I Am Still Alive And Working On My Artful Return

Hello everyone! Long time no post!

Let’s get the downer part out of the way. As I have posted about before life got real hectic for me for a while. Between loved ones on the brink of death and large tenants of my health collapsing things have been rough. As the doctors prescribed various medicines to deal with my depression, I ended up with two lingering side-effects that have held things up.

One is that my hands – always dealing with joint pain before – ended up with excruciating pain. I could barely bend them, making typing and editing very difficult. I’ve since been using a mix of therapies and voice recognition to ease my ability to type. I’m not at my old speed, but it is getting there!

The second, and most impactful, is that one of the depression medications has seriously screwed with my brain in a very specific fashion – I’ve lost the ability to free-flow prose writing. Stories used to pore from my mind to the page like a pianist at his ivories. But now, even when I can manage typing, I get lost in the paragraphs. I can no longer easily focus on all the details I loved working into my stories. I am able to get such writing out eventually, but it is with great effort and time. I am not what I used to be.

Once I realized this was an actual overarching problem and not just a picky muse I really wept. I’d never done that before, but I love almost no other activity as much as I love writing.

HOWEVER! I am not here to speak of clouds! I am here to speak of the silver linings!

Something I CAN still do with some speed is writing comic scripts, and I LOVE writing comic scripts. Those still come with ease and enjoyment. So my plan is to continue writing comic scripts, and then go back and use those as very detailed outlines to flesh out with prose as stories!

Outside of the main comics I work on for SexyFantasyComics.com (Held Within and Time and Again) I am now working on a number of others that will soon be ready for illustration. Once those are done and illustration begins I will be going back and reworking them as stories. I hope that these exercises will start to rewire me for prose again. Some of those stories will be going here, and some will be going into a new project.

I have a huge history of works, and I am going to begin harnessing them as part of a project I call dS:reDUX. This means that I will be taking old stories, small image captions, or even poems and expanding them out into what I think their ultimate forms will be in both comic and prose format. It will be an issued magazine style, with SexyFantasyComics.com getting the pages incrementally as they come out and then the issue itself being available for sale for non-SFC members. And DanStanding.com will be getting free material from it as well. I’m very excited for this.

In the meantime, I am still concentrating on meeting the needs of my earlier donors and the SexyFantasyComics.com members. You can find new material in SexyFantasyComics.com each week for now, but once I am finished the commission work I’ll be returning with small updates here.

I hope to have new material here for you before the end of 2015!

My love to you all,


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  1. Good to hear! I know all about that depression stuff: it’s affected me all my life. But it can be beat, and you can even get it to work for your writing sometimes!


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