Titty Tuesday: BTGGF fusing with her girlfriend to give her the tits she’s been drooling for and dreaming of


“Are you sure about this?” Aeona quirked an eyebrow at her best friend and lover.

“Are you kidding? Finally having big tits like my big titty goth girlfriend? Heck yeah!” Her blonde lover, tall, lithe, and with an amazing ass, bobbed her blonde bimbo head and waved both hands in the air, making her ass sway back and forth.

“You realize this is kidna a one way trip, right?”

“Ya- sure- totes.”

“That you’re going to be stuck with me, my head next to yours, my curly black hair next to your long blonde straight hair, sharing several of my tats that aren’t over ridden by your own lovelyness, and lots of my piercings?”


“And my smoking habit?”

“I’m helping you quit!”

“Yes, sweetie, you are.” Aeona sighed but smiled happily at the ever happy blonde lover. “Ok, here we go, combining your ass with my tits into one super hourglass body with both our heads on top.”

“Love ya, babe!”


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