, but was far from upset from it this time.

She really couldn’t go anywhere until tomorrow…she had to pass the time somehow.

Slinking down onto the bed, Michelle grabbed all four of her nipples. The harsh movement sent a spike of ecstasy shivering through her body and down to each hot box.

The feeling from the palms of her extra hands, and the intense sensitivity of her additional breasts, was almost too much for Michelle’s mind. The added sensations of these new parts almost didn’t compute for her, and she practically came just from the idea of feeling four breasts and four hands that were all hers. Her legs flexed and bent, arching her torso up over the mattress. She could feel the cold air flowing around her lower pussy as her legs opened, and could feel the juices from her new pussy start to flow down her belly towards her undulating lower tits. She could see the lips of her upper vagina pucker, and the clit almost pushing out past them.

Two pussies…concentrating on the sheer concept of that actually did put Michelle over the edge without even touching either of them, and she cried out in incredible pleasure as both twats gave a little splash of orgasm. Dual waves of physical bliss passed through her.

Lowering her hypersensitive body back onto the bed, she let her hands all fall from her breasts. All four fleshy orbs fought against gravity for space on Michelle’s far-too-small ribcage. The woman just lay there, head gently propped against a remaining pillow, staring down at her magnificent cleavages, feeling the wait atop her as she breathed. The sun was shining in through the window, and she just let her naked body bask in the warmth.

She was practically all tits.

After a while, Michelle was almost falling asleep when she felt a hand brush against the lips of each pussy. Opening her eyes and looking down over her sea of boobs, she realized her lower set of arms had started working self-consciously again and were about to administer to her glistening snatches. she easily directed her hands elsewhere. She did want to pay more attention to those wonderful pleasure-slots soon, but for now was going to abstain from another bout of masturbation.

Sitting up, Michelle decided she might as well figure out just what exactly she could do with these extra hands before she got rid of them. When she thought about moving them the new arms were just as responsive as her old ones. She was not yet consciously accustomed to the extra options, nor familiar with the idea of having them do nothing when she didn’t need them, like lying down. Or just using one pair for something.

The idea of thinking about doing nothing almost gave her a headache.

Suddenly getting an idea, Michelle went into the bathroom and grabbed the complimentary shampoos and conditioners, three tiny bottles in all. Returning to the bedroom area, she took two of them and put one each in her original set of hands. The third and smallest bottle she held in her second right hand. Concentrating on keeping ALL her other hands still, she started to toss the little bottle up and down.

At first it was tricky, her other hands bolted and swayed along with the catching/throwing hand, but eventually she got it down. Then she tried tossing the bottle back and forth between her new hands. She dropped it a few times, growling in frustration, but eventually that became as natural as her old hands. She felt a tickle in her brain, almost as if she was rewiring herself.

After a few successful sets of catch with her new hands she started tossing and catching in each of her original hands the other two bottles. Again, some breathy curses followed the occasional drop, but eventually she got herself sorted out. Slowly walking towards the mirror, she watched her reflection now effortlessly toss the tiny projectiles around. Although no pairs of hands were actually juggling multiple objects, the frenetic motion made her look like the most skilled boardwalk entertainer she had ever seen.

After a little bit the novelty wore off, and Michelle returned the bottles to the bathroom. The entire time she had been practicing, the motion of her hands had caused the tiniest undulations in her breasts. The gentle rubbing, and occasional spike of stimulation when moving to get a dropped bottled, had her pussies dripping with need again.

Returning to the bed, Michelle dedicated her upper pair of arms to administering to her breasts, while she purposefully sent her other hands caressing down her body.

First, Michelle wanted to get the lay of the land around her new acquisition. Feeling the rise of a minor mons pubis just under her bellybutton was an alien sensation indeed. Her fingers danced over the labia, and she could sense their motion in her sensitive and aching clit. The ministrations of her other hands on her breasts and the proximity of her fingers to her sensitive parts was making her extremely wet, and Michelle knew that her scent was just completely overtaking the air in the room.

Finally slipping a finger insider her new lips, she slowly slid it deep inside her new pussy.

It was like virginity all over again.

