Bio Story 05:

for @dazelyvivid

written by Miranda Stills

Notes: Originally posted to my patreon a month ago! I also tend to post a special HD version via PDF on patreon with art! This was a story I wrote for @dazelyvivid continuing the first three stories I edited for them. I hope you enjoy!

A month. A month as a bio-mage and no sex. He was beginning to wonder if his power was filled with sexual energy, or if the amount of amazing sex he’d had after first refining his powers had simply spoiled him to going without. But still, a month!

And it was a matter of minutes, literally as Silas looked at his phone’s time and sighed as he realized it had been exactly a month since he fucked, that she sat down across from him.

“So, I was talking to… I mean… Hi! I’m Billie.”

The woman sitting across the table from him in the quad was the oddest juxtaposition of geek and tomboy that he wondered about splitting her into twins, and letting each have half of that, if they’d be two full people, such was the depth of the rift in the shy nerd and sporty babe he saw in Billie.

She has wavy red hair that screamed she was a force to be reckoned with, glasses that seemed pretty run of the mill, and a slim, fit frame that showed she liked exercise as much as anime. Her shirt went to some anime or another, but it was something a character IN that anime wore, and it wasn’t one Silas was familiar with. It was obviously meant for a slim, small Japanese woman, letting him know in a glance that Billie had imported it, and it was stretched over her more western fed frame, showing off a stripe of midriff, most of her arms, and more cleavage than he thought the slim woman would actually have if her breasts weren’t held so tightly.

She was also wearing what Silas could only call ‘coverall cutoffs’, composing of a pair of overalls that had the legs cut off like a pair of jeans being turned into booty shorts, but with the top of of the overalls still intact.

“Hi, I’m Silas.” He smiled at her as she blushed and peaked over her glasses at him.

“I know. I was talking to Mona and… Did you really give her a cock?”

“Yeah, but I thought you would probably mention how her and Gidget…” Silas surprised Billie with such a direct answer, and confused her all the same with the trail off at the end.

“I… uh… no.” She shook her head. “I checked on some of the other gals around campus that have, uh, met you, and they’re all just normal girls now.”

Silas couldn’t help but smile at the word met, but felt the happiness fall away. It was a bit of a shame the magic hadn’t last longer, Winter and Bella at the least made such a good pair he wasn’t sure they ever intended to separate, and Gidget and Mona had been darn near mouth watering as a pair. Then again, midterms were happening and Halloween was coming up so maybe stress had…

“Oh, well, suffice it to say, it’s all true. I can reshape at will.” Silas focused again on the glasses wearing red head now, wondering if he couldn’t broker this into breaking his drought.

“Great! You see, I have this great idea for a costume but I don’t quite have the… figure to pull it off.”

“Let me get this right…” At this, Silas had to blink. “You hear about a guy who can reshape your body at will and what you ask for is a better costume fit?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, I could adjust the costume to fit me, but I thought ‘hey, if I can have the characters unrealistic, cartoon proportions, why not?”

“Ok, I can see that.” Silas couldn’t help but laugh at Billie’s impish grin, her excitement was infectious. “Let’s see, well, who are you wanting?”

She leaned forward, her perky boobs pressing into the table as she stage whispered the heroine to him, bringing a smile to his face as he imagined her in that form.

“Ok, I think I’ve got an idea.” Silas grinned, exchanging phone numbers with her, and texting her his dorm number. “Slide by my place Weds night.”

“Halloween night?” Silas nearly felt his heart break as Billie gave him the biggest eyes, saddest pout he’d seen outside of a kitten. “I was hoping…”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I’ll do it early enough that you can have all night to enjoy it.”

She gave him a worried look, but accepted it, dashing off after giving him a quick peck on the cheek, her lips brushing his ear as a promise of more.

The week passed quickly, and Silas had nearly everything, and everyone on board that he needed, and thus it was with some trepidation, that Billie knocked on his door at 6:15 pm, hoping it wasn’t too early but worried about waiting any longer that she might not get to enjoy it at all.

Billie was a bit shocked when a dark haired, bored looking gothic beauty answered the door, her eyes lighting up a second later in recognition before fading back into her ‘bored with the world, excitement, please’ of a well practiced goth. “Ah, you must be Billie.”

“Guilty as charged.” Billie stuck out her hand which the goth flicked her eyes down to and away as if the red head was offering a dead fish.

