Room 2739: Friday, 2009



“…I wish I could help you get it.”

Michelle stirred slightly as a familiar tingle passed through her breasts, but was fast asleep before the pressure became noticeable.

“Hey, Michelle, you should probably wake up now.”

The enchanted woman didn’t actually hear all of what had been said as a hand shook her lightly. Not wanting to wake up, she started to roll over, when suddenly she felt something heavier than she was familiar with pull her down. Waking up with a start, Michelle saw her breasts first.

Mostly because they were bigger than yesterday.

Still partially asleep and confused, she pulled herself up onto her elbows with some effort, leaning back against the headboard of the bed. Because they were now larger Michelle’s lower breasts sat more on her thighs, which meant that the upper set also rested higher then before, now nearly up to her chin.

“It’s about time you woke up,” Lexi said. Michelle finally realized it was the second time this girl had slept with her all night, “I think you have a side effect to report when you check in today.”

“You got that right,” Michelle replied, looking at her breasts. They felt tight, almost like they were full of something. She didn’t want to, but she stretched one of her arms around the front of her chest and gave a nipple a squeeze. She felt a quick release of pressure, and something wet hit her leg and trickled down her round and bursting orb.

“You must have gotten a few extra hormones when those got attached,” Lexi said, crawling over to the engorged nipples, “Mind if I help you do a little milking?”

“Yeah, sure,” Michelle said, not really thinking about it. Then suddenly, “MILKING?”

“Yep,” Lexi said, placing her hand on one of Michelle’s breasts and giving it a little shake, “You’re all filled up.”

“Fucking hell, why am I doing that?” Michelle muttered. She didn’t understand what was happening – why suddenly produce milk now? She hadn’t made a wish since yesterday. But there was no denying that she was practically bursting, although it wasn’t painful per say, just – “OH!”

Michelle threw her head back, nearly slamming it against the wall. All Lexi was doing was sucking on her upper left nip, but it felt good. Michelle could feel the pressure being relieved as the other woman suckled at her teat. Suddenly Lexi pulled away.

“Maybe that wasn’t a good idea, I feel…strange…”

The lactating woman looked up as Lexi got up from the bed and stumbled over to the desk, holding onto it with one hand to steady herself.

“Lexi, what’s wrong?” Michelle asked, quite concerned.

“I don’t know, I just feel so hot, I…”

And then Michelle started to hear it. The sound of what could only be compared to that of a hand running across an inflated rubber balloon. She watched over her own inflated tits as Lexi’s soft arms began to take on a more defined appearance. Her muscles were actually getting more toned. Lexi’s biceps grew just a bit, her skin quickly adapting around them.

Glancing down Lexi’s body, Michelle could see that the rest of the other woman’s muscles were following suit. Lexi was doubled over, but Michelle could see her legs also increase in muscle mass. Finally the sound stopped, and after a moment the remolded woman straightened up, throwing her hair back over herself.

Michelle’s jaw nearly dropped. While nowhere near body-builder sized, Lexi’s body had clearly gained more muscle tone and a bit of mass. Her legs and arms had improved, and so had her abs and stomach. And Michelle was certain Lexi’s breasts had grown as well.

“Wow, uh, this is cool,” Lexi said, looking down at herself, and flexing an arm. She turned to the mirror and admired her improved body for a moment before turning to Michelle.

“Okay, spill it. I know this isn’t just some side effect, what the hell is really going on?”

Michelle didn’t quite know how to answer that question. She wasn’t sure why she was suddenly lactating muscle-growing milk, unless…

“Okay, here’s the real deal,” Michelle sighed, letting her face drop into her hands a moment. She took a deep breath and then looked up at Lexi again. The muscled girl was standing with her arms crossed, eagerly waiting.


Michelle spilled the beans all in one breath.

“I found this magic pendant that had this thing called an ehfreet or something in it, and it grants wishes. That’s how I got all these extra parts, by accidentally making a wish. And something about that must have effected you.”

There was silence for a moment as Lexi stared at Michelle. It was too fantastic a story, but no other explanation would make much more sense.

“Okay…” the muscle-bound woman replied, her voice clearly somewhere in between belief and disbelief, “And where is this magic pendant?”

“Behind you on the desk.”

Lexi turned, her muscles flexing as she moved, and quickly retrieved the pendant.