Her body heaved as the bolt of bliss rocked through her, and Michelle’s other hand quickly slide down to do the same to her lower slit. With two fingers plunging inside her and two thumbs caressing clits, her body didn’t wait long. The warmth of dual orgasms washed over her, the intense concentration in both pussies unbelievable, and she yelped in pleasure as she gushed over her thighs and abdomen once again.

Flat out panting in her bed now, all four hands pulled away from her body and pulled Michelle’s tangled and sweat-matted hair away from her face. She’d nearly blown her mind with that one, and was seriously beginning to regret having to get rid of the extra erogenous zones.

Michelle let herself lay in the bed again as she regained her composure. She stared out over her nipple-topped orbs and watched her reflection in the mirror. She couldn’t believe how attractive she still found herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a growl in her belly. She realized she had barely eaten over the past few days.

Getting up, Michelle sauntered over to her laptop and positioned her breasts around the desk edge. Pulling up an internet browser, she searched for the pizzeria a few blocks away that she enjoyed. Finding the website, her finger hesitated to click on it.

Just how was she going to get pizza?

A stray thought crossed her mind, and Michelle opened a fresh tab in the browser and searched “MULTIPLE ARMS.”

Scrolling through the top results, Michelle found they consisted mostly of comics, clip art, and some serious health related ones she was certain she didn’t want to investigate.

However, near the top of the second page of results she found something promising; EXTRA APPENDAGE PHOTOMANIP FORUM.

Clicking into it, Michelle let out a little, “Oh my!”

Right at the top of the page was a WELCOME! banner, which featured a waiving woman sporting six arms, a row of three breasts, and four legs. It was clearly manipulated, but Michelle knew she was onto something.

Exploring the website a few moments, which had a few stories and photo galleries, she finally found the actual forum portion of the site. She did a quick check to see who was actually registered and currently viewing the site, but had her access denied. Sighing in frustration, she quickly created a login for herself; SEXTRAGIRL45.

Michelle was ashamed that she actually giggled at the name.

Going back to the forum page, she saw that there were about 25 people inside.

Pulling up one of the IP trackers she had installed on her laptop from work, she had it track the locations of everyone currently registered in the website.

Two came up local.

Clicking into one profile, Michelle checked it’s most recent posts; she wasn’t entirely comfortable with how this one talked about women.

She went into the other profile. Not too many posts from TRYGUY21, but what had been posted were mostly reviews of manips or stories. The posts seemed very well written actually, full grammar and thought-out commentary, and Michelle checked the profile details; 20 years old and male.

She smiled.

She sent him a private message;

SEXTRAGIRL45: Hey, you seem cool, do you want to chat?

Michelle opened a new internet tab and checked some other email and websites while she waited. After a few minutes a reply came in.

TRYGUY21: OK, meet me in chat room 34.

There was a link included, and Michelle clicked on it.

The personal chat room opened up, and Michelle saw her moniker listed along with his. He had already begun typing.

TRYGUY21: Hello Sextragirl, it’s always fun to see a new person join.

Michelle smiled. He wasn’t evening using 1337 or anything like that.

SEXTRAGIRL45: Hello Tryguy, thanks, glad I found this place. Good to know there are people like you out there.

There was a pause.

TRYGUY21: This is just one of many sites. There are quite a few people interested in multiple arms, breasts, etc. You are not alone.

Michelle decided to just go whole hog.

SEXTRAGIRL45: I am not interested in women who have them, I AM a woman who has extra breasts and arms. I am waiting for surgery tomorrow and wanted to see if I could give someone a thrill before they were removed.

TRYGUY21: Hey, sorry, I don’t role-play.

SEXTRAGIRL45: I’m not role-playing, my father used to shelter me from the public but now he is gone, and I’m waiting in a hotel room to see the doctor tomorrow. I don’t want to risk going outside again, but I’m hungry and was hoping someone could pick me up a pizza.

TRYGUY21: Sorry, can’t help you.

SEXTRAGIRL45: Yes you can, I’d even pay you back in cash, plus you’d get to see a real multi-armed person before I get them removed. You just need to bring it here;

Michelle typed out the address and waited. She was impressed with herself for coming up with the story so fast. She knew there was just as much risk that this guy could be a big pervert as there was for him to think she was the same. But she could always check him through the peephole in the door before opening it, and she flexed her four arms; she could probably take an average person.

