What To Read…

There are two main reasons why I think it is important to read and write reviews – beyond enjoying it.

The first is that I believe authors should read, and expose themselves to different styles, ideas, and stories. One likes to think their own style is totally awesome, but there is always room for improvement.

The second reason is that there is a lot of metafeminine material out there which is off-line and unavailable to many people. While I will always stick by my rule of not wholly reposting an existing work, I do believe it is important for everyone to know what has been created, and if it is worth searching for and/or purchasing.

Sadly, I am super busy, and need to make myself make time for reading. I wasn’t too great at that as 2013 closed, so I tried to think of ways to better motivate myself for 2014.

So, what better way than to commit myself to the readers?

While Christmas shopping I stumbled across four old pulp novels, each of which in some way related to the metafeminine. I’m going to post them below, let you all comment for a few days on which I should read, and then post a review of the Winner no later than the first week of February (that should give me time for reading and other prose writing).

So, without further ado, here are our options;

1. A Lamp For Medusa
by William Tenn
From what I can tell, this story probably features Medusa or a gorgon-like character. The back of the book could not be less informative (read it for yourself if you don’t believe me!). The book also contains The Players of Hell by Dave Van Arnam, which I will also read/review.

A Lamp for Medusa front A Lamp for Medusa back

2. Fee, Fei, Fo, Fum
by John Aylesworth
Although the book’s giant transformation happens to a man, it’s clear there is a romantic element to the story, so I expect there to be moments which could read like shrunken woman fiction. Of course, we’ll have to see…

Fee Fei Fo Fum front Fee Fei Fo Fum back

3. Suspension
by Bron Fane
While I expect the actual freezing of story’s leading lady probably doesn’t happen until near the end of the book, that is just assumption. I really have no idea…yet. I hope I’m wrong.

Suspension front Suspension back

4. Topper Takes A Trip
by Thorne Smith
I remember watching the old Topper movie, so this book really intrigues me. Especially what the “ectoplasmic escapades” of the female phantoms could possibly be…

Topper Takes A Trip front Topper Takes A Trip back

Alright, so, those are the options. Take a look in the front covers and a read of the back covers and sound off below, and in a couple days I’ll confirm which one the winner is!

And don’t worry, new prose won’t be too long in coming in 2014!




  1. I vote for “Fee, Fei, Fo, Fum,” if only because the back cover reference to “the Beloved President of These United States” made me laugh.

  2. I’d vote for the Lamp for Medusa. Two reasons: it seems more likely to be (full of?) metafeminine content, and it’s by William Tenn, one of the little-known masters of early sci-fi. I haven’t read it, but I’d read anything by him I happened upon.

  3. I leave for a trip on Saturday, and so far I think Lamp For Medusa is in the lead, if only because I can’t argue with the point of actual metafeminine content…


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