“Ready for Action”

Violet has sent in a bunch of pictures from her “cosplay photoshoot”, and I’ll spread them out so as not to spam everyone. She has descriptions for some, starting with…

“Halloween was my day off so we went out and I ran around in my Momo “Creati” Yaoyorozu costume and had a GREAT time! We took so many photos! I won’t send all of them obviously but I have a lot that are my favorites so if there’s still too many you can choose the best to post.

For those that don’t know Creati’s quirk is that she can create stuff from her body as long as she knows how it is made. It comes out of her skin which is why she is so exposed hehe. I had some of her more frequent props like a staff and a sword (plastic and safe of course) and I painted up some wooden nesting dolls like they appear in the manga. It was easy to get into character, or at least not be me, because when I was holding the props and wearing the costume it really did make me feel more powerful. I will fully admit that I really don’t know what I’m doing when I hold a sword and stuff haha!“

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