“This thing?” she asked incredulously, turning the small piece of metal in her hands a few times, “This is it? I actually almost believed you, but this is a piece of junk. What do I do to summon this genie-thing, open it with this-”

Lexi had pushed the button and clicked open the pendant, and was interrupted by Scrim’s fireball that flew through. The shock of it caused her to fall backwards into the desk chair as she watched the female form take shape in the air over the bed. Not really wanting to have the ashy being hovering right over her, Michelle rolled out and stood up. She could really feel the extra weight of her filled breasts as she moved, their bounce heavier and deeper. Grabbing her list out of the desk drawer, Michelle went over and stood beside her seated lover.

“Good morning human Michelle and human guest,” Scrim said, stretching her arms and seeming to yawn, “What can I do for you?”

“Well, first I want you to stop my breasts from lactating, but I also have this list of items I want changed. For starters-”

“I am sorry human Michelle, but you have already made your request for this day, and it has been granted,” interrupted Scrim.

“What? But how? When?”

“Shortly after the strike of midnight you stated a desire to help this human female develop her dream body. I have granted that ability.”

Michelle just stared, mouth open slightly. She couldn’t have missed another chance.

“First of all I didn’t mean to ask that,” Michelle, by now, knew it was a pointless thing to say but needed to say it for herself, “And secondly, you said you couldn’t make changes to anyone other than me!”

“That is true, my spells and hexes are limited to your reservation, but I am capable of making changes to you that effect others temporarily. That is what I did to fulfill your request.”

Michelle brought her hands up to her nearly bursting breasts and was pretty sure she knew how Scrim had arranged that.

“So, wait, what has been done to me?” Lexi spoke up, finally coming to grips with everything.

“Well,” Scrim began, “First I made you addicted to human Michelle’s scent.”

“Wait, what? When did that happen?”

“Human Michelle requested, ‘If possible I’d want you to fuck me every night,’ so I momentarily made her scent as addictive as what you call nicotine to increase the likelihood of more coupling.”

A range of emotions ran through Lexi, and she wanted to act on each of them until finally she just took a deep breath.

“At least that explains the strange need to find you that I experienced last night,” Lexi finally breathed out.

“I hope I was worth the effort,” Michelle tensely laughed, not sure what to make of the fact she had accidentally addicted someone to herself.

“Oh, totally,” Lexi replied, almost too eagerly she realized. The new girl turned back to Scrim. “So why am I all buffed out?”

“Shortly after the stroke of midnight human Michelle made a request that she desired to provide you your dream body. Thus, I activated the lactation in her breasts and enchanted her milk to give you the form you dreamed of. The more you drink the more complete the transformation will be, but it will gradually wear off unless more is drank.”

“So I suck her tits, and I get buff?” Lexi asked, motioning to Michelle with one thumb.

“That is a summary,” Scrim replied,  “May I return to my rest, now?”

“Yeah, go ahead,” Michelle said, and Scrim shot back into the pendant, the sudden rush of fire and smoke causing Lexi to throw the pendant on the bed in surprise.

“So, sorry about…this,” Michelle pouted, turning to the other woman and not really knowing what the hell to say.

“Are you kidding me? This is great!” Lexi announced, jumping up from the chair and taking a look at herself in the mirror again, “I’ll finally have a body worth all that time I’ve put in at the gym! Maybe I could even make my own training video!”

“I’m glad you’re not mad,” Michelle smiled, relaxing a bit. She absent-mindedly felt the breast Lexi had drank out of compared to the others. It was clearly lighter and felt much less tight, “Do you think that’s most of your transformation, or do you have more to go?”

“I don’t know, I guess there’s one way to find out…” Lexi came back around to Michelle and returned her lips to the original breast. The engorged woman cooed and felt a little more liquid move through her nipple, but it was mostly sucked dry. Lexi stood back and looked at her body, but little if any change happened.

“OK, so with one breast I get a little buffed up,” Lexi observed, then turned back to Michelle. With one fluid movement she latched onto the other upper breast, and began to drain it as well.

Michelle’s legs actually buckled with pleasure and she had to fall onto the bed, landing on her ass and remaining in a sitting position, and Lexi’s lips followed the nipple down. Lexi’s guiding hands helped keep her upright, while Michelle’s own hands were rubbing her lower two breasts and teasing her pussies – she had a feeling she didn’t want to cum just yet.

Lexi finally drained the second breast and released the sensitive nipple, stepping away and wiping her mouth. It didn’t take long for the sound of muscle growth and stretching skin to return, and the milk drinker gleefully returned to the mirror.

Her body was speedily moving from ‘buff’ to ‘built’ and Lexi couldn’t have been happier. Her shoulders and neck started to build, and she looked like she could easily bench press her weight.

