Room 2739: Saturday, 2009



Lexi was laying wide awake as Michelle started to stir. The sun wasn’t up yet, and Lexi had only gotten a few hours sleep. Lexi kept thinking over and over about how she could get what she wanted.

She needed more time.

Perhaps she could arrange that.

Lexi’s eyes darted around the room as she carefully picked her words. Turning over, she gently pushed Michelle’s shoulder.

“Uuhhhhhhhh…” Michelle muttered.

“Michelle, can you hear me?” Lexi asked, shaking the other woman a little more gently now – all of the other woman’s breasts jostled deliciously.

“Yeah…” Michelle moaned, still mostly asleep, but now warmed by the pleasant feeling of her tits rubbing against each other and the sheets.

“Don’t you wish you could just spend all day with your body all lubed up and doing nothing but sexy fun and fucking?” Lexi prodded, tensing up, waiting to be caught. Pushing her luck, the schemer lightly brushed a hand over Michelle’s upper twat.

“Mmm…yeah,” Michelle smiled, rolling over but still asleep, “…wish could…” She had drifted completely off again, and Lexi decided she had gone as far as she dare. She just hoped it was enough.

Exhausted from her machinations, Lexi rolled over facing away from the other woman, and decided she should just push everything out of her mind for now and get some sleep.

As Michelle started to wake up, she could sense a number of things. First, she enjoyed the feeling of the sun against the skin that the blankets did not cover. Second, she enjoyed the smooth delightful feeling of hands on two of her breasts. Third, she even more so enjoyed the lubed fingers playing with her labias.

“Oh, Lexi…” Michelle cooed, writhing in the slick pleasure of it all, “That feels good.”

“What feels good?” came a muffled voice.

“Don’t tease me, I know that…” Michelle opened her eyes, and saw that Lexi was laying with her back to her. Michelle looked down and saw that her hands were pleasuring her completely on her own.

And she was covered with slick oil.

“Holy shit!” she cried out, pulling her hands away and sitting up. The cry and sudden movement startled Lexi who shot around to see what was up.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know…I woke up and I was masturbating…and somehow I covered myself in lube?” Michelle gasped, holding up all four hands and looking at the slick liquid shimmering across her skin. Little strings of it ran from her arms to her abdomen where she had been playing with herself.

“Where did you get lube from?” Lexi asked, trying not to let the huge grin in her mind show to her face.

“I don’t know…and it’s like…oh God, it’s like my body needs a fuck or feel itself up…I can barely contr…no, no, I have to do something…” Michelle put her hands to her breasts and began messaging. Thanks to the lube, and the increased sensitivity from the previous day’s growth, the ministrations of pleasure were hard for her to deny.

“What…what do you think happened?” Lexi asked, not terribly good at acting innocent.

“I’m not sure…” Michelle whimpered, trying to stave off the orgasms growing in each of her pussies, “But I think I know who may know…open the pendant…”

Lexi suddenly realized she hadn’t thought about whether or not Scrim would call her out on the deception. Silently running through various curse words, she got up and grabbed the pendant. Pausing for a moment but failing to find any last minute reason to not open the item in her hand, Lexi cringed again as she let it flip open.

“Ah, good morning human Michelle and…companion,” Scrim smiled. Although lacking pupils, Lexi had a feeling Scrim was giving her a sly look to the side. “I do hope you are enjoying this morning’s request.”

“What request?” Michelle gritted her teeth, pulling her oozing hands away for a moment, “I didn’t ask for anything.”

“Oh, but you did,” Scrim replied, “Perhaps not the most grammatically correct of your requests, but a pleasurable one to grant.”

“Shit, I must have been talking in my sleep,” Michelle growled, “That shouldn’t count!”

“As I have said before, I am not a mind-reader,” Scrim replied, rocking back and forth in the air.

“Fine,” Michelle said, the urge to touch herself building again, “Just what the fuck is going on with me now?” She didn’t see the point in asking what she had requested because she knew that never seemed to matter…all she wanted to know was what Scrim had done in regards to it.

“From sunup until sundown tonight your body will generate it’s own thick sweat, similar to what is referred to as ‘lubricant,’” Scrim answered, “And your body physically craves sexual attention in any form. While you will be able to stop yourself for short periods, eventually the desire to touch yourself – or be touched – will overcome you. Any activity that does not include sexual pleasure will be actively resisted.”

