Demonology Part I – by Jim Gordon

Dan is still wrapping up some things, but will be back to writing soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy this work volunteered to us by reader Jim Gordon! Don’t forget to vote! ~dS

Demonology Part I

by Jim Gordon

Julie sipped her iced tea as she searched through the stacks. She couldn’t believe how poorly the library was organized. There was no discernible order to the placement of the books, making her search practically impossible. Julie was picking through a shelf when she heard an unexpected sound.  It became clearer as she pulled her dark blond hair behind her ear. She could hear a slurping sound, like someone giving head. Peaking through the shelf she could see a woman bobbing up and down. A flush ran through Julie as she realized the muscle-bound man receiving head was her classmate, Randy.

Randy was against the wall, pants around his ankles, shirt open. As Julie watched her free hand drifted down her sundress, brushing her puckering nipples as she past her freely hanging apple-sized breasts. Her hand continued over her taught tummy, lifting the hem of her sundress and sliding into her panties. Expert fingers found her clit as she spied on the scene before her.

Julie’s hand kept pace with the black haired woman’s bobbing head, and Randy’s stifled goans. Julie’s breathing quickened; she could tell Randy was rapidly approaching release. Julie felt a connection with him, like his pleasure was her pleasure. Their connection came to a crescendo as he grunted out his pleasurable conclusion. Julie bit her lip to stifle her own moan. The mystery woman gulped as she swallowed Randy’s load.

The woman stood up, and Julie instantly recognized her. Those huge six inch heels, the almost-too-short skirt, and the loose fitting plunging V-neck that couldn’t hide her complete lack of breasts should have all been clues. But it was the black shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes that were unmistakably those of her most indomitable rival, Sun-hui.

Julie went from post orgasmic bliss to revulsion, yanking her hand from her slit. She couldn’t believe she’d just gotten off to her rival giving head to her crush amidst the stacks.

In a sultry voice Sun-hui whispered to Randy, “So once you find that book, summarize what it has to say about pressure points and bring those both to my room. I’ll give you a repeat performance, or if you do a really good job, maybe more.” She straightened her shirt and skirt and started to walk off, and Julie, still staring through the stacks, realized Sun-hui was going to see her as she passed. In order to have a cover story if she was spotted Julie grabbed the closest book and ran for the nearest exit.

The young blond returned to her dorm, her sopping wet panties uncomfortable for multiple reasons. As she walked into her room she paused to read the title of the book she had grabbed: Demon Summoning and Binding 401. Julie laughed at the title. The implication that there were enough books like this one to create a pile amused her.

Looking at the clock Julie figured her roommate, Rebecca, wouldn’t be back for a few hours. She poured herself a glass of wine, kicked off her shoes, and slid her wet panties to the floor. Julie figured that even without the book she had been looking for Rebecca would be able to help her with the assignment once she got back.

There were perks to having a roommate a year ahead in the same program.

After her third glass of wine Julie started leafing through the book she had found. Despite her recent cum the graphic pictures were starting to get her hot again. Julie reached under her pillow and pulled out her vibrator. There’d be no disappointing surprise to ruin this orgasm. She started teasing her lower lips while perusing the pictures.

One image was captioned as an arousal demon; it showed a devilish creature with a forked tongue fellaciating a woman.

The next illustration read pleasure demon under it, depicting another horned being with two huge veiny dicks double penetrating a woman.

The third drawing, captioned lust demon, showed a female abomination standing over a human couple. It appeared that the demon was directing the action. Hot…steamy…lusty action…

As Julie thought about the couple in the last image she shuddered in orgasm and dropped the book off the bed as her body went weak.

Once the afterglow passed the satisfied woman shut off her vibrator and grabbed the book off the floor. The pages had flipped to a section she hadn’t seen before. It was titled Ritual to Summon and Bind a Sex Demon. It made reference to the three demons she’d just been masturbating to. The ritual required a focus object to bind the demon to. Julie gulped down the last of her wine and with a smirk started chanting the words before her.

Reader poll. Which demon does Julie summon:

1. Arousal demon

2. Pleasure demon

3. Lust demon

4. Julie performs the ritual three times

Vote in the comments below! Votes will be taken for about a week!


  1. My vote is for #3, the lust demon — Julie’s just satisfied herself, so I think at this point, she’d be more excited about the idea of controlling others.

  2. Good start on the story, my vote is for 1. Arousal Demon

  3. I haven’t forgotten about this. I’m working on part II now.


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