“You know your hair is turning pink, right?”

Michelle’s question snapped Lexi’s attention to her head.

“What the hell?”

Lexi grabbed at her hair and got closer to the mirror in disbelief, but her multiplied lover was right; her hair was gradually turning pink. Soon her whole head was a dull pink. All the changes seemed to be done now.

The colorized girl was definitely closer to body-builder than she was before, with thicker more muscular legs, and bulging arms. Her six-pack abs were quite impressive. Lexi’s breasts were also getting larger, but instead of hanging naturally her tight skin was causing them to pull up more like pecks. And her hair was a dull pink.

“So I’m cool with what’s going on with my body,” Lexi said, stepping back and away from the mirror, “But the pink hair I don’t understand…”

“Maybe…” Michelle mused, bringing one hand to her chin, and crossing the rest, “…maybe when Scrim said you’d become your ‘dream body’ she literally plucked an image of yourself you dreamed of last night, instead of your ‘ideal body’ like we assumed.”

“Well that’s dumb, it isn’t at all what we meant,” Lexi put her muscle-bound arms and hands to her chiseled hips.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t mean to do any of it. Welcome to the logic of getting four arms and an extra pussy,” Michelle laughed, motioning to herself with said arms, “Do you want to try another boob?”

“Maybe, but I -” Lexi had been running one hand through her hair when she stopped about midway. Michelle watched as her hand, under the curtain of her pink hair, seemed to be examining something.

“Quick, look at my ear,” Lexi said, running over to Michelle. she pulled aside the hair and found that Lexi’s ear had become very pointed.

“Wow, you’re getting an elf or fairy ear or something,” Michelle laughed, letting the hair fall back into place. Lexi pulled away, looking a bit concerned. Michelle was almost happy to have someone else sharing her predicament, but didn’t want to admit it to herself.

“What the fuck did I dream about last night?” Lexi muttered, running her hands together, “I must have been thinking of one of the characters in one of the books I’ve read.”

“Well, want to find out just what kind of character that was?” Michelle asked, holding up her remaining two breasts.

“Yeah, might as well get it over with…” Lexi sighed, walking back over and taking the lower right breast in her mouth.

Michelle moaned again and shuddered as Lexi’s lips ministered to her sensitive teat. It wasn’t just the feeling of moist soft lips on her flesh that was driving Michelle wild, it was the feeling of milk being drained from her chest that was also incredible. Just like the new sensations from her added limbs, this was something exotic and exciting for her and she was reveling in it.

Almost too soon for the multi-limbed woman her muscled companion had already drained the soft orb and was stepping back to observe the new changes. Michelle watched the sides of Lexi’s head as the pointed ears continued growing now, poking out beyond the curtain of hair. They must have been 3 inches long each.

In addition, that curtain of hair had gone from dull pink to a brilliant pink, now completely incapable of not being noticed. The nearly neon mane flowed down past Lexi’s shoulders now, with plenty of volume. As she turned back around Michelle noted that the other woman’s skin had also continued to bronze. There had not been a significant amount of muscle growth – Lexi seemed bound to remain a dedicated, yet sexy, body-builder as opposed to a pan-gender pillar of muscle. Michelle was okay with that. She was also okay with Lexi’s additional bump in breast-size, now slightly larger than grapefruits.

Two changes Michelle had not noticed until Lexi turned around, however, were the alterations to her eyes and lips.

Lexi now had a pair of cat eyes. There was no mistake to it – they looked to be a tad larger, with vertical slits for pupils. She blinked them a few times, showing her proportionally larger eyelids. Her lips had changed a little more dramatically. They had plumped up quite a bit, clearly well into bee-sting territory.

“Bwell, wut do woo phink?” Lexi asked, initially striking a sexy pose then breaking it and putting a hand to her mouth as she heard herself. Michelle couldn’t help but laugh.

As Lexi actually touched her lips, she pulled her hand away suddenly in shock. “They’re so sfoft and sfensfitif,” she muttered, “…and wut isf rong wifth my tongue?”

“Here, open up,” Michelle said, stepping forward, “I’ll take a look.”

Lexi opened her mouth, but found that while her lips had ballooned up in width, they had constricted in circumference. She couldn’t stretch open her mouth very wide, but Michelle was able to get a view once Lexi also stretched her tongue out.

“Well, I haven’t really paid much attention to what your tongue looked like previously, but the tip looks like it’s a little larger than it should be.”

“It pheelsf a libble fstiff,” Lexi mumbled, trying to stretch her mouth, to no avail, “I bwunder wut thad isf aboud.”