“I don’t know what was more fucked up this time, Scrim – my request or your solution – but get out of my face.”

“As you wish,” Scrim replied, and blasted back into the pendant. Lexi put it back on the desk. She was ecstatic. She had gotten away with it and now had all day to figure out what she was going to do, and Michelle would be too distracted to realize what had happened. Regarding the distraction, Lexi got up and crawled over the bed to the moist woman. A large slick stain and puddle pervaded where Michelle had been sleeping.

“Are you okay?” Lexi asked.

“No,” Michelle gasped, her hands holding onto the sheets and headboard, “All I wanted to do was wish the things on that fucking piece of paper in the nightstand true, so I could refine what I wanted tomorrow, but now I’ll just have to wish the paper true and be happy with it.”

Lexi smiled; now she knew what she had to do.

But until then she might as well enjoy herself.

Lexi plowed her face into the center quad-cleavage of Michelle’s 2×2 chest and Michelle let out a relieved moan.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you!” Michelle sighed, relaxing and letting her body sink back onto the bed.

“What the hell is going on with what Scrim did to you?” Lexi asked, coming up for air. Both her and Michelle’s hands began to play across the writhing woman’s slickened skin.

“Pretty much what she said,” Michelle replied, grinding her ass into the mattress, “My body is just hot for itself, and I can’t keep myself from trying to masturbate, unless someone is already playing with me.”

“Well, I think I can help with that,” Lexi smiled, giving Michelle a sloppy kiss on the lips, letting each other’s tongues slide in and out. Lexi slid one hand between Michelle’s thighs and had no problem slipping right inside.

“Oh!” Michelle jumped a little, breaking off the kiss. She simply breathed heavily for a moment, but then turned and said, “Please suck on my tits! They’re so tight with milk…it feels better when they’re not as full!”

Lexi didn’t need to be asked twice! Michelle huge round teats had looked so inviting and Lexi really wanted the chiseled muscles back the moment she had woken up, but she didn’t want to seem too eager.

Now, however, she let loose, enthusiastically latching onto the first tit she found and draining it dry as Michelle threw back her head and gave into the overwhelming dual orgasms eagerly awaiting to be let loose. Lexi figured Michelle was just coming into her first orgasm as she switched to the second nipple. Lexi loved the feeling of her entire body firming up and changing – although she made a mental note to see if there was a way she could get rid of the side effects.

“Oh, LEXI!” Michelle cried out as her second orgasm rose up. At the same time Lexi’s pointed ears were pushing back through her pink hair.

At that point things snowballed. Lexi tried to stop suckling with just the first two of Michelle’s milk bags, but Michelle’s insistence that the other two still felt too tight brought Lexi in to empty those as well. It wasn’t long before Lexi was caught in the lust of her dick tongue and the twisted fuckfest got even crazier.

An hour later Lexi was exhausted. She had already brought off her dick twice, her well-built breasts didn’t feel like they had anything left in them. She could also tell that her tongue was beginning to turn back. Completely covered in Michelle’s exuded lube, Lexi slid off her lover and the bed and collapsed into the desk chair, a sticky mess.

Michelle on the other hand showed no sign if tiring.

“What’s wrong?” Michelle asked, sensing Lexi’s heavy breathing. She pushed herself to the edge of the bed, her lower hands toying with a pussy each, and the other two running over her body.

“Mmmf prrrg,” Lexi muttered through her swollen tongue and lips. The head of her dick was just poking out, like a tiny apple.


“Prrrrg,” Lexi repeated, bringing up her arms – which left drying strings of lube on the chair’s arms – and then flopping her arms back on the chair.


Lexi nodded, pink hair matted to her face.

“I’m sorry,” Michelle replied, the efforts of her hands doubling, “I know I should be too, but my body, it’s…insatiable.”

Lexi watched the many limbed wonder play with herself a few more minutes, then unstuck herself from the drying lube and chair.

“Mmm gnng pa parrrr,” Lexi said, motioning towards the bathroom. Michelle took no notice, so Lexi helped herself to a long hot shower.

By the time she was done showering, Lexi’s face had begun to return to near-normality. With her hair fluffed up to hide her pointed ears, and some sunglasses to obscure her slitted eyes, Lexi was confident she could go outside without eliciting too much unwanted attention.