After a few moments a reply came back;

TRYGUY21: Alright, but my friend is going to call me 5 minutes after I arrive. If I don’t pick up he’s calling the cops.

Michelle leaned back, and paused a moment before typing; See you shortly! =)

It took a moment but suddenly she realized something; she had just picked up a guy cold for the first time in years! She’d actually had the confidence to find out someone’s interest and ask him over. Maybe it wasn’t the exact interests and reasons she had always expected, but still…she was kind of proud of herself and let out a little smile.

Twenty minutes had passed by, and Michelle was beginning to think the guy had developed cold feet. She was pacing back and forth in the room, the robe wrapped lightly over her shoulders and upper arms. She didn’t want to shock him too quickly. Her upper arms rested on her hips, and her lower pair rubbed their hands in anxious anticipation.

Just as she was about to assume he wasn’t coming, there was a knock on the door.

Michelle wrapped the fabric around her as tightly as her hex would allow, and went over to the peephole.

Standing outside, holding a pizza box and another bag, was a guy who looked like he couldn’t possibly be out of college yet. Through the fish eye of the door lens, Michelle could see his slightly muscular body outlined by the light t-shirt, and his face was square, with wispy hair that hung just short of his eyes. He was actually quite attractive and normal looking.

She unlocked the door and opened it before he had time to rethink and flee, and the visitor seemed taken aback just by the fact she was in a robe.

“Hi, I’m Michelle,” her only visible right hand stretched out to shake, and the guy fumbled his items a moment to free his own right hand.

“Uh, hi, I’m Derrick,” he replied, returning the offered hand.

“Thank you so much for bringing all this, and the other things I asked for as well. Want to come in for a second?” Michelle had taken the other bag he was holding, and opened the door wide enough to let him through with the pizza box.

“Uh, sure, thanks,” Derrick said, entering and clearly looking around for anyone else who may be hiding in the room. His initial scan didn’t reveal anyone, but he didn’t really relax that much either.

“You can put the pizza on the desk, if you like,” Michelle said, closing the door, the sounded caused Derrick jumped a bit. She lowered the bag in her hand to the floor.

“It’s okay. There’s no one else. No cameras. I swear, it’s just you, and me…” Michelle purred, letting Derrick put down the pizza and slowly turn around.

“…and these.”

As Derrick fully turned Michelle let the robe slip off her shoulders and slide down her back. As it slid off her smooth body, she brought out her second pair of arms, uncrossing them and holding them up for Derrick to see. Michelle’s four breasts also all bobbed into full view and splendor. It was like a human flower blooming, as the terry cloth crumpled around her feet and she stood in her fully multiplied naked glory.

“Holy fucking shit,” was Derrick’s poetic and choked assessment.

“I’d say that’s the normal reaction,” Michelle smiled, slowly walking towards the man, crossing one foot in front of the other so her hips and ass had a sexy sway – she’d seen that on those runway shows. As she got close enough she gently put each hand to a different part of Derrick’s shirt – and pants – and coyly played with the material between her pointer fingers and thumbs.

“You, uh, you were born like that?” Derrick nervously said.

“No, I grew into his,” Michelle smiled, “You don’t think I came out this big, do you?”

“Haha, no, I was just…” Derrick’s eyes were unabashedly browsing her entire nude form. “You didn’t mention multiple breasts, or, um…”

“Pussies?” Michelle smiled, pulling back and stretching out her body for him. She’d never been this sexual before, but she’d never had four tits before either.


“Well, you didn’t believe me when I said I had four arms, was mentioning the rest going to help?” Michelle gave Derrick a little pout as she slowly backed towards the bed.

“No, I guess not,” Derrick said, the hypnotic powers of her exotic body drawing him across the room.

The mood was broken suddenly by his phone ringing.

There was a moment where they both stared at each other, Derrick wanting desperately to ignore it. But he knew better.

“If I don’t answer that this place will be crawling with cops.”

“Mmm, then go ahead,” Michelle smiled, posing in the middle of the room, “Unless you want to share me.”

