New sites, oh boy


TL;DR links, more details / my thoughts about things below:

Dang I didn’t think Tumblr would actually go to this extreme, but here we are, these are the dark times. Links to places to find my stuff going forward are down below in this post, but I’ll continue monitoring the Tumblr situation until I’m banned or something.

For the Tumblr replacements, follow me at these links. Unless Newgrounds really kicks off in terms of user base, my main presence will most likely be on Twitter. They’re both new accounts that I haven’t done anything with, but they’re where I’ll be migrating my social presence to. Of course my Patreon is always a good way to get updates from me too:

As always I’ll continue to post my animations on the usual video sites, so at the very least you can wait for new videos to show up there:

Thanks everyone for sticking around and supporting me, I have little love for Tumblr, but I did like how the site worked. Sad to see that they consider this drastic measure necessary, but the porn will always continue.

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