An Origin Story – Part II

An Origin Story

by Dan Standing

2 – Plan

Pita was on pins and needles the next few days. For the first time ever she couldn’t wait to go to work. And every minute at the pizza house was excruciating. She jumped at every ring of the phone. Her stranger-than-usual attitude was noted by her coworkers, who quickly began a new barrage of insults. She could put up with most of it, but the teasing from her Assistant Manager – a senior by the name of Nate Biller – was the hardest to handle. Nate was on the school baseball team, and had the athletic body to match. Pita had been attracted to him from afar, but that interest had quickly degraded as she got to know his personality.

It didn’t help any that he had shot her down quite cruelly on more than one occasion.

It took a day before Pita realized she should probably think about what she wanted to wish for. It didn’t take long for her to decide; she wanted to be cute.

No, beautiful.

No, sexy.

She quickly decided it may be best to write down her wish and really work it out. The page was marked with eraser burns and scratch-outs over the next few days. She fiddled with wording, tried to consider kickback and possible unexpected changes, making every attempt to account for whatever she could think of.

Finally, about six days after she’d encountered Synthia, the call came in at the last minute of her shift; pizza delivery for a house with the number 1245.5.

Pita was surprised she wasn’t pulled over for speeding.

Just as it had been before, the supernatural dwelling seemed to curve space in order to exist in its designated lot. Pita grabbed the pizza and went onto the porch, opening the screen door with her free hand. The other, tucked under the greasy cardboard box, played with the slip of paper containing her wish. All her fingers fidgeted against their surfaces. Butterflies attempted to escape Pita’s stomach. Beads of anticipatory sweat began to form. She moved her finger to push the doorbell when the door opened before she could ring.

Synthia stood at the open portal, her only stitch of clothing a blue silk thong. But that was not all she had on. Dark green wax was dripped and hardened all over her breasts. Small rivulets of verde streaked her bosom and hung over her nipples, cracking in places as the wax cooled and Synthia breathed.

“Fuck, what have you been doing?” Pita exclaimed.

“At random intervals I am to try various unusual but sexually explicit activities while mostly naked near a window in order for my neighbor to watch me explore my developing sexuality,” blank-faced Synthia replied, before shaking away the compulsory-answer face. “Can you please let go of the door so we can have a conversation instead of an inquisition?”

Pita stared for a moment.

“Just one more question; do you plan to fuck up my wish in order to exact revenge on me?”

Synthia’s eyes glassed over again.

“I cannot do anything that would disrupt your ability to get a third wish, as that would violate your first wish. It is therefore in my best interest to grant as you desire,” the genie droned.

“Just what I wanted to hear,” the delivery girl smiled, removing her hand from the door. Synthia’s returned emotions showed she was clearly not pleased with being manipulated.

“What’s your wish?”

“Hold on, one second…” Pita muttered, passing off the pizza so she could open the paper in her hand, “I wish that-”

“You have to be touching some part of the house,” Synthia interrupted, letting out a long sigh as she stretched back an arm and placed the pizza box somewhere inside.

“Oh…” Pita replied, placing her hand back on the screen door, “Is that good?”

“That’s fine,” droned the genie.

“Great. Then, I wish that I would become beautiful with the following requirements; my body will match yours in form and dimension; my skin will match yours in complexion; my hair will match yours in style; that all who see me will recognize me for who I am but will notice my new sexy body as if it was always there and they never noticed; my past will not change; all men will be attracted to me but I will be approached and satisfied only by the ones that interest me; I will always be ready for sex or a night out; I will not get an STD or pregnancy unless I want to.”

Pita lowered the paper and both hands, finally taking a breath. She watched as Synthia’s skin flushed, her eyes rolled, and her mouth opened a bit. The genie’s legs clenched slightly and suddenly she was over it, standing straight in the doorway again as if nothing had happened.

“It is done. Now get off my porch before-”


“Ah, damn.”

Pita’s eyes had rolled back in her head as a wash of goosebumps ran from her feet up to the roots of her hair. The speed of the wish would disrupt Synthia’s desire to get the girl off her front porch, and there was nothing she could do about it. First, Pita’s feet became slimmer and more petite. The elastic of her socks began to slide down her ankles as the cuffs of her pants started to rise; Synthia was taller than Pita and the girl’s body was stretching to match.

The wisher’s legs toned and arranged the soft mass to match Synthia’s mold. The hem of the pants began to stretch and creak as Pita’s hips moved. Her stomach, waist, and ribs began to pull in and contract, the extra mass seeming to flow into Pita’s growing breasts. Her red shirt began to stretch and constrict, the stretching pioneered by Pita’s engorging nipples. She wore no bra, and Synthia reached out with incredible speed and started a tear which continued on its own as the mass of flesh within attempted to mirror the incredible orbs hanging from the body within the house.

While all this was going on Pita’s skin was smoothing over, losing all the acne pots and scarring, while her hair became full and more luxurious looking. The girl’s head had been in a complete cloud during the process, but as her changes came to a close and a warm, wet tickle started up within her ladyslit Pita’s mind returned to her. She looked down into the cleavage outlined by bare breasts and the zipper of her jacket.

“Oh my God!” Pita exclaimed, shocked at her nudity. She grabbed each side of her jacket and pulled it over her thumb-sized teats. The attention shot bolts of sexual distraction down between her legs, and she would have happily stood squeezing her thighs together for an unknown amount of time if Synthia hadn’t put her hands to the delivery’s woman’s shoulders.

