Unexpectedly Overwhelmed…

Hey all,

Upon Friday morn I will start driving a 6 state trip which will include 5 stops to see friends and family, and I won’t be back until Memorial Day. I’ve been trying very hard to get Sucked In, Part II finished, but as the “preparatory responsibilities I had not foreseen” continue to pile up it is clearer and clearer to me that an acceptable version of Sucked In, Part II will not be ready before I leave. Internet will be spotty during my travels and I don’t pretend to promise I can rely on posting anything while gone (my inlaws, who I will be staying with for the majority of my days away, don’t even have internet).

So, although you shouldn’t expect the story between now and Memorial Day, I will work to have something quick and fun to schedule for posting these next two weeks. Certainly stop by and see what I’ve come up with or found!

And this lack of internet while away always gives me a chance to creatively recharge, so while I feel crappy for leaving everyone hanging for a little while I know I’ll be coming back with some new material that will eventually benefit everyone!

Hope you are all well, and thanks for reading!



    • Thanks. I just want to make sure my readers know that delays are because I want to give quality material, and I’m not just pushing this off.

  1. no worries. will give us time to set up a pool on where you take the story.

    • Ha, true! Some were right on where I planned to go, but others were quite beyond what I expected! Always a fun experiment!


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