“Uh, yeah. Glad you came, Silas won’t admit it but he was worried he’d put this together for nothing. I’m Winter, not that it matters.”

“Why wouldn’t it matter?” Billie was feeling a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole with this woman, used to being the least fazed woman in the room and being outclassed as the goth pulled her into dorm room.

“Duh, because I spent most of my time as my lover’s cock.” And with that bombshell, Winter stepped away, leaving Billie shocked until someone bumped into her from behind.

“Oh sorry.” The woman who had bumped into the short red head was over a head taller, ripped till Tuesday, and possibly the greatest ass she’d ever seen, leaving Billie speechless all over again. “I was coming down the hallway and thought I heard my coc- I mean, my girlfriend, Winter. Hi, I’m Bella!”

Billie couldn’t help but shake the blonde’s offered hand, wincing at the powerful grip the woman had. “I… uh.. hi! Yes, I just met her. She said that you and she… Does she really turn into your cock.”

“Was for most of the semester so far.” Bella laughed, her incredibly firm breasts bouncing. Hearing her laugh felt like a summer day and Billie had to fight from suddenly hugging the taller woman and asking if she could call Bella ‘momma Bella’ from now on. “And probably will be again first chance she can talk Silas into it. I just demanded we separate so she could finish her midterms. Her grades are still better than mine, but then, Blonde, so what ya gonna do.” She knocked a fist against the side of her head and mimmed rolling her eyes, sticking her tongue out and bringing a quick laugh to Billie, before slipping past her with more grace than a woman as well muscled as her should have been able to. “Now if you’ll excuse me, my cock is looking really jealous. Talk again soon!”

“S-sure.” Billie just let her eyes follow that amazing ass as it swayed over to the cute goth from before. “Wow…”

“What a woman, huh?” Silas grinned. “Built like one of those super heroes, at least in the muscle department.”

“Yeah I… Hay!” The short red head turned and looked up at him. “Where have you been.”

“Keeping our other guests happy,” Silas smirked at the red head’s ire, “come on, I better introduce you before we put together your ‘costume’.”

What was that supposed to mean? She wondered as he quickly brought her over to a pair of woman who couldn’t have been more opposite, and yet, more made for each other.

Mona she knew, the biggest tits on campus were hard to miss, and she’d been the one to introduce Billie to the idea of the bio-mage reshaping her in the first place. Standing next to her was a waif skinny brunette, introduced as Tori who looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there even more so than the goth, Winter, from before.

A quick bit of conversation had her realizing that Tori was the entire reason Mona had gotten a cock in the first place, entirely just to try and squash the bug that had crawled up Tori’s ass, and if their banter was anything to go by, it had loosened the tattooed woman up, but not nearly enough in Mona’s green eyes. However, Silas had apparently promised that Tori would have the most well built body on campus before the night was out, a promise that nibbled at Billie’s mind and made her try and pull Silas apart from the four some of ladies.

Before she could, he clapped his hands together and announced that it was about time to ‘get the party started’. A signal that each woman had their own reaction to.

Tori rolled her eyes but began stripping her clothes off in the most mechanical way Billie or Silas had ever seen. It wasn’t meant to be sexy, just efficient.

Mona on the other hand had her jeans on the ground before Silas had even finished talking but took the time to reveal the largest breasts on campus, one massive mam at a time.

Bella had just put on an album on her phone, connected to Silas’ bluetooth speaker, and began rocking her hips back and forth as she peeled her clothes off, in what looked more like a drunken coed pretending to strip tease then an actual one, making her lover, Winter, snort with laughter, clueing everyone in this was meant more as a joke than anything sexy.

And Winter… simply slid out of her gothic getup, metal band t shirt and ripped black jeans cast aside as she unzipped Silas’ jeans and backed hers ass onto his cock.

And Billie simply watched the whole thing slack jawed.

Bella knelt down next to her lover, reaching down to rub her clit and nibble on her breasts as the goth moaned and the bio-mage pounded faster and faster. She brushed a blond lock behind her ear and smiled at Winter, “I love these, you know.”

“You handle them so well.” Winter panted.

