Room 2739: Sunday, 2009



Lexi was not the first to wake up. She was startled awake and was staring into the red ball that was mostly encompassed by Michelle’s mouth.


Lexi had to blink a few times before she remembered what was happening.


Michelle, hanging over Lexi with all four breasts knocking against each other and dripping milk, all four arms pressed down around Lexi, seemed to have the freshly awoken woman trapped in the best prison ever. Lexi was terrified for a moment that Michelle had already grabbed the note from drawer and read it, but Michelle started pointing at the drawer and then at her head, and Lexi realized that Michelle wanted herself ungagged and was asking for the paper.

“Okay, hold on,” Lexi said, leaning forward and undoing the strap behind Michelle’s head. When Michelle started to pull away, Lexi pulled her back, “Oh calm down and just keep your mouth shut for ten seconds.”

Pulling the sticky ball out of Michelle’s mouth, Lexi tossed it aside and rolled out of the bed. Michelle had all four of her hands clasped tight over her mouth now.

Lexi opened the drawer and grabbed the folded paper within, but instead of handing it to the one hand Michelle outstretched for it Lexi went across the room to the desk. Michelle had a look of anger and almost said something, but instead just shook her waiting hand in frustration.

“One second, I think she should be out for this,” Lexi said, trying to get Michelle as riled as possible so she’d just make the wish quickly without wasting time to look at the paper. Lexi grabbed Scrim’s amulet and popped it open. As Scrim took shape from the fire and brimstone Lexi handed the paper to Michelle.

“Good morning human Michelle, what can I –”

“I wish what is written on the paper in my hand to be true, and for my tits to stop lactating!”

Fuck, Lexi thought to herself, mentally kissing her muscles goodbye.

“As you desire,” Scrim replied, waiving her hand. Michelle stood back, all four hands outstretched as she waited for her body to return to a somewhat normal form. Michelle felt the fullness of her tits recede, and the milk droplets on her nipples discontinuing. But instead of her arms and tits retracting, all Michelle felt was her nipples get hard – really hard. Out of curiosity, she reached out one hand and poked one and she nearly came.

“What the fuck?”

“No no no no no!”

Michelle’s attention was spun around to Lexi as the other woman began shouting out. She looked just in time to see Lexi’s arms begin to divide in half, giving the formally normal-looking woman a second pair like Michelle’s. Oddly, she realized that despite what she was seeing she was somehow incredibly turned on by just looking at Lexi.

“Scrim, what the fuck is going on?” Michelle demanded, turning around and looking up at the ashy woman.

“You wished for the paper in your hands to be true. It was not entirely clear so I granted the request according to authorship.”

“No, that wasn’t how it was supposed to happen!” Lexi cried out. Michelle turned to see Lexi waiving her new appendages haphazardly in the air. Tears were running down the reshaping woman’s face, “I was so close!”

Incredibly confused as to what was going on, Michelle finally opened the paper in her hands.

The first sheet read;

Michelle’s nipples will always be extra hard and sensitive when she is aroused or near Lexi, her clothes will always completely fall off when alone with Lexi, and she is extremely attracted to Lexi over all others.

“You bitch,” Michelle growled as she discovered another sheet of paper behind the first, “You wrote something new?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I meant this to turn our differently.”

“I think I see how you wanted this to turn out,” Michelle growled as she read the second page;

I wish the following was true; that my breasts and arms and vagina would double in number, that my breasts would be triple in size and sensitivity and are constantly lactating, my nipples will only be hard when aroused or near my lover and will double in size, my vagina always drips lube, my skin is silky smooth, that I no longer wear clothes, my eyes are catlike, my ears elfish, and that I am forever in love with and orgasmicly submissive to the woman nearest me.

Not taking her furious eyes off of Lexi, whose breasts were beginning to grow and split, Michelle shouted out, “Scrim, how is it that you’re able to transform her now? I thought you couldn’t directly effect someone else?”

