Permission not asked, nor granted

Some of you may be aware that recently an old comic of mine saw a “continuation” at a website I used to write for.

I was never asked about this continuation, it does not have my permission to use characters I own copyrights on, and I generally find the whole situation insulting. I’m gauging my own anger and “is it worth it?” thoughts on how I may proceed with action. Wherever it goes it is not my story, which I am already working on in SFC.

To be clear, anything [new] that isn’t posted here, my Smashwords page, on my dA account, in SexyFantasyComics, or isĀ Whites a Delight but the Redder the Better is not my work. Support what you will, but I thought it best to inform what is and isn’t mine.



  1. Hmm, well that stinks. Particularly since, if I understand a previous posting by you, they prevented you from continuing work with the original artists for your solo endeavor.

    You probably won’t get jack from a monetary compensation standpoint, and generally I expect the only winners in this type of scenario to be the attorneys.

  2. Part of me thinks you sould do something because stuff like this can and probily will happen to others.

    Another part agrees with Bahamad in that you won’t get much from it.

    I do think you should send them an email or a letter saying that they do not have your permission and ask them to take it off their website.
    You never know they might.

    I wish you luck in how ever you handle this and sorry it had to happen to you.

  3. It’s sad when people do that. At the very least, they should’ve asked for permission and state at what level the continuation would be taken. (As in ‘unofficial sequel’, ‘non-profit with permission’, ‘unapproved’, etc.) I don’t know why people do that.

    You can rest assured I won’t be doing that…or giving those creeps any patronage.


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