Denise’s double d’s started to feel warm and filled with intense pressure a few moments after wrapping around the mysterious, golden locket necklace. Denise, otherwise known as Ms. Dinker to her students at Clover High, had no idea who left the necklace wrapped neatly in an shiny, ruby red felt box. ‘Maybe it was the new, handsome history teacher that started’ she pleasantly went over and over in her head as she gently place the locket above her ample breasts. But the mysterious gift had a lot more to offer. 

“What the heck?” Denise let out a gasp as her eyes with wide at the sight of her breasts growing and rounding out, literally ballooning right before her eyes. The sounds of flowing air and stretching latex filled the room as the locket continued to suck the air in, filling her breasts up with a warm, flow of air. 

“GAASP!” Denise squealed at the idea of who might be behind this perverted prank. Flashes of the snarling busty blonde girl that Denise was referring to as an airhead in front of the class. 

*streetch* Denise puckered and postured up as other sensitive parts of her also started to feel warm and tense. 

“Uh oh…” 

(Art by Penoda from Deviant Art)

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