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What happens when a museum tour guide complains about her feet hurting around a goddess-turned-statue? She makes some changes to poor Nadia’s feet!

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Bra, blouse, skirt, and panties went on easily, and Nadia sucked air through her teeth a couple times as she worked the pantyhose on over her legs. By the time she’d wrapped them around her rear Nadia could feel how moist her panties were getting. Grabbing her tall and strappy heels Nadia slipped them on and stood up. She’d felt the usual pain of pins and needles shooting up her legs for so long the frustrated woman had expected to feel the same again as she put her full weight into her shoes. But it wasn’t pain that came flowing up her calves and thighs this time, but rather pleasure and need.







Nadia took a deep gasp, shuddering under the blaze of bliss bee-lining to her bits.

What is happening to me?

Nadia could not fathom why she was feeling this way? What had she done? Was this an allergy? She’d done nothing different yesterday except watch those young women from beside that statue of Aphrodite.

Where she had…

There was no time for such ridiculous speculation, the clock was ticking. Nadia steeled herself and walked towards the door. Every single step made it difficult go straight – or even remain standing, for that matter. But each time she swung her legs and stayed upright Nadia was learning how to anticipate the sensations running up to her loins with each step.

That didn’t mean her legs weren’t shaking and shuddering, and Nadia was so distracted by concentrating through the ripples of pleasure vibrating through her that she almost forgot to take her keys – eliciting even more walking as she retrieved them. Once in the elevator Nadia leaned on the wall and panted, and as the lift stopped with a bounce and the doors opened she rushed from the lobby through the parking lot to her scooter.

Nadia was glad to finally be sitting down. Even without moving there was still a low simmer of stimulation running between toes and thighs as they rested. But it wasn’t as overwhelming as when her whole foot took the full weight of her body pressed down into the confines of her heels.

Nadia put on her helmet and started the engine. Instantly she could feel the tiny vibrations of the running motor reverberating through the metal chassis, into her heels, into her feet, and up to her loins.

“Oh God…” Nadia threw back her head and moaned. She drew her vision forward and, taking a deep breath and focusing on the drive ahead of her, got underway. “If this goes on all day… if this strange stimulation doesn’t stop… this shouldn’t be happening!”


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