Preserving the Metafeminine: A Genie Dances In the ’60s

My dedication to the Metafeminine is not only oriented in the creation of new material. I am also dedicated to preserving examples from the past. This is one reason why my Reviews or Watches concentrate on physical works I’ve acquired, instead of digital ones.

Most examples I have procured I can also read or watch, so I can pass on its value to anyone else interested. But sometimes I’ve simply got to latch onto something and make sure it is taken care of until I can have a first-person account of it.

The first Super 8 Magi-Cartridge I have ever seen.
The first Super 8 Magi-Cartridge I have ever seen.

Such is the case for the most recent addition to my archive, a Super 8 Magi-Cartridge entitled Genie In The Bottle. Some of you may recall the Super 8 film format from long ago, and while I have projectors for that I don’t have an adapter for this particular version of it.

The cartridge and box.
The cartridge and box.

In fact, I had never even heard of “Magi-Cartridge” until stumbling upon this one. Thankfully, the seller was all kinds of helpful, explaining that these cartridges “date from the mid to late 60’s” and were used “in a special jukebox made to be played simultaneously with a 45 record.[…] The cartridge is the continuous looping type of cartridge” so you could watch the video over and over again without the need to rewind the reels.

I'm a genie in a...
I’m a genie in a…

Since I can’t view the film, I am thankful for the seller’s description, who explained that Genie In The Bottle, “features a saucy genie babe performing a fast paced, go go style, hip shakin’ belly dance. No doubt inspired by hit TV show “I Dream Of Jeanie” of the same era. No nudity, just fun, provocative silliness.”

Oh, and even better? Screenshots;

So, for now, I’m appreciative of this record for what my new acquisition contains, and I will have to wait and see when I can finally watch it myself. Meanwhile, I’m happy to know that this particular genie has a safe place in my archive.


  1. A little Googling shows that this would be for the Rowe/AMI PhonoVue jukebox attachment, seen here — I’d never heard of that before. It’s a shame the film seems to have turned so red (or, rather, the green and the blue have faded away) — reminds me of many of the 16-millimeter educational films I saw in school, which had a distinct red hue.


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