“I’m not sure, but I think I know how we can find out,” Michelle said, lifting up her remaining full breast. She was really aching to get the pressure relieved, and wanted to give Lexi’s new lips a try.

Lexi was a little wary of continuing, but after reminding herself that at least her changes were temporary she sighed and gave a shrug, leaning in and letting Michelle’s nipple pop between her lips. They were indeed softer against Michelle’s sensitive skin, almost like the material of a stress ball.

The multi-boobed woman was lost in the sensation of it again; this time was even better than the previous three sucklings. While Michelle had always sensed the presence of Lexi’s tongue before, now it seemed to be caressing the tip of her nipple. Michelle had been able to control herself but now a pair of hands could not help but slide down her body to each of her very slick slits. Fingers caressed and slid across forbidden folds and sensitive spots and Michelle felt her orgasms well up through her as Lexi finally released her breast. Michelle fell back onto the bed in afterglow and sweat as she caught her breath.

Breathing heavily for a moment, Michelle didn’t hear Lexi at first.

“Mmmm fmmmm mmmm fmmf mm!”


Michelle sat up and understood.

If she had not watched the transformation in its various stages she would have never believed that the woman standing in front of her was the same Sports Bra Slut that rode the train every morning with her. Lexi was so tan she was practically another ethnicity. And her lips had ballooned to absurd proportions, the upper lip pushing against Lexi’s nose, the lower nearly obscuring her entire chin. And in the center of her absurd pucker was the tiniest break, where Lexi’s frantic and undecipherable mumbling was coming from.

“Mfmm, mmm mm mm mmmmmff!” Lexi was waiving frantically, and now motioned at her breasts. With all of Lexi’s bouncing around Michelle didn’t notice at first, but suddenly she could see that the woman’s breasts were still growing.

No, filling.

Michelle realized it was the same type of expansion she had felt earlier that morning. Lexi’s chest was filling up.

“Okay, calm down,” Michelle sighed, all four arms firmly grabbing the helpless and frantic woman and holding her still, “I’ll bet the pressure is a little uncomfortable, right?”

“Mmm mmm,” Lexi nodded, her eyes pleading for help.

“Okay, stand still, I’ll suck some out for you,” Michelle smiled, hoping now she wouldn’t end up with any more changes.

Bending over slightly, she took Lexi’s taught and hard tip in her mouth and began suckling. She rolled the nipple in her lips and tongue, driving Lexi crazy and rerouting the newly reformed girl’s panic energy to pleasure. Michelle could smell Lexi’s sex getting excited. One thing that confused her, however, was that nothing was coming out of the nipple. She couldn’t understand why.

Lexi had another surprise, though. As she rolled her head back in delight as her lover suckled away, she felt something unusual happening in her mouth. It felt like her tongue was growing. Turning and looking at the mirror, Lexi watched as her tongue pushed against the inside of her bloated lips. Slowly it started to emerge through them, and the sensation of them brushing and pushing against it felt great. Lexi would have played with herself, brought herself to the climax she was so near at this point, if she hadn’t realized just what was growing out of her mouth.

“Mmmm mmmm mm mmm!” Lexi took Michelle by the shoulders and her new strength easily pulled Michelle away from her breast and up to eye level.

“What, I’m sorry nothing’s coming out, I-” Michelle was interrupted by the sight of the long hard cock sticking out of Lexi’s mouth. “What the fuck?”

“Mmm mm mmmmm mm!” Lexi motioned at it.

“Well,” Michelle said, taking a look at it from a few angles and admiring the sheen of saliva-lube dripping from it’s thick shaft, “If I remember correctly you did say the other day how you loved sucking on cocks.”

Lexi through her hands to her hips and gave another Not what I meant stance.

“So,” Michelle said, placing her hands on the more sensitive regions of Lexi’s body and getting close enough to Lexi’s face that the newly reformed woman could feel Michelle’s breath on her dick, “What does it feel like?”

The penis had started to go limp from Lexi’s shock, but now with Michelle’s ministrations Lexi was getting horny again and it went fully erect to reflect that. Lexi suddenly understood something about men; this thing had an indomitable need to be fucked.

It didn’t take long for their bodies to be back on the bed. Michelle’s hands were all over Lexi’s chiseled body, and Lexi was lost in the pleasure of gliding her slick dick tongue all over Michelle’s body, every stimulation to her new organ fresh and exceptionally erotic. Both girls’ pussies were wet and dripping with need and Lexi new where she was heading.

