Website Round-Up: 1/27/12

Exiern – Fight fire with louder fire. –

ESCarchive – Tina and Andrea can only be trouble… –

Blade Bunny – Don’t do that. –

Bloomin’ Fairies – I’ll say its tight… –

Sequential Art – Gems mailed to you are never good! –

Oglaf – Vagina boat. –

Spinnerette – Bah, Feb. 6th cannot come soon enough! –

School Bites – “Extraordinary” always equals “bad” in fantasy comics…just FYI. –

Murry & Lewy – I don’t like where her fingers are… –

One Comment

  1. Let’s just say if what happened to the blonde is any kind of sign…there’s going to be a lot of craziness going down and some of it will be gilded. Tina and Andrea are gonna be a handful! Only hope no one calls someone a shithead while they’re around. That’ll ruin the drinking in a heartbeat!


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