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Sometimes I like to think about what kind of transformation game I would want to play. There are a lot of great Flash games out there and some text home brews, but I am a visual man. I want to see what is going on in my story. I’ve been corrupted by 3-D graphics and want to harness them. All this wishful thinking, and an attempt to tether it to some sort of realizable programming, has resulted in a game concept I call GOD COMPLEX. I wanted to share it with you, and if there is anyone out there who reads this and says, “Hey, this could be done” let me know.

The game is built from aspects collected from various other games, so if you see something and think, “Hey, that’s from _____” you may be right. I am purposefully pulling game mechanics I know have already been realized.

Basically, the story of GOD COMPLEX is about you; there’s a brief moment where you can create your God or Goddess, and then suddenly BAM! – you are banished to the mortal world in order to humble you and earn your place in the Pantheon.

You wake up in an apartment complex. The overhead view and click-and-point controls are very similar to what you’d see in one of THE SIMS games, but (for the moment) you can only control your now-mortal character. You cannot leave the apartment complex. The goal of the game is to convince the apartment building’s residents that you are indeed a supernatural being worthy of worship. Do that and you can go back home (unless you want to stay and play with your fully realized powers).

The problem is, you don’t have very much power to start with. The game starts you out with just some minor Powers of Influence and a small pool of Worship Points. Using the low level Powers and getting better with them unlock more powerful abilities – but trying to use a new one before you’ve mastered a low level spell can have unpredictable results.

By talking to the apartment building’s residents and learning their desires and dreams, you gradually earn their Faith along with a larger pool of Belief Points. But how you go about this is what matters.

You could just run around telling everyone you are a God, but there is a Fear Meter that tells you how afraid of you the other tenants are. Some fear can be good for converting people, but push the meter too high and the police and/or mental institute professionals arrive, and the game is over if you don’t have the powers to deal with them.

Granting people’s desires and requests is the best way to build their Faith. And the game would present a few ways to do this. Let’s have an example. There’s a three-way love triangle in the complex; Bill likes Lisa, but Lisa likes Sherri, and/but Sherri likes Bill.

Throughout the game you’d have a few Powers that could be used to make at least one of them happy. You could just Influence Bill to like Sherri. You’d get some Faith points from Sherri. It will take multiple “miracles” to fully Convert her, but everything you do to help counts towards your Belief Pool. Plus, Sherri can also mention how Bill came to like her after talking to you, building other people’s Faith in you.

That’s the simple way to resolve this. Later on you’ll also have the ability to Change Sexual Preference, which means you could switch Sherri to be fully homosexual and hope she and Lisa kick it off, or make Sherri bi and Influence her to like Lisa.

Or, maybe you’re a more dickish high-powered being and have unlocked Petrify. Desires would be worded in order to give people some ironic options. If Sherri just keeps saying how she “…wishes she could get into Bill’s bedroom,” turn her into a statue and present her to Bill as a gift. Sherri’s Faith in you will go up, but now she can’t help Influence others (unless you turn her back).

Of course, each of these scenarios so far has left someone hanging dry. But the Change Gender power can help! Just make Bill the voluptuous Billie, change Sherri’s Sexual Preference, and present the Petrified Lisa as a gift. Faith points abound! And, when Lisa stops paying her rent, someone new moves in for you to work on.

I don’t think that sounds terribly unreasonable, do you? Pipe dreams include incorporating the creature mechanics from SPORE so you can Merge two people, or give someone an extra set of legs with Multiply. Metamorph will turn that bitch down the hall into what you think she deserves, and the nature lover always hanging out in the center garden looks great as an elm. Someone not touching that spinning wheel you Cursed? Use Possession to take direct control for a limited time. Maybe a sequel would open the game up to include an entire town.

I don’t think that sounds so out of the realm of possibility, do you? I hope not, because damn I would love to play it…

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  1. given the fact that structually, it sounds like the sims with some god-game (i forget the name of said game) elements thrown in, i would think it would be fairly simple to technically mod something like the sims. however since i am unfamiliar with the sims i A) dont know if they encourage that sort of thing like valve or blizzard does and B) the obvious problem would also be implimenting the original parts. mainly the transformations. having statues or gender swaps would be relatively simple, but once you get into centaurs, or hell humantaurs. all that stuff would have to be created from scratch for the mod. but i could definitely see potential in this as far as mods go.


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