Exiting the bathroom with the towel wrapped around her muscular frame, Lexi found the bed completely stripped of its soaked sheets, and Michelle furiously masturbating in the desk chair. Lexi could not help but notice the large wet stain on the mattress.

“So…get tired of the bed?” Lexi asked, pulling the towel up and drying her hair.

“It was…so wet,” Michelle gasped, two hands a piece on – and in – each pussy. Her four tits bounced and spattered against each other as she passionately went at herself. “Can you pick up…fresh ones…for tonight?”

“Sure, I’m going out to get something to eat and pick up some toys and stuff for you anyway,” Lexi said, adding the damp towel to the pile of cloth, “I can’t possibly keep up with you all day, and I figure you should have something different to work with.”

“Thanksssssyesssssss!” Michelle cried out, spasming, splashing, and stretching as a desperately wanted orgasm poured over her. She collapsed back onto the chair, enjoying a short moment of reprieve from her body’s carnal demands.

“No problem. Anyway, I’ll ask for a new set of sheets from the front desk when I come back.”

“Sounds good,” Michelle said, finding the need to fondle herself returning once again. “Oh, wait, while you’re out…get me a ball gag.”

“Uh, what?”

“A ball gag…” Michelle said, running her hands over her breasts again – she thanked God she was so constantly lubed up or she was sure she’d be bleeding by now.

“We’ve had a pretty kinky time, but I didn’t think you were into-”

“No, not that,” Michelle said, beginning to lose herself in the building lust, “Its for tonight…to shut me up in the morning.”

“Oh, okay,” Lexi replied, wondering how this would affect her own plans, “Consider it bought.”

“Thankssss…” Michelle moaned. Lexi gave her self-pleasuring lover a quick passionate kiss and then dressed and went out.

A few hours later Lexi returned to the hotel lobby, shopping bags held victoriously in each hand. Lost in her own little plots, she had almost forgotten about getting clean sheets.

Walking over to the check-in area, Lexi could see the man at the desk do a double take. Lexi’s physique had reduced slightly while she was out but was still damn impressive.

“May I help you, Ms….?”

“Arrow, Miss Lexi Arrow,” Lexi smiled. While no one turned her on like Michelle did, she had still been taking advantage of each chance to flirt with her new body that she could while she was out.

“How may I help you, Miss Arrow?” the man replied, returning the smile.

“I’m in Room 2739, and we need fresh sheets,” Lexi explained.

“Oh, alright, actually,” the man said, clicking through some screens on the computer and typing a few things, “I see that a Miss Spending was checked in there and that the staff reported a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign being on there pretty much ‘round the clock lately.”

“Oh yes, well,” Lexi stammered a moment, “I’ve been staying with Miss Spending the last few days. She’d got a horrible…cold and the hot sweats finally got the best of the sheets.”

“I see,” replied the man, typing some information into the computer, “I can have someone deliver the sheets shortly if you’ll be there to get them.”

“Yes, I’m going up now, thank you,” Lexi smiled, and she headed to the elevator.

Watching her walk away for a moment, the desk clerk pulled up the data for Michelle’s room. Adjusting the pricing in the invoicing section, he changed the system to read 2 ADULTS and added the name LEXI ARROW.

Up in the room, Lexi discovered a trail of drying lube across the floor that led to Michelle, curled up and grinding against the porcelain in the shower tub.

“So, what, you bored of fucking in the other room now?” Lexi asked, putting bags down outside the bathroom.

“Nnng…no…I had to use the toilet…I held it together long enough to…but then I couldn’t make it to the other room…and I didn’t want to masturbate on the shitter…”

“No worries, just stay there, someone’s bringing us up new sheets and stuff so this is best actually,” Lexi smiled, closing the door and going into the other room. Lexi began to unpack her bags.

After the linens had been brought up Lexi gave Michelle some toys, then pulled out the lunchmeats, bread, cheese, and paper plates she had picked out. Using the desk as a kitchen table Lexi put together some sandwiches as she listened to Michelle groan and moan as she jammed two dildos into her pussies.

“Okay, are you hungry? I know I am,” Lexi called, leaning back to take a peak in at Michelle. She was furiously pumping the dildos in and out of herself. Her breasts were bouncing furiously and spraying lube around the room.

