Getting Ready For Fabletown and Beyond

Amber and I are very excited about attending Fabletown and Beyond, the upcoming convention about mythic fiction that has been organized by Bill Willingham himself! I’m happy to already know that the “Never meet your heroes” saying has not held true to Mr. Willingham, as Amber and I have met him a number of times at C2E2 and have found him an entertaining and down-to-Earth individual, who has been quite fun to converse with. We’re very much looking forward to the convention.

The 11 hour drive from Cleveland to Rochester, MN…not so much.

Suffice it to say, preparation for the trip, getting my day job in order before a very long weekend, and getting the house cleaned for our cat-sitter will predominate my time this week. And while there will be internet at the hotel, I’m not sure how often we will be in the room to use it.

So, just wanted to let people know they should expect a light week of updates from me, but I hope to bring back all sorts of useful knowledge and experience to apply to all my websites for all to benefit from!

Hope all are well,



  1. Don’t worry, we will be here………muahahaha. Just kidding have a great time.


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