The Next Story To Get The Comic-Adaptation Treatment…

Howdy all!

Now that The Importance of Order will be wrapping up soon and I’ll be going back to some (hopefully) one part stories for a little bit, I wanted to get some talk started about something else that recently completed.

This month the last pages of my comic adaptation of INFLUX posted inside I’m super excited about how it turned out. Right now I have three comics lined up that aren’t based on an existing short story, and one of them will see Andrea & Ale’s pencils and inks starting next month!

Meanwhile, I wanted to float a question; which if my existing short stories posted here would people actually want to see adapted as a comic next? Whether you are an SFC member who wants to voice some direction for an upcoming project, or a casual reader who might join SFC if that story gets adapted, speak up in the comments below. I will be taking the words spoken here very seriously when it comes to considering what next that I adapt!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s been sticking around while my recent post schedule here has been a little looser than normal. I’m hoping to start tightening that up with the start of March!

All my best,



  1. I really like all of your stories. The importance of order is probably my favorite yet.

  2. They may be the biggun’s, but I’d love to see The Importance of Order or Room 2739 started down that road!

  3. THINK ON IT comes to mind. Also YOU CAN MAKE A COPY ON A COPY ON… and of course, STEEL-TOED. Always wanted to see my handle in Comic Script.

  4. “Think On It” would be my vote — I think that’s still my favorite of the stories from this site.

  5. Gotta say, the votes for THINK ON IT caught me off guard at first, but going back to reread it a little I think I can see why opion is swinging that way. Unless arguments are presented that convince me of The Importance of Order or Room 2739 THINK ON IT may get the win.

    I would likely expand the third part, give it more room to breathe and lead up to a better paced conclusion. Plus, Pam Parker’s penultimate form would be fun to see in some more situations…we’ll have to see.


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