“Okay, wish granted, enjoy yourself until I have to make another call,” the genie exclaimed, disdain dripping like honey from her words. She spun Pita around, the girl’s shoes slipping off her smaller feet as she moved, and gave her a shove towards the porch steps.

“Hey!” Pita’s eyes shot open as she was manhandled. In other circumstances she could have stopped herself from stumbling off the porch, but too much of her newly grown anatomy carried her forward. She stumbled onto the sidewalk and turned around with anger in her eyes.

“You could have at least let me get my shoes!” she exclaimed at the empty shimmer that sat between 1245 and 1247, “…and paid me!” Pita looked around to make sure no one was paying any attention to her – no one was – and she took a quick peak at the mashed breasts held inside her puffy jacket.

“My tits!” Pita grinned with glee before zipping her bosom and torn shirt out of view. She made her way around to the other side of the car, using the roof as support when she needed it. Going back to work was not an option. Opening the door Pita pushed the seat all the way back to allow her taller body and more expansive chest to fit inside, and after sitting on her pillow-like ass she adjusted so she could drive…as well as she could, in her new body. With her hands on the steering wheel the outside curve of each breast pushed against the inside of her arms.

“Mmmmm…” Pita hummed as she turned on the car, her elbows resting against delicate flesh. Her pussy had its own hum right now, and she could feel its slick status within her very tight pants. It had a buzz of arousal, and Pita could not tell if that was solely a product of having magic cast on her, or if her new form was sensitive enough to be aroused by the attention of her clothes, the vibration of the idling car, and her fingers’ curiosity. The fire betwixt her legs was a distraction, but a manageable one…one she’d see through when she got home.

A few of her apartment neighbors had been out when Pita parked outside the building, and she reveled at the looks she was getting. She was even more-so enthused by the hushed questions of, “Is that Pita?”

It seemed her wish had been granted as she had wanted.

Once in her room she ran to a mirror, her breasts sloshing and tugging within the jacket the whole way. Thanks to her new height the trousers looked like flood-pants, and her jacket stopped a few inches above her naval. Unzipping the stretched top and removing the torn shirt she stared at her barebreastedness for a few moments.

She was indeed shaped just like Synthia…boobs about the size of her head hung round and wide on her ribs, adorned with nipples which Pita could only associate with the caps of highlighters. Her areola spread an inch in every direction around them, and the air caused the bumpy flesh to crinkle.

Pita finally relieved the pressure around her hips and let her pants drop to the floor. It took almost a full second longer thanks to their extended forms, and the woman could only bring herself to gape at what had been done to her. Gone was the extra mass around her calves and knees (she could already guess where that had gone). Muscle, toned with just the right amount of fat to keep her sleek and sexy, was now the primary descriptor of her legs. Her socks still clung to her slimmed feet and ankles.

Nestled between her silky-smooth thighs was the newly-bare and glistening slit that was just buzzing with arousal. Adjusting her angle a bit, Pita could see that she was so wet she was almost dripping. She decided she’d do something about that.

Bounding to her bed, and reveling in how her new muscles and fat breasts moved in her gate, she threw herself onto the quilt. As she pushed down the sheets with one hand another was pulling open the drawer of her bedside table. Within was her plastic pleasure stick, and she could tell she wouldn’t need any of the lubricant.

Flipping onto her back, her breasts rolling just a bit towards her armpits while defying physics by mostly maintaining their round shape, she grunted in passion as she slipped the thick toy inside her. One hand slid the ribbed shaft in and our of her tight slickness, while the other concentrated on her pleasure button.

“Oh yes…” Pita hissed as she felt her carnal warmth building. She began to pump her hips in rhythm with her hand, her squishy ass practically bouncing on the mattress. Her breast rolled up and down her chest, nearly engulfing her head. Her body was incredible.



And kept being just short of orgasm.

As Pita started to tire from her ministrations and her frustration began to build she wondered why she couldn’t get herself off. It seemed like the closer she was to cumming the more difficult it was to reach the orgasm.

Then something tickled her mind.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed, suddenly understanding the source of her problem. She had worded her wish wrong! The sentence played back in her mind, emphasizing the error;

…all men will be attracted to me but I will be approached and satisfied ONLY by the ones that interest me…

She had intended the wish to mean she wouldn’t be attacked or raped by anyone…not that she could ONLY orgasm from sex!

Pita’s ass collapsed into the bed in defeat, her hand pulling the dildo out of her and tossing it to the side – it was no longer of any use to her. She could feel that her body’s built-up sexual energy wasn’t ebbing much. She wondered how long it would take her to find a male neighbor to solve her problem, but she was so aroused she didn’t want to move.

I’ll wait for my body to calm down a little…then I’ll find a good dick for me! Pita thought, trying to slow her haggard breathing. She laid back, uncovered in the sweat-soaked sheets, taking deep breaths, waiting for her body to cool down.

Sleep claimed her before Pita had a chance to follow up on her resolution.

To be continued…


  1. Really enjoyed the first two chapters. I really like the different ideas with the genie genre. Looking forward to reading whatever comes next because while I can see many different ways this can go, I’m sure you will pick something I didn’t think of. Thank you for sharing.


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