“I sensed that her name now appears alongside yours in the check-in data,” Scrim replied, “As I said, I could not change another person without specific permission. Now that her name is there I have no limitations against directly molding her flesh.”

“Oh God, stop it, please!” Lexi cried out as breasts dominated her body. Her original pair had ballooned up to about the size of medicine balls before splitting horizontally. Michelle watched as Lexi’s chest divided like a pair of amoebas, and then continued to increase the mass that was now split between four luscious tits.

“Shut up bitch, you fucking got what you tried to turn me into – I would have been worse even!” Michelle shouted, realizing how many arms, tits, and pussies she would have ended up with if all of hers had doubled. Michelle watched as Lexi’s hips seemed to crack and stretch a bit – instead of being above it, Lexi’s second pussy was settling in next to her original.

Michelle noticed that Scrim was still with her, watching Lexi as intently as she.

“You’ve been out here for a while this time,” Michelle said, giving Scrim a quick look.

“Part of my curse includes watching the final act of my…help,” Scrim said, almost with regret in her voice. Both Scrim and Michelle watched as Lexi’s nipples seemed to go painfully hard. Her breasts, already holding steady around the size of bowling balls, seemed to surge a little more, rivers of milk beginning to run down her smoothing skin. Lexi’s many hands flew across her body constantly, as if she could hold back the changes she had brought upon herself.

“So, I’m guess I’m stuck this way, huh?” Michelle asked.

“If not for one piece of neglected paper, you would be worse,” Scrim said, “Besides, do you not enjoy the positives?”

“Yes but…” Michelle trailed off as she watched Lexi’s two pussies suddenly become flush with fluid. It began to dribble down her legs and soak the carpet floor.

“‘Yes but’ what? That life with such a body would have hardships?” Scrim asked, with what sounded like actually emotion. Michelle had not heard any kind of passion in Scrim’s voice until now and she turned to face the floating ifrit. “Life in all its forms is full of hardships and difficulty. I have finally learned this over many years. And I have seen that using magic to cheat at life will get you as much satisfaction as stealing the things you desire. Maybe that prize is yours in some way, but there is always a catch. You spend your whole life trying to be one step ahead of it. More loot and more wishes is never the answer, it just drives the cycle. You can only truly be happy when you stop, face the consequences, and work for what you desire. Only then do you truly know you want it, and can possess it. Had you done that, human Michelle, would you have asked for the things that got you into this predicament?”

Michelle wanted to scream at Scrim, wanted to yell about how if Scrim hadn’t fucked up her wishes she wouldn’t be in any predicament, but instead Michelle was struck by Scrim’s words.

She thought back to her earlier realizations. How her body was almost adapted to the wants of a man who wanted to fuck multiple and different women all the time. Michelle realized her fear of asking out Phil on her own had meant she never got to know the real man, who she actually had no desire to be with.

Michelle knew many of her body’s changes were from unintended requests, but her desire for bigger breasts had been forged from excuses, fear of rejection, and insecurity. But she had overcome her fear of an even more embarrassing body and gotten some stranger from the internet to come fuck her proliferated form.

Scrim was right. This body of hers had its downsides, and she’d need to do some work to make a life with it worthwhile. But as Michelle ran her four hands across her body, playing over her pussies and sensitive tits and nipples, she realized she really did want to keep this form – it was fucking fantastic. Why was she so rushed to return to normal when hating being normal was what got her into this?

Michelle knew she could make everything okay if she put her mind to it.

“Thank you, Scrim,” Michelle said, looking up into the eyes of the magical female form. Scrim’s body seemed to be glowing and filling with a new energy Michelle had not seen before. “This isn’t what I would have ever intended, but thank you for helping me realize it’s up to me to make the best of it.”

Scrim looked down at the human woman for a moment, a look on her face of either joy or sadness – Michelle couldn’t tell which it was.

