Bio Story 05:


for @dazelyvivid

written by Miranda Stills

Notes: Originally posted to my patreon a month ago! I also tend to post a special HD version via PDF on patreon with art! This was a story I wrote for @dazelyvivid continuing the first three stories I edited for them. I hope you enjoy!

A month. A month as a bio-mage and no sex. He was beginning to wonder if his power was filled with sexual energy, or if the amount of amazing sex he’d had after first refining his powers had simply spoiled him to going without. But still, a month!

And it was a matter of minutes, literally as Silas looked at his phone’s time and sighed as he realized it had been exactly a month since he fucked, that she sat down across from him.

“So, I was talking to… I mean… Hi! I’m Billie.”

The woman sitting across the table from him in the quad was the oddest juxtaposition of geek and tomboy that he wondered about splitting her into twins, and letting each have half of that, if they’d be two full people, such was the depth of the rift in the shy nerd and sporty babe he saw in Billie.

She has wavy red hair that screamed she was a force to be reckoned with, glasses that seemed pretty run of the mill, and a slim, fit frame that showed she liked exercise as much as anime. Her shirt went to some anime or another, but it was something a character IN that anime wore, and it wasn’t one Silas was familiar with. It was obviously meant for a slim, small Japanese woman, letting him know in a glance that Billie had imported it, and it was stretched over her more western fed frame, showing off a stripe of midriff, most of her arms, and more cleavage than he thought the slim woman would actually have if her breasts weren’t held so tightly.

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