eBook: A Dos Of Erotic Transformation: Volume I

First, I want to let everyone know that I hit the halfway point on Flanked, Part IV yesterday and am expecting to post it sometime tomorrow. I’m also expecting it to be the final part in the story.

Now, I wanted to briefly mention something else. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to figure out how to make DanStanding.com/SexyFantasyComics/Exiern my job. Part of that is finding (better) ways to monetize my work. For a long time I figured one way to do that would be to start collecting my stories in volumes.

But not just collect them. Fix them. Take the time to add in detail maybe I didn’t get to when I wrote them. Expand out an idea that didn’t occur to me at the time. Or just apply the experience I have now to make an older story a little better.

To that end I am excited to say that I have recently published A Dos Of Erotic Transformation: Volume I via ebook publisher Smashwords!


Have I mentioned I’m a fan of puns? Especially bilingual ones?

Anyway, inside this $1.99 ebook you’ll find new versions of REAL WOMAN and STICK TO IT.

REAL WOMAN has been given some sexier details, but the most significant addition is an epilogue which reveals that the fairy Mavi didn’t get away quite as cleanly as the first version of the story might imply.

STICK TO IT doesn’t have an extended epilogue, but it does have some more detailed descriptions and one significant switch up; our lovely heroine makes a last second change to one of her sticky-note requests. While it doesn’t derail what happens in the story, I think it is a very sexy change and better sets things up for the sequel. And yes, the sequel will be posted here first, but it will follow the version written for the ebook.

There’s also an exclusive limerick called SOUR CREAM.

Since they are stories which have been previously published I’ve priced the book at $1.99 (cheaper than many other erotic books on Smashwords). So if you’ve just been looking for a quick way to support DanStanding.com, or always wanted a copy of some of my stories for your own ereader, this is a great way to do that.

Now, let me be clear; no one should panic. I am absolutely going to continue writing free stories here on DanStanding.com. Nothing about that is changing, and I already have the next one after Flanked figured out. A Dos Of Erotic Transformation: Volume I is only meant to help bolster my dreams and give me an excuse to revisit my old stories. Although many have recommended I give up the free stories – or move them entirely to a pay system like SFC or Smashwords – I have always sought wisdom in my guiding business acumen; Don’t Be A Dick. Much of my enthusiasm for writing comes from the comments and enjoyment of my loyal readers here, and I won’t abandon you for a quick buck.

However, if A Dos Of Erotic Transformation: Volume I does well I would love the excuse to add some polish to many of my other stories. But that doesn’t mean sequels to things like STICK TO IT and TATTOO FOR YOU will be forcing my wonderful readers to plunk down any change…and yes, I’ve made progress in outlining those.

As always, if anyone picks up A Dos Of Erotic Transformation: Volume I I’d love to know your thoughts.




  1. The price was right! Especially loved the changes to “Stick To It.”

    • Thanks, was hoping $1.99 was reasonable.

      Glad you liked what I did with “Stick To It.” I don’t want to rewrite the stories entirely, but I figured that was just enough to make the nest part really fun. Very excited to get started on it once Flanked and The Tale of Lady Titanium is done.


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