“You are welcome, human Michelle. And thank you,” Scrim replied, her voice cracking a bit. A small smile appeared for a moment. But is disappeared as suddenly the energy building within Scrim reached its zenith, and the ifrit threw her head back. There was a high-pitched whine that dragged through the air as light started to burst through Scrim’s ashy skin. Michelle had to shield her eyes and look away as suddenly Scrim burst into a flash of light. As Michelle’s eyes adjusted she looked into the air and saw nothing save for a few pieces of ash floating down and disintegrating in the air. She looked around and saw that the amulet was gone as well.

And someone was clutching at Michelle’s foot.

“Forgive me forgive me forgive me,” Lexi wailed. Michelle looked down and saw Lexi’s pouting face. The cat eyes and elf ears had grown in, giving her the otherworldly visage again. Michelle referenced the paper still in her hand.

…forever in love with and orgasmicly submissive to the woman nearest me…

“So,” Michelle mused, pulling her leg out of Lexi’s incredibly smooth grip and sitting on the bed. Michelle’s own liquids were definitely flowing just looking at Lexi – she was attracted to the woman, transformed or not – but Michelle still had control of herself. She held up the two papers in her hand, “This would have all been me if you hadn’t forgotten to throw out…what is this, the first draft?”

“Yes,” Lexi whimpered, practically bowing at Michelle’s feet. All four of her hands were splayed across the floor, and Lexi’s humongous breasts both made it hard for her to bend over. Her nipples nearly scraped the carpet,  “I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me, I couldn’t stand it if you hated me!”

“You know it’s your own stupid note that makes you so obsessed with me, right?” Michelle asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, but it doesn’t matter,” Lexi said, sniffling back snot and tears. She got up on her knees, and Michelle could see the rivers of lube dripping from each enchanted slit. “All that matters is that we be together.”

“Well, you certainly managed to arrange that and make it difficult…looks like neither of us can wear clothes together now…” Michelle mused, chewing on one nail while two of her hands held up either of the pages and the fourth hand absently caressed her upper pussy. Lexi hadn’t missed this.

“If you like I’ll play with your other pussy…” Lexi said eagerly, waddling across the carpet on her knees. Her breasts jiggled and shook all across her chest and abdomen, and Michelle watched as Lexi actually had to stop and come down from an orgasm brought on by their own rubbing. Lexi couldn’t believe how heavy they were. Her back was sore.

“You fucked yourself up good, didn’t you?”

“Yeah…I did…” Lexi muttered, coming down from her peak. She shamefully looked down at what she had turned herself into. She almost couldn’t believe she had actually planned to do this to someone else. Especially not someone as wonderful as Michelle…

Meanwhile, Michelle was wondering what the hell “orgasmicly submissive” meant.

“Hey, Lexi,” Michelle said, crossing one leg and placing two of her hands across it, the other two resting back on the mattress. Michelle could feel her own juices starting to run down her thighs and soak the mattress again, “Stand up and do a 360 rotation so I can see what all you’ve done to yourself.

As Lexi started to stand she at first retained the look of disappointment. But as she stood and began to turn, letting Michelle get a good look at her four sexy arms, four watermelon sized breasts with shot glass capped nipples, and two oozing pussies, Lexi’s face began to flush and she closed her feline eyes with a little coo. As she made the full circle Lexi stopped and opened up and stared and Michelle a little woozily.

“What happened?” Michelle asked.

“Well, I guess when I do what you tell me I get a sort of…it’s not an orgasm, but it feels really good when I’m doing what I’m told.”

“Well, good, then you should enjoy this,” Michelle said, uncrossing her legs and putting all four hands across her knees as she leaned forward, “…because I want you to help me come up with a way to get out of here and back my apartment.”

Looking around the wrecked, soaked, and mostly destroyed hotel room, Michelle added to Lexi’s slowly blushing face, “…and how much tip to leave.”

The next part of Room 2739 continues tomorrow!

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