Downages and Plans

Howdy all,

Many of you may have noticed that over the past week we’ve had some issues with Exiern and the ESCarchive going down. For those who have found any frustration in this, you have my deepest apologies.

This evening I will work to move Exiern off of the current server and to a new one which should be able to support it. Some information may be lost depending on what access I have to the existing server.

In theory, moving Exiern will alleviate some of the sever issues, letting the ESCarchive go back online. That is only a short term solution, and I will be presenting any future plans for the membership website to ESCa members. and SexyFantasyComics have been uneffected because they are hosted elsewhere.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience, I will pass on updates as I get them.


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