“Yes…be…right…there…” Lexi went back to putting the finishing touches on the lunch as Michelle screamed out, “FUCKING YES…”

“I didn’t think you’d be so excited about sandwiches…” Lexi grinned to herself as Michelle weekly walked out of the bathroom and collapsed into the desk chair.

“Just be quiet and let me eat…” Michelle panted, rolling the chair up to the desk. As Lexi eagerly gobbled down her food, Michelle just sat there, staring at the meal on the paper plate. Lexi suddenly took notice of Michelle’s panic-laced stare at the food.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t eat.”

“What?” Lexi replied, “What do you-”

“I can’t…eat,” Michelle growled again, eyes never leaving the food in front of her, “I want to, I’m so hungry, but it’s like…it’s like my body won’t let me since there’s no sex involved…”

“Oh God…” Lexi replied, finishing the last bite of her lunch and facing the desk with Michelle. Suddenly she had an idea.

“Hold on a sec.”

Lexi quickly stripped out of her remaining clothes, and moved the laptop and other items off of the desk. Climbing on top of it and laying down on her back, she laid out the bread, cheese, and sliced ham on strategic locations of her nude form.

“Does that-”

Before she could finish her question, Michelle was already eagerly licking and slurping a slice of ham off of Lexi’s breast. Lexi’s nipple was already hard from the cold cut’s presence, and Michelle was so eager to eat Lexi was concerned for a moment that the other women would forget where ham stopped and nipple started.

It didn’t take long before Michelle finished slurping up the food spread over Lexi’s body, and demanded more. Lexi laughed and laid out another spread and enjoyed Michelle’s eager mouth.

Another session of sex followed the food, with the two women trying to avoid drenching the uncovered and drying mattress. Lexi enjoyed feeling Michelle’s slick body pressed up against the glass of the window as they grinded against each other. Many of the walls got similar treatment as they fucked their way around the room. Eventually, as Michelle’s limitless libido tired Lexi out, Michelle found herself back in the bathtub enjoying the toys as Lexi made the bed.

Sundown was nearing.

Lexi stood at the window watching the red glow of the setting sun silhouette the other buildings as Michelle cried out from another orgasm. Then, suddenly, she let out a different kind of moan.

“What’s wrong?” Lexi exclaimed, dashing over to the bathroom door.

“My body, it’s…” Michelle gasped as she dropped the dildos into the tub and began running all four hands as quickly as she could over every inch of herself, “…it’s like I’m having every climax I had today…again…at once! OH!”

Michelle’s body convulsed against the porcelain, lube splashing and skin pressing everywhere, and as she screamed out in pleasure her own juices sprayed from both pussies. Lexi wasn’t sure what to do.

“Ahhhh…ahhhhh…AHHH….AHHHHH…YES!!!” Michelle screamed, throwing back her head and seeming to almost glow. Her body bucked a few last times and then suddenly every muscle went limp and she collapsed, all four tits jostling and rolling across her heaving chest.

Lexi just stood at the door a moment, not sure what to do. Finally she let out a timid, “Are you okay?”

“I’m…I’m fucking great,” Michelle sighed, her eyes closed as she just lay still, “That was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced…thank God it’s over.”

Michelle opened her eyes and looked around, as if focusing, and then started to lift herself up.

“And now I’m going to wash all of this fucking lube off,” she smiled, reaching forward and grabbing the stall’s water knob.

“Do you want any company?” Lexi asked seductively.

“No, no, thanks,” Michelle said, still panting. She began to adjust the valves for the water, “I think I need a little break from sexy fun.”

Ten minutes later Michelle emerged from the bathroom showered and drying herself off. It felt good to not have sheets of lube pouring off of her body any more. She had felt fairly dirty from so much sex and lack of washing over the last few days, but nothing had compared to having lubricant literally seeping from her pores.

“So, what do you want to do now?” Lexi asked as Michelle came over and sat next to her on the bed. All four hands were still toweling dry her hair as Michelle turned to her companion.

“Honestly, I’ve just spent the last 10 hours compelled to either masturbate or fuck. I think all I really want to do it just sleep.”

“Sounds good to me,” Lexi flashed a smile she hoped wasn’t too eager looking, “After that last session I need to get washed as well, but I’ll lay down with you a little bit if you like.”

“Sounds good, but first – where’s the ball gag?”

