Unexpected Treasures While Mining for dS:reDUX

As I mentioned, I’m working on a project where I’ll be going back through my old works and making “ultimate” versions of them. This also means picking through all my started works and finally finding a place to see them completed. I’m finding a lot of really random things that never got very far.

While I prefer to write in a modern time period, sometimes I experiment with past times. One such partial experiment I found was simply had the file name How do I know you. Within was the start to a pretty interesting story – which, sadly, ended before the good stuff got started.

But it is these kind of things I am excited to get back to work on!

Please enjoy all that exists – right now – of the lazily titled (working title) How do I know you;


“How do I know you’re a magic frog?”

“Well, I thought the whole speaking thing would be a pretty good tell.”

Lady Brindle couldn’t argue with that. Indeed, the concept of arguing with a frog at all was ridiculous, but here she was.

Of course, the whole reason she was even at Castle Ouregue was ridiculous – or at least Brindle thought so. She was not trusted to stay at the family manor home alone. It was not because of immaturity, as she had now seen 18 summers, but because Brindle’s thoughts were too mature.

Her father had brought Brindle’s older sister, Willoh, to the castle to court the prince. Brindle had no love for her sister, or vice versa, and thus she was quite unhappy to have also been dragged so far from home. Here it seemed morals were somewhat stricter and she found none of the stable hands willing to place their hands on her.

The servants and maids were so busy seeing to the needs of Willoh and the prince that Brindle had given up waiting for anyone to bring her water and had struck out to the castle well on her own. It was here that she had been greeted by the strange little frog before her.

“And…what do you want of me?” Brindle asked, crossing her arms and staring down at the tiny creature.

“If I am to be made human once more I need the kiss of a virginal maiden upon the full moon. Then this blasted curse’s cycle would finally be broken.”

“The full moon?” Brindle repeated, “That is tomorrow night.”

“Indeed,” the frog replied, “But if you were to keep me with you until then I would be quite grateful.”

“Keep you with me? Ew, no,” Brindle replied, stepping back from the creature, “It is bad enough I have to put up with my sister and her courting of the prince. I won’t have a slimy frog crawling around me. Why can’t you stay out here? You’ve lasted this long.”

“Which to me, has not been very long at all,” the frog replied, “The curse kept me asleep at the bottom of this well for 100 years. I only woke up a few days ago.”

“Well, there’s no benefit to me kissing you at all, let alone carrying you about like a mad woman,” Brindle scowled, starting to turn from the frog. “You said yourself you were nothing more than a peasant before the curse!”

“But wait, m’lady, there is a boon I can offer!” the frog exclaimed. Brindle stopped and looked back down at the well’s ledge.


“As I said, I am a magic frog. Every few hours I secrete a film on my back. Once digested all you need do is speak a change you would like to make of yourself, and it will be so!”

“Oh, my God!” Brindle exclaimed, sticking her tongue out and scrunching up her face, “You expect me to lick you?”

“Why not?” asked the frog, “You drank water from the bucket you pulled me up in. I am as clean as that! A lick of my back and you could have whatever alterations you wished! Just try one to see I speak the truth!”

Brindle was very close to walking away, but a thought struck her; if what the frog said was true, she could change her form and seduce the prince herself! Willoh was by far the more attractive of the siblings, with curves and hair Brindle could only dream of. But if she could be more ravishing than her sister…

“Very well, if what you say is true I will gladly carry you about until the moon is full,” Brindle said, putting out her hand so that the tiny amphibian could climb upon it. Bringing the amphibian up to her lips Brindle hesitated a moment, then licked the creature’s back.

“Oh!” the frog chirped as Brindle pulled it away, a scowl on her face.

“Yuck…it tastes…it doesn’t have a taste…which I think is worse,” the woman muttered as she rolled her tongue across the top of her mouth and teeth. She quickly set the frog back on the well’s edge.

“I would have told you were I able to taste it myself,” the frog replied, looking up at the annoyed Brindle, “With a tongue as long as mine I am still unable to lick my own back. I imagine it is a cruel twist of my curse.”

“Yeah, well, now to see if you’re telling the truth,” Brindle responded, clearing her throat, “I desire a body more voluptuous than my sister’s!”

Brindle paused to await the changes, but the frog immediately spoke up.

“I’m afraid that is too soon to make a request!” the frog called from the ledge of the well, “You must wait for it to reach your stomach.”

“Oh…” Brindle sighed, “…how long does that take?”

“Not very long, but longer than that,” said the frog, pausing a moment before continuing, “So why do you desire to out beautify your sibling?”

“Oh, well,” Brindle replied, eager to voice her frustrations to someone not already partial to her sister, “She was always called the prettier of us. Given every advantage and groomed to one day come to this very castle and court the prince. I have been left mostly unattended. I feel it is time I was given the attention.”

“I see,” answered the frog, “Does she take after your mother? Most first daughters seem to.”

“Yes, I guess,” Brindle replied, sitting down, “Honestly my mother died when I was just a babe. Some days I miss her, but all I really remember of her are a pair of round breasts bigger than my head dribbling milk. Although I can’t say I wouldn’t like such a simple comfort in my life again.”

“Uh, and I very well think you may…” the frog muttered, starting to inch away.

“What do you mean?” Brindle asked as a warm feeling crept across her chest.

“Well, my apologies dear, but you essentially just asked for a set of breasts larger than your head that dribble milk.”

“I…what? No!” Brindle exclaimed, jumping up from her seat. She wouldn’t have believed the frog’s words if it weren’t for the fact that her small breasts were indeed starting to feel strange under her corset, “That is completely out of context!”

“It’s the only context that makes sense to the parameters of the magic you ingested!” exclaimed the frog.

“I have…I have to get to my room!” Brindle exclaimed as a pressure started to build. She turned from the well as the frog shouted, “Wait! Take me with you so you can undo it later!”

Brindle didn’t argue, and swiftly spun around and scooped up the magic animal. Dashing for the back entrance to the castle, which wound through the servants’ quarters, Brindle could feel the tight corset getting tighter as she went.

Ignoring any and all greetings and comments from the staff, Brindle made her way through the dirty common rooms and dignified hallways and had turned into the final hallway when she saw her sister coming out of their shared bedroom.

“Ah, sister, there you!” Willoh exclaimed, approaching the winded and constricted Brindle. The younger sister was winded from her mad dash, and unable to take the full breaths she needed as her slowly growing breasts pushed against her constricting clothes and own ribcage.

“Can’t…talk…” Brindle gasped as she tried to go around Willoh, but the elder girl remained in her path.

to be continued…in some fashion.

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  1. Looks absolutely amazing so far; I can’t wait for the next chapter. I’m glad you’re back and feeling well.


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