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Howdy all,

Once again I need to fill a shortfall quickly, so I am making available the chance to purchase/pre-order 4 commission works from me! Completed stories will be under my ownership, but are completely exclusive to the commissioner for at least one year.

Stories will be at a minimum length of 8,000 words for $100. I’ve put a limit on how many can be sold, and commissions will be worked on in the order of purchase. 8,000 word commissions can have two main characters who can be transformed. Because of day job and other activities I ask for two to three weeks per story, but will aim to have them completed in less time.

If you’ve read the stories on my website you have a pretty good idea of what I write, and I won’t be deviating much from that. A commission should include transformation or a metafeminine aspect of some type. I won’t do anything that would be illegal in real life; no rape, no characters under the age of 18, no incest, no bestiality. I prefer original characters only. If you have a question about a story topic either leave it below or use the CONTACT option above.

Generally, using email, my process works as such;

  1. I reach out to you, and we agree on the basic story.
  2. I send you a somewhat detailed outline so you can make notes on story direction.
  3. I send First Draft (in Word or other agreed upon format), you send back notes.
  4. I send Second Draft, you send back any major notes.
  5. I send Final Draft as a PDF.

Below you’ll find the Paypal button. I will try to reach out to each commissioner as soon as I can once I am alerted to a sale, so we can get started, or I can let you know where you are in line.

Thanks so much to whomever can help out!


Commission Length
Your Email MUST be included


    • Anyone who wants to can send to: danstandingentertainment (at)

      Or, I suppose, depending on their budget, one could also buy one of the commissions and then opt out of it, or ask for something smaller.


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