Lexi blinked a few times.

“You seriously want that?”

“Yes,” said Michelle, opening the nightstand drawer and taking out the paper inside. She read it over a few times and then returned it, “I love what’s happened to me – for the most part – and I will definitely miss most of it, but I can’t live like this. So I’m going to sleep gagged so nothing – no sleep talking, no accidental pillow talk, no odd sounding burps – nothing will stop me this time from waking up, picking up that paper, ripping out the gag, and wishing what’s on that paper was true!”

Lexi quickly got up and fetched the ball gag – this was better than she had expected!

It took a few minutes for the two girls to get the toy out of its package and then onto Michelle. At first they thought Michelle might not be able to sleep in it, but her daylong marathon of sex and masturbation had done its toll to her energy and Lexi discovered that her multiplied lover had fallen asleep quite quickly.

Quietly retrieving the paper from the drawer, Lexi grabbed a pen and the hotel paper pad and ducked into the bathroom.

Unfolding the paper Lexi quickly read over it.

I wish the following was true; that my extra pair of breasts and arms and the extra vagina would disappear, that my breasts would be their old sensitivity unless being touched by flesh, that my nipples would only be hard when I am aroused, that my clothes would no longer self adjust, that I am equally attracted to both sexes, and that I would be able to control the pheromones I exude.

Well, that wouldn’t do.

Lexi put aside Michelle’s paper and ripped off a new sheet. Thinking for a minute, tapping the pen to her lips, she started writing. After a moment or two of scratching on the paper Lexi sat back and reread what she put down.

That wouldn’t do either.

Lexi stopped and thought for a moment. She knew what she was doing was crazy and wrong. Michelle had been nothing but nice to her this whole time. But the thoughts of power she wielded and finally having her fantasy body and lover overwhelmed Lexi and she resolved to continue.

What she had written was still wrong, but now Lexi wasn’t considering it from a moral viewpoint. First of all Lexi had described everything as “Michelle will” and she realized that if Michelle opened the paper for even a second before making the wish she would see that it was clearly different. Lexi would need to write it out to look more similar to the multiplied woman’s original. The plotting woman also decided to add in a few more changes. She put the first draft down on the counter and began writing a new list.

After finishing her longer second description, Lexi read it through a few times. She hadn’t included any names so as to reduce the likelihood of Michelle spotting anything different. Lexi was also resisting going completely off the deep-end with her changes; Lexi figured Michelle could just stay home all the time, a sexy little concubine, but didn’t want Michelle to completely hate her for what she had done. Maybe a little restraint would be recognized.

Staring at her second draft Lexi finally placed it down on top of her first, picking up Michelle’s original and crushing it up. Carefully exiting the bathroom, Lexi dropped the original in the trash bin and retrieved Scrim’s amulet and returned to the restroom.

Seated again on the closed toilet Lexi flipped the piece of magic jewelry over and over in her hands. She had brought it in to consult with Scrim just one last time in regards to what Scrim could do to bend the rules for her, but now Lexi was second-guessing herself. She didn’t want to piss off Scrim by bothering the creature too much, plus she didn’t want to wake up Michelle with Scrim’s loud voice after the fire and smoke show.

“It’s a good plan,” Lexi repeated to herself.

Lexi suddenly heard moaning from the other room – moaning that sounded suspiciously like someone calling her name through a ball gag.

Quickly grabbing the hotel pad, pen, and paper from the counter, Lexi turned off the light and exited the bathroom. Placing the pen, pad, and amulet quietly back on the desk, Lexi folded up the paper in her hands as she made her way to the bed. She was just beginning to see Michelle in the darkness as her eyes adjusted, and Michelle was still turned away towards the window. Her body shifted slightly and she moaned again.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Lexi whispered, using the sound of the moving sheets to obscure the sound of the opening drawer as she dropped in the folded paper. Slowly sliding it shut, Lexi then rolled towards her lover, spooning against her soft ass cheeks and back. Lexi put an arm between Michelle’s two right shoulders and slid her hand through Michelle’s horizontal cleavage. Cupping Michelle’s upper right breast and letting her arm rest on the rest, Lexi could hear Michelle’s happy humming.

“Don’t worry, lover,” Lexi whispered as they both fell asleep, “I’ve got you.”

The next part of Room 2739 continues tomorrow!

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