Sliding her face and dick down the vertical cleavages of Michelle’s body, Lexi quickly let her cock play over Michelle’s stomach and naval before plunging it into the first pussy she found without any hesitation.

“Oh God, YES! Oh, Lexi!” Michelle screamed out as she felt it fill her, and Lexi’s balloonish lips press up against her sensitive flower.

Lexi quickly discovered that she could draw her cock tongue in and out of her mouth, and was quickly in a rhythm of deep penetration that caused Michelle to claw at the wall in ecstasy. Lexi discovered her dick/tongue still retained some of its tasting properties, and she was lost in a mix of male and female pleasures.

Michelle was already screaming down from her first orgasm when Lexi felt a new but pleasurable feeling well up in her throat.

Not sure what was happening, Lexi pulled out of Michelle’s slick belly slit and turned towards the window.

Lexi would have cried out if she could have as she came – from her face. As the orgasm washed down her body a torrent of white sprayed from her cock tongue, the initial stream hitting the window with some force. Lexi could feel her tits contracting and suddenly understood what had happened to her chest. Nearly going cross-eyed as about half a gallon of liquid drained and dripped out of her dick, Lexi collapsed into Michelle’s waiting arms.

Both girls drifted off in their respective embraces, completely drained from the experience.

A few hours later Michelle drowsily lifted her head. She didn’t actually know when she fell asleep but she could tell it was now sometime in the afternoon or early evening.

She looked into the quadruple cradle of her arms and saw that some of Lexi’s transformation had begun to wear off. The tongue dick was gone, and her lips seemed to be near their original size. The ears were barely sticking out of the pink hair, which had begun to lose some of its neon. And Lexi’s tan seemed to be going down. Michelle didn’t see any major change in Lexi’s muscle mass.

As Michelle shifted her lover’s body to get more comfortable, the movement stirred Lexi who groggily lifted her head from her lover’s bosom.

“Wow…” Lexi muttered, stretching her mouth and lips as she blinked the sleep from her eyes, “…that was…”

“Amazing?” Michelle asked.

“I was actually going to go with fucking disturbing,” Lexi responded, pulling away a little and sitting upright. She ran her hands over her bulging body to inspect it, “I mean, I had a fucking dick for a tongue.”

“Yeah, but did fucking the dick feel good?” Michelle asked, and Lexi bashfully nodded so she continued, “Well okay then. Besides, you have the luxury of knowing even if it happens again it’ll just wear off. If I keep fucking up I could be stuck like this forever.”

“Would that be so bad?” Lexi asked, having finished her bodily inspection. She slid next to Michelle’s reclined form and ran a hand down a pair if vertical breasts and then gently over her pair of pussies. Michelle cooed, then shook it off, “Stop that, and yes, I can’t say I haven’t loved what I’ve done with all these extra bits the past few days, but my life would essentially be over.”

Lexi looked at her, biting her lip a moment, then hopped off the bed.

“Where’re your clothes…in here?” Lexi ran to the closet.

“Yeah, why?”

“I’m gonna run to my apartment real quick and get something, and I know my clothes won’t fit me anymore,” Lexi said, throwing open the closet door and looking for anything that could keep her legal long enough to walk a few blocks.

“Oh, okay…” Michelle quietly replied. Lexi could hear the disappointment in the girl’s voice.

“Oh, hush, I’ll be right back,” Lexi said, ratcheting a skirt up her legs, “I’m hungry, and we’re having lunch out.”

About an hour later Michelle found herself squeezed into a booth seat. She and Lexi had walked to a diner a few blocks away. Minimum fuss had been made about them.

Well, what fuss there was had been more about Lexi than Michelle.

Michelle looked at her companion across the table, who had opted to wear the tightest exorcize outfit she could find. Either the Sports Bra Slut had been a much heavier girl once, or the outfits could really stretch, because she had managed to find something that did legally cover her without risk of rupture at any moment. It wasn’t much more than a jogging bra and a pair of shorts, but it did the job and allowed Lexi to show off all the wonderful muscle she had wanted for so long. A pair of old sneakers finished the outfit.

Michelle wasn’t showing anywhere near as much skin, despite the mechanizations of the magics and hexes placed on her.

Since none of Michelle’s old tops would fit her extrapolated form anymore, Lexi had brought back with her an old trench coat. Beneath that she was wearing one of her skirts, with the waistband running just between the top and bottom of her two pussies. The clothing hex placed upon her didn’t seem to have an issue with the skirt, but it was trying its darnedest to open the front of the coat and show off all her cleavage.