Derrick whipped the phone out and barked into it, “I’m fine, Barry, and don’t call back.” Slamming the phone shut he chucked it towards the door in passion.

“So, am I better than any of your photo manips?” Michelle smiled, resuming her steps backward and feeling the edge of the bed against the back of her legs.

“Oh yeah, way better,” Derrick grinned, getting closer to her now.

“Well, you know what you can’t do with a photo but you can do with me?” Michelle gave her largest and sultriest smile as she lay back on the bed, letting her breasts hang to the side and bending her legs so her wet pussies would reveal the extent of their glisten.

“I can think of a few things,” Derrick finally returned her smile, making his way to the side of the bed himself, “I didn’t know what to expect, sometimes…”

“Glad I’m a pleasant surprise. Did you bring those last few things I asked for before you signed off?” Michelle said, placing her hands on his chest, and Derrick paused a moment before painfully pulling himself away. He went over to the bag and pulled out a box of condoms and lubricant.

“Mmm…” Michelle smiled, rolling onto her back, her feet up by the pillows, “Do you want me to help put one of those on you?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Bring ‘em here…” she patted her belly button, and Derrick got the message. He quickly pulled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes, and dropped his pants. Not wanting to be too bold, he left on his incredibly tented boxers, and climbed onto the bed, throwing one leg over Michelle and kneeling over her.

The condom box had already been destroyed, and he carried with him one packet.

Derrick could almost feel the heat radiating from her hot slits, and he was amazed at how Michelle’s simply enormous breasts poured over her body.

Two sensual hands came up and took the condom from him, quickly tearing the pack and retrieving the latex sheath. The other two went to his boxers and pulled his raging hard-on out. Michelle purred a little at it – she didn’t think he was as big as Phil, but she also had a freshly virgin vagina to try out.

Two hands took the condom and started to roll it down over the head of his dick, as the other two stroked his shaft and gently flitted over his balls. Derrick sighed at the sensations, and as the rubber had been rolled about halfway down his phallus he couldn’t help himself.

From her vantage point Michelle saw Derrick’s whole body shake for a moment, his head went back just a bit, and she felt his cock spasm. Through her mountainous pair of cleavages she could see the reservoir of the condom fill a bit.

“Well,” she said, letting go of him, “I don’t think ‘premature’ even begins to describe that.”

“Sorry, uh, it’s just that, you’re like a wet dream come true,” Derrick replied, absolutely embarrassed, “I’ll be ready again in a few minutes, though.”

“Well, you can give me a message then,” Michelle said, motioning towards the lube on the floor.

“Sure thing, just a second.”

Derrick jumped off, running into the bathroom and pulling off the filled condom, quickly wiping himself off. Returning to the room he grabbed the lube and another pack. The second condom he dropped on the nightstand for when he needed it, and he climbed back on Michelle, lube in hand.

“Where do you want my hands?” Derrick asked, popping the seal on the bottle and getting the pour cap ready.

“Everywhere…” Michelle moaned, stretching her body again as she lustily drew out the word.

Derrick wasn’t going to argue.

Michelle jumped a bit as she felt the cold slick liquid drip down onto her sensitive breasts. She could feel the little streams of it run down her fleshy orbs and multiple sensitive canyons as Derrick put down the bottle.

Then he touched her.

Michelle almost yelped as she felt his hands glide across her lower breasts, over her nipples, and then stretching over the valley to her top two. His fingers gently pinched her nipples as she stretched and moaned, involuntarily spasming as he hit her most sensitive spots. ‘Wet’ was no longer the term to describe her pussies, which were oozing in lust and aching for attention. But Michelle stayed her hands. She could pleasure herself any time; she wanted this man inside of her.

Derrick was lost in his own little world of breasts and arms as his hands ran up and down Michelle’s body, messaging her sides, her hips, her shoulders and upper arms, and really touching anything he thought her could get away with. And as far as he could tell, she loved every moment of it. He almost didn’t realize it when he felt himself brush against her thigh.

Not wanting to stop for long, Derrick quickly placed the next rubber on himself this time, and turned his attention back to Michelle. Two of her arms were propping her up a bit, the other two moving to his legs.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Yes, but not like this,” Michelle said, “Stand up.”

