Things Seem To Be Calming Down…

Well, after a two hour ordeal last night (many thanks to GoDaddy’s amazing Customer Service for doing so much for me), EXIERN has been moved to a new server. A few lost posts have to be recreated, but overall it was a success! I’ve also spent many hours transfering the ESCa material into SexyFantasyComics. Still quite a bit to finish there, but big things like HELD WITHIN, FILLER, and a number of Exiern Bonus Comics have been updated.

So that means very soon my regularly busy schedule will be back on track, giving me more time here! Thanks for everyone’s patience¬†with these long pauses between story parts, I’m looking forward to finishing up The Importance of Order soon and getting to some stories based on what was posted in the chat box.

Ya’ll make this worth it,


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