Michelle’s lower arms, criss-crossed between breasts, had to be constantly holding the front seams together or else a deep doubled cleavage would be on display for all the world to see. This had the side effect of her arms pretty much constantly brushing her sensitive flesh – and the fabric dragging across her nipples was already driving her up a wall.

Otherwise, the trench coat was doing a fairly good job of obscuring her unusual form, and few people seemed to be giving her second looks.

Even in the nearly flat shoes Michelle had on she still bounced around quite a lot. It felt as if the more of Lexi’s changes wore off, the more milk she could feel returning to her tits.

“Good evening, ladies,” said their waitress, an older and somewhat short woman. She placed two menus and two glasses of water on the table, “What can I get you to drink?”

“Iced tea, please,” Lexi said.

“Uh, a coke I guess,” Michelle said, picking up a menu – she was starving. It had become so natural for her to do everything with four arms; keeping her extra two in check was now a mental challenge.

“Okay, be right back.”

The waitress went into the kitchen and left the two women to sit in silence for a moment.

“So,” Lexi finally said, “Tell me about yourself.”

“What?” Michelle laughed, closing the menu, “Why?”

“Well, given the fact that over the last few days I’ve had more sex with you than anyone I’ve ever been in a relationship with, I’d like to know more about you.”

“We are not in a ‘relationship,’” Michelle replied, even air quoting the last word.

“I know, that’s not what I meant, but…” Lexi said, putting down her menu and staring into Michelle’s eyes, “…but that doesn’t mean we can’t change that.”

“Woah, hey, is this a date?” Michelle asked, throwing up her exposed hands, “Just because some magical bitch made me bi, doesn’t mean I suddenly find dating women an easy concept…that takes some adjustment.”

“And I’m not saying I’ve found a soul mate,” replied Lexi as a glass of ice tea was placed in front of her, “But I’ve had as good a time with you as I’ve ever had and can’t say I wouldn’t want to spend more time with you. And that’s not the addiction talking.”

“You ladies ready to order?” asked the waitress as she put down a coke in front of Michelle. She’d heard weirder conversations than this one.



“I’ll be back.”

Michelle picked up her menu and started to actually read it this time.

“Let me start with me then,” Lexi said, “I’m 27, Lyon State grad, studied phys ed and health, got a sister in Alaska of all places, parents passed away 6 years ago in a car accident, I work at the 4th Street Gym, I’m into reading crappy high-fantasy fantasy novels, I have a Warcraft account, and I breed meerkats.”

Michelle had found what she wanted to eat but was still pretending to read until Lexi got to the end.


“That was a lie to see if you were listening.”

“Oh, funny,” Michelle muttered, putting the menu down and staring at the corner of the table. She didn’t know what to think of this. Yeah, her life was going to change simply because of losing her job, but this seamed like a step she didn’t know if she wanted to accept.

“Find your orders, yet?” the waitress asked.

After each finally putting in their orders, Michelle found she no longer had a menu to stall with.

“Look, Lexi, so far I like you. I’ve had a lot of fun. And yes, I’d like to keep having that fun with you. But I think the major reason you like me, at least right now, is what I’ve done to my body. And yes, as crazy as it sounds, even I’m not sure if I want to get rid of all of this, so it’s hard enough coming to the decision myself, let alone having someone else pressuring me!”

“Okay, okay, no pressure!” Lexi replied, throwing up her hands, “Just consider me here to help.”

“Thanks,” Michelle replied, taking a sip from her coke, “Because I’ve only got two more mornings to get things how I want them.”

“So, yeah, this Scrim creature, she give you any rules or such? What’s her deal?”

“I don’t know,” Michelle responded as Lexi drank from her glass, “She said she could only change me since I was the only one who rented the room, and that I’d get a ‘request’ for a change once a day. I think that’s about it, other than what you already heard.”

“Wait, so have you, like, asked her about this stuff? And why is she stuck in this random hotel room? Aren’t genies-”


“-whatever, aren’t they in like lamps or something? Being connected to someone’s hotel stay seems sort of random. And what if, you know, you extend your stay? Do you get more wishes?”

“I doubt that relying on Disney adaptations for magical guidance is a good idea,” Michelle replied to the lamp comment, “And I don’t know what the exceptions are to the rules. Every time I try to ask Scrim more details she’s like, ‘I have to go away or cease existing’ or some bullshit like that,” she lowered her voice as the waitress arrived.

Delivering the food the waitress gave a smiley “Enjoy,” and disappeared into the back again.