“Stand up?”

“Stand up.”

Now all four of Michelle’s hands guided Derrick off the bed, his raging hard-on brushing against her soft flesh at points and turning him on even more. Standing beside the bed, Michelle held him with two hands and ran her hands through hair with her second pair.

“Put it inside me…” she sighed, locking her eyes with his.

“Okay, but, I’ll have to-” Derrick stopped talking as Michelle’s hands left her cascading hair, moved down her body, and started to position his cock towards her upper slit. “-oh…right.”

Even with it’s unique location, Derrick still needed to bed his knees a tad to penetrate. As he felt his dick push inside her he moaned, feeling the warm folds of her femininity engulf his head and slide down his shaft.

“Moan” didn’t even begin to describe what Michelle did. Even though it had only been the night before that Michelle had found herself last impaled on a thick hard cock, as Derrick slipped inside her second snatch she let out guttural, primal gasp unlike she had ever felt. She couldn’t believe how tight this virgin passage was, she could feel every square millimeter of him inside her. It was like losing her virginity all over again, but the exotic location and the completely originally sensation of his dick in her there made all the difference. Michelle was feeling the energy of sex in completely new muscles; sexual sensations new to her beyond just the fresh pussy – but the entire package.

As Derrick pumped, Michelle was being driven crazy; it wasn’t just the inexperience of this new pussy that did it, it was all the hands on her.

She could feel one of Derrick’s hands on her ass, gripping it and pulling her towards him with every thrust. The other hand was running up her back and neck.

Michelle’s own hands were everywhere; two on her own incredible tits, one guiding Derrick’s body down his strong back and ass, and the other tending to the engorged and slick clit of her original vagina. She could also feel his chest and hair brushing against her nipples. The whole thing was driving her wild.

Then it started.

She actually felt the orgasm start in her lower pussy first, her fingers had been incredibly good to it. As it washed up her body she felt another begin deep inside her, where Derrick’s thick dick had been rubbing all the right places. The two sensations combined in a perfect storm of knee buckling screaming rapture that caused Michelle to completely collapse back on the bed. Derrick, retaining his footing, pulled out of her as she fell. Her body had another little shiver as she felt him leave her, and that was actually all Derrick needed to find himself coming for the second time that night.

The orgasms still washing over her, Michelle bucked and nearly cried as she finally came down from her throes. As her body came to a rest she just laid still, completely exhausted, completely oblivious to Derrick doubled over and leaning against the nightstand.

He, also, had never experienced anything quite like that.

“Was it, uh…was it good for you, too?” Derrick finally managed to say. Michelle just let her head roll towards him. Derrick could barely see it past her breasts, which were strewn all over her chest, but Michelle had quite a grin.

After a few moments Michelle finally sat up, as Derrick actually took a seat on the bed next to her. They just sat in silence for another few moments, breathing heavily.

“I don’t suppose-”

“I think it’s down for the count,” Derrick panted, looking at his spent and softening dick as the condom slowly became too big for it. “I should go get cleaned up.”

Michelle watched him head over to the bathroom, then finally looked at a clock. It was getting pretty late into the evening, and she figured it was best that he leave. She started gathering up his clothes, slipping the money she owed him for the supplies in his pants.

“It’s a shame you’re having that all removed,” Derrick called out from the bathroom, “You really seem to enjoy your extras. Won’t it be strange after so many years to not have them anymore?”

If you had asked Michelle the same question that morning she would have given an immediate and definite “No,” but now she stumbled over the answer.

“Well, no, I mean, they’re fun, but I’m a freak,” Michelle brought Derrick’s clothes to the bathroom door and passed them in to him. He took them with visible disappointment.

“Freak? So what? Have you watched TV lately? People love freaks! That’s all they fucking want to watch anymore, some weirdo on a stage making a fool of themselves. The days of ‘laboratory science project’ are gone, now you’d be some reality program’s dream…”

Derrick came out of the bathroom dressed and took another look at her. “…besides, I know at least a dozen people from the forum you found me on that would pay good money just to meet you, let alone any of the stuff we just did.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not sure just how much I’m willing to whore myself out,” Michelle muttered, putting on the robe and leading him to the door. She opened it, and her left hands motioned to the hallway. “But thanks for the support.”

“Not what I meant. Thanks for the experience,” Derrick said, placing a quick kiss on her cheek as he passed, “If you need anything you know how to find me.” Michelle silently nodded, and as Derrick started back down the hallway, she closed the door, collapsing against it. Bringing all four arms up and into view, she thought about just how much she had just enjoyed herself.

Her growling stomach snapped her back to reality.

Three eagerly devoured pizza slices later and Michelle couldn’t believe how late it was. She decided it was finally time to take another shower.

As soon as the water hit her she realized that had not been a well thought-out plan.

Despite all the attention that she had paid to her body throughout the day, the moment the water hit her sensitive tits the fire betwixt her legs erupted – as well as the passion below her naval. Michelle realized that alternating pussies kept either form getting sore.

And her tits, well…Scrim’s hex meant the only thing they could feel was good, no matter how many times she grabbed, pinched, or rubbed them.

It was a bit of an erotic and stimulating circle.

Water and soap mixed with slick desire as Michelle hopelessly tried to at least make the shower worth the intense horniness she had brought on again, but she knew no matter what she’d be back on the bed bringing herself to a sweaty mess shortly anyway, so she simply turned off the shower and got out.

Not wanting to towel off, Michelle put the robe back on and reveled in the feeling of the cloth against her body.

Alone again, she walked out to the bed area and looked at the mess she had done to the room. As she let her eyes flit across the disarray, her thoughts went back to Derrick’s question about going back to normal. Michelle was having some serious doubts about whether or not she really wanted to sacrifice these sensations when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

A knock on the door?

Michelle immediately assumed it was Derrick, back to try and either convince her to not go through with the “surgery” or ask for more sex or both. Opening it, Michelle was shocked when she found a particularly disconcerted Sports Bra Slut on the other side of the door.

“Uh, hi,” Michelle stammered, caught off guard. Her second pair of hands, inside the robe, pulled it more tightly shut from within. “What are you doing here?”

“I, uh, as the day went on, I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” the woman said, looking like she almost didn’t know what she was talking about, “And I just…needed to see you …be…with you, again.”

Michelle was horny and wanted to fuck her right there, but unlike Derrick, this woman had a point of comparison;

How would I explain my new body? ran through Michelle’s head.

“Well, come in at least,” she said, letting her libido take the lead. Stepping aside Michelle let the other woman inside. “It’s funny, I don’t think I ever caught your name.”

“It’s Lexi,” the Sports Bra Slut replied, coming into the room, “Lexi Arrow.”

“That’s a nice name…” Michelle babbled, closing the door. She watched Lexi’s ass as she walked over to the bed and sat down. Lexi was wearing a short black skirt, and the top of a black thong was gripping her lower back. She had on black leather stiletto boots that just oozed “fuck me” to Michelle, and smooth black nylons flowed out of the top of her boots along her sexy legs and disappeared under the skirt. The nylons had an almost sparkly quality to them.

Lexi was breathing heavy, her breasts rising and falling in her red crop top. Michelle also allowed her gaze to linger on the woman’s slightly toned midriff for a moment. Finally Michelle realized she had no idea why the other woman was really there.

“So, Lexi, you, uh…wanted to see me again?” she asked, cautiously approaching the bed. The multiplied wanted to just pounce on her, but also didn’t want her running away screaming in shock.

“Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve been thinking about you all day, ever since this morning. And I was at one of the clubs down the street and this intense urge to go find you just…just crept up on me…” Lexi explained, clearly embarrassed and confused.

“Well, I’m glad you found me,” Michelle said, suddenly realizing she’d need to explain her extra parts before her pungent scent overloaded Lexi’s restraint, “I have something to show you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I work for a…biomedical testing facility,” she pulled out of her ass, “…and you sort of caught me in the middle of a field test intended to someday help amputees.”

Lexi stared back at her with an almost cross-eyed look.

“So, what does that mean?”

Michelle simply disrobed. She could feel the billow of air around her X-rated body as Lexi got a straight-on full frontal look at her.

It also meant that Lexi got a face first blast of the scent that had built up within the robe.