“Well, I think we need to corner Scrim a little bit when we get back and get some more details out of her.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Michelle said, eagerly salting her burger, then covering it with ketchup and mustard. Her stomach was loudly reminding her just how little she had eaten through the week.

The two sat for a moment, doing nothing more than chewing. Michelle thought for a moment how easier it would be to eat everything if she had her other pair of hands preparing her next bite while he fed her face. She caught herself and shook the thought away. Then a thought she had been meaning to vocalize struck her.

“By the way,” Michelle said between bites, “I took a look at the window…that was milk you sprayed out of your…face.”

“Milk? Really?”


“Great, so my tits don’t turn into testicles,” Lexi swallowed her bite of salad, “And I can’t get you pregnant if I cum in you a bit.”

“Yeah, about that…”Michelle said, putting down her burger and locking eyes with Lexi for a minute. She had on her serious face. “Don’t cum inside me. I don’t want a yeast infection in my belly twat.”

“Okay, I’m eating, and that was disgusting.”

“You’re the one who suggested filling-”

“Alright! Eating! I won’t do it, I promise.”

“Thanks…besides, we don’t even know if I’m keeping the lactating thing yet, it’s kind of uncomfortable.”


The two girls ate in silence for a bit longer. Michelle was happily about to finish off her meal when suddenly she felt a sensation in her tits.

It was like they were growing again.

Putting down the bite she had left, her exposed hands flew to the fabric over her top breasts while her inner pair grasped her lower pair.

“Uh, what are you doing? Can’t you wait until-”

“Shhhh,” Michelle hissed, as she stared down. The warm tingling was getting more intense, and finally she felt all four boobs surge from her chest a bit. It was so sudden even Lexi jumped a bit in surprise as she saw it happen. Michelle guessed she gained about two cups sizes even though she knew “cup sizes” were a thing of the past for her. Her nipples grew as well, increasing by about a third their previous size. And the whole experience was matched with a jump in sensitivity.

A big jump.

“Oh, ah, we need to go back to the room,” Michelle squirmed, unable to quell her growing desire.

“Pardon me asking the obvious, but did-”

“My breasts just grew again.”

“Yeah, okay. You sure it’s not the milk?”

“No, Lexi, I’m sure,” Michelle growled through teeth, “This is the more permanent growth feeling – trust me, I know! Quick, please pay up, we have to get out of here!”

“Okay, okay!”

“HOLY FUCK!” Michelle screamed, running inside the hotel room and throwing off the coat before Lexi could even close the door. Dashing to the bed, Michelle threw all four hands down onto the mattress and just rested, bent over with her newly engorged tits hanging free. The skirt still clung to her hips.

“Are you alright? Do you want me to get you off?” Lexi asked, locking the door and stripping down herself. She walked over to Michelle who was also still wearing her shoes.

“No, that’s the thing, I got off halfway here,” Michelle said, panting a little. She turned and Lexi could see a stain on the skirt. “It was just from walking and brushing my skin, whatever happened made these things way too sensitive for anything other than, like…can you lube up silk?”

“Uh, not with great results,” Lexi said, walking over and grabbing Scrim’s pendant, “But I think it is time we got some answers.”

“Wait, I-”

Lexi hadn’t intended to wait for Michelle to agree, as she had already hit the release for Scrim’s pendant as she had finished speaking. A flash of cinder and smoke bolted across the room, and the familiar fiery form of Scrim took shape.

“Ah, human Michelle and her companion, a pleasure to see you each again…and so soon,” Scrim gave a half smile, bowing a little as well.

“Scrim,” Michelle decided to take advantage of the moment, “Why did my breasts suddenly grow again today?” Michelle stood up straight now, all four massive mammaries standing – er, wobbling – proud on her chest.

“You requested that they always be twice as large as the breasts owned by the cheerleaders you schooled with. I believe one was in process of scheduling what you humans call ‘breast implants.’ I imagine she is finally done with her procedure,” Scrim smiled.

“Shit, you mean the way I am now, if those sluts keep trying to out tit each other I’m going to get bigger?” Michelle gasped.

“What the fuck porn stars did you go to school with?” Lexi asked.

“I don’t know, but why are my-”

“Wait,” Lexi interrupted Michelle, and turned to Scrim, “You say you’re connected to this room and can give Michelle as many wishes as she has days here, why is that?”

“I am cursed to move from room to room, granting requests to those who find me. I am unable to speak of the one who made this so, but I can only make changes to those who stay within the room and the human who first finds me controls what boon I grant,” Scrim explained, almost as if she had been eager to get that off her chest.

“So even if, let’s say, Lexi and I had both checked in, since I found you I’m the only one who can request changes to either of us?” Michelle asked.


“Okay, so, what if…” Lexi spoke up, “Michelle extended her stay? Does she get more requests?”

“No, the dates are per the original booking, and even if she extended them I would still leave shortly after granting her final request on her original final day,” Scrim replied.

“And, uh,” Lexi continued, “that answers my next question I guess – what if I went downstairs and rented this room after she leaves?”

“You would not find me here,” Scrim explained, “My pendant will take me to another location automatically, as I stated, shortly after the final request is granted.”

“Oh, wonderful…”

“Now, may I return to my sanctuary? I cannot be out much longer.”

“Yes, fine, go,” Michelle waived her hand at Scrim and the ifrit poured back into the pendant. Lexi dropped it on the desk and approached her lover.

“Well, that didn’t get us much,” Michelle muttered, letting her view fall to her nearly medicine ball sized breasts and letting out a sigh. She figured she had gained at least six inches in bust.

“I wouldn’t say so…” Lexi said, giving the side of Michelle’s lower right boob a little caress and sending shivers up the other woman’s body. Michelle closed her eyes and bit her lip as Lexi started to play with the upper left breast as well. She gave one of Michelle’s unattended breasts a quick lick, which almost caused the other woman to drop, “…we know Scrim doesn’t seem happy with what she’s doing. I mean, being ‘cursed’ is usually bad, right? Maybe that’s why she tried to fuck you over so many times. It’s her way of entertaining herself.”

“Okay…” Michelle sighed, lowering herself to the bed with her attentive lover following after, “Maybe you’re right…what good does that do us?”

“Well, if we know what she’s thinking…” Lexi popped off Michelle’s shoes and slid the damp skirt away from her pussies, both of which had a high glisten to them, “…maybe that will help us figure out the best way for you to ask for things.”

“Mmmm…” Michelle stretched her body in the bed, “Maybe so…but I know what the only thing I want right now is…”

Before Lexi could playfully ask, “What?” she had been grabbed by all four of Michelle’s arms and another round of sex had begun.

Lexi didn’t know if extra arms meant using extra energy, or if having double the orgasms was why Michelle so easily fell asleep all the time, or if she just normally did that, but right now she was really glad about it.

Sliding out of the winding limbs, wrecked bed, and tangled sheets, Lexi picked the pendant up off the desk and went into the bathroom with it, closing the door behind her.

Lexi remembered how Michelle said she may wish away the lactation in her breasts, and she was not about to lose the ability to get the muscular body she had always wanted. Holding the pendant out by the bathtub, Lexi popped the latch.

Although Scrim’s manifestation was bright, it wasn’t loud. Lexi was fairly certain Michelle would have slept through it as Scrim looked around and finally locked eyes with her.

“Ah, human Michelle’s companion, how can I help you?” Scrim asked, the volume of her voice causing Lexi to flinch and make a shhh motion.

“I was wondering if I could ask you something about Michelle’s requests,” Lexi asked, approaching Scrim with caution.

“And what might that be?” Scrim asked, lowering down in the air a bit to come closer to Lexi.

“How much control or influence do you have over how they are fulfilled?”

“I am entirely in control of them, as long as they satisfy what is asked of me,” Scrim replied.

“So…what if I asked you to grant them a certain way?” Lexi asked, her body tensing up as if she expected Scrim to smite her.

“Well,” Scrim mused, floating away a little bit again as she answered, “As long as it does contradict what is asked of me, I suppose I could take it into consideration. What did you have in mind?”

“If possible, I want you to do whatever you need so that I can keep my muscles,” Lexi asked, “I’ve worked too hard for naught to suddenly get them and then lose them if Michelle asks for her breasts to stop lactating.”

“Hmmm…well, soon we will know what I can do for you,” Scrim replied, one hand to her ashy lips, “But for now I must return – I have been summoned quite a lot for one day.”

“Alright, thank you, Scrim,” Lexi said as the ifrit disappeared back into the pendant.

Lexi left the bathroom and put the pendant back on the desk where she had left it before. For now it sounded like leaving things up to Scrim was going to be like leaving things up to Luck and Chance – two friends Lexi was not very tight with.

As Lexi crawled back into bed, and the lightly roused Michelle turned and wrapped her many appendages around her plotting lover, Lexi knew she didn’t want to just keep the muscles; she wanted to keep Michelle – just as she was.

Well, maybe there was room for some improvement…

The next part of Room 2739 continues tomorrow!

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