“Oh God, fucking fuck me, damn it!” Lexi screamed out, leaping off the bed face-first into Michelle’s doubled cleavage, arms and legs wrapped around the other woman’s body. All four of Michelle’s hands wrapped around the horny girl’s under arms and thighs, lifting her up so Lexi’s face marvelously slide through Michelle’s breasts and their lips met in a sloppy lusty kiss. Michelle carried her lesbian lover to the bed, and they each fell into it. It didn’t take long for all six groping arms to have Lexi stripped out of her clothes.

It was the first time Michelle had been solely with another woman, and she was surprised by how different it was. Even though her threesome with Phil and session with Derrick had included her own orgasms, she realized that any sex with a man was really only leading towards one thing; getting him off. Whatever pleasure she had on the way was great, but that was it

But this was different.

As Michelle held this other woman to her, she realized they were both there for their mutual pleasure. Lexi fondled and licked her in places no man ever had. She returned the favor. They were a mass of limbs and sweat, pleasuring each other with no ticking clock. Lips sucked nipples. Fingers slid in and out of pussies. Hands slid up and down bodies, and Michelle lost track of time.

Gradually Michelle could feel the orgasm building in each of her sopping wet pussies, and she could tell Lexi was building to her own climax as well. Face to face, breasts interlocked, and loins grinding against each other, each woman began to shudder as her personal pleasure washed over her. Locking into a passionate kiss to keep their cries of passion from getting too loud, both of them came and collapsed onto the bed, heaving deeply from their lovemaking.

Amidst heavy breaths hands gently played over each other’s faces, and flitted down bodies. Additional spasms and giggles came and went as sensitive areas were teased. Finally they each calmed down enough for Lexi to ask a question.

“So why do you have an extra set of arms, breasts, and pussy?”

Michelle wasn’t sure what would be more believable, the truth or the lie she had concocted. But Michelle figured she’d stick with the story.

“I work at one of the big biomed places, I can’t say where because that would violate more terms than I already have by just letting you see me, but I’m a tester for some new biomechanical limbs,” Michelle said as seriously as she could. With their faces just centimeters from one another She wasn’t sure how well she sold the lie.

“Interesting…” Lexi said, sounding and looking a little suspicious, but there wasn’t a more logical reason for what she was seeing that she could think of. Bringing up her hand, she gave one of Michelle’s lower nipples a little pinch. “So do you-”

“Oh!” Michelle jumped, pushing Lexi’s hand away before she could even finish the question.

“So you can feel with them! How do they feel?”

“Yeah, they’re wired into my nervous system. And they feel good, really good!” Michelle stuck her tongue out and squinted at the woman who not too long ago she despised for being sexy. Now she suddenly couldn’t get enough of her.

“Right, so I get how the extra arms and boobs can work with everything,” Lexi continued, moving her hand down Michelle’s body, “But aren’t there supposed to be, like, other organs around here?” To emphasize her question Lexi brushed the sensitive lips of Michelle’s newer pussy.

“Oh, well, uh…” Truth or lie, the enchanted woman hadn’t thought too much about the logistics of how her second pussy worked while leaving room for things like a pancreas and intestines. ‘Magic’ was the mystery box answer, but Michelle answered with her most honest explanation so far; “I don’t know.”

“Mmm, well, I don’t know how I feel about extra limbs, but is there anyway this company can help me build some muscle? I’ve been a trainer at the 6th Street Gym for a few years now, and I think some of my customers have left because I never seem to build any muscle. Doesn’t give them a lot of faith in my abilities,” Lexi bemoaned, resting her head back on a pillow. She was getting tired.

Although she didn’t know it was a mutual feeling, Michelle was also getting tired. Allowing their bodies and intermingling appendages to slowly separate, she rolled onto her back and let her eyes shut. The lone lamp in the room was still on, but not too distracting a light.

“I don’t think they do muscle growth, sorry,” Michelle sighed, not realizing Lexi was already mostly asleep. “I don’t think they can provide your dream body…” Michelle mused as she dozed off, “but…

The next part of Room 2739 continues tomorrow!


  1. This is phenomenal! I hope you keep up the multilimb stories. This is the best in years.


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