“Not for long though.” Bella grinned, drawing everyone’s attention to Winter’s pussy as Bella pulled her hand away to focus both on Winter’s tits, Billie giving a little shriek as she noticed the goth’s pussy had completely melted away. In fact, her legs had also begun fading into Silas’, making the bio mage’s legs seem more powerful, more muscled, not quite on par with Bella’s own incredible legs, but close.

As she watched, there was less and less of Winter, and more and more of a gigantic, pale cock, two and a half feet in length and… and… it had been the hottest thing she’d ever seen. She hadn’t even noticed as she, with a bit of Mona’s help, had peeled her own clothes off and was slowly masturbating as Bella and Winter shared one last kiss before any sign that Silas’ cock had ever been a woman vanished.

Bella quickly stepped back, right next to Billie actually, and wrapped an arm around the short red head, and pulling her into a hard kiss, as Silas blasted them both with the first orgasm of the night, coating both women in a gallon of his and Winter-cock’s cum.

It smelled like candy corn, and Billie couldn’t even pull away to lick it off Bella’s amazing tits, as the strong woman held onto her, their lips mashed together, their his grinding, their breasts, Bella’s perky tight ones and Billie’s own soft plump ones slipping against each other and then… and then…

Belia came. She came twice in fact, both orgasms seeming to blend together as she herself came to a bit of a realization that she herself had blended together.

“Ohhh fuck. That was…” Belia looked at herself, her eyes widening in shock as Billie realized she and Bella had just made out so hard they’d merged. “I… we’re… Oh fuck.”

“Oh fuck is right.” Tori licked her lips and kneeled down in front of the tall woman, taller than Bella had been and far taller than Billie ever thought she would be, that Tori had to arch her back and stretch up a bit to lap at the glistening, wet pussy above her.

There was a sudden flash of light and Belia blinked away the dots before focusing on Mona who waved one hand at her over her camera phone. “Sorry, left the flash on. Just wanted to make sure you guys got a look at yourselves later.”

Anything else that was said was lost as Belia, that is to say, Billie, lost focus. Bella was already gone, lost in the erotic feeling of Miss BadAss of the campus licking away at the fluttering pussy she shared with Billie, the two women shuddering, their hands running through Billie’s red hair, their eyes briefly catching the lock of blonde hair towards the front, before falling on Silas and his Winter-Cock.

Belia bit her lip as Bella fed Billie image after memory after sexcapade of just what she and Winter had done together, and watching Silas jerk his cock, the bio-mage moaning as he drove himself closer and closer to orgasm, even as Tori did the same to their amazing pussy, Belia putting both hands down and pushing the raven haired woman’s face deeper into her love triangle.

A splash of cum, the feel of Tori hugging their ass, and Tellia screamed in orgasm as she came, literally came, into being.

“Holy fuck.” Billie tried to sort out the trio of minds and even more thoughts running through her head, even as Mona snapped another picture, turning her camera around so the trio could see their merged firm.

Tellia was well over six and a half feet tall, and the merger of Tori and Bella together had resulted in the fittest, most well defined set of abs possibly in the entire state. Billie’s amazing ass and Bella’s had progressed into an ass you could serve drinks on, Tori’s muscle build only adding to its firmness and… what Tellia had to agree with herself was an insane amount of spankability.

“I don’t know about holy, but I look forward to the fucking.” Mona passed her cameraphone to Silas who nodded his understanding as she turned and began walking to the amazon that stood where once three women had before. “And I’m sure this will be a nearly religious experience, for all involved.”

Tellia just smiled and beckoned her closer, pulling the short, busty woman into a tight embrace, much as Bella had with Billie such a short lifetime ago, squeezing her ass as Tori had to Mona any number of times before, the trio of women bending every bit of sexual knowledge they shared to play Mona’s body like a flute, no, a bass guitar, having the woman squirming, moaning, her own fingers tugging on Tellia’s sensitive nipples and driving them both to-

She had orgasmed. Melori was sure she’d cum… she just couldn’t quite remember it. “Wow.” She breathed out, half expecting smoke.

“Tell me about it.” Silas clicked another picture, he’d apparently been taking several. He chose one and turned it around, shocking the woman with her appearance. Instead of Billie’s short red headed stature, Bella’s long muscled body, tori’s lithe sporty build or Mona’s tits on a short stick, was Melori, a full figured, incredibly well muscled, seven foot tall beauty with a swirl of black streaked with blonde and red.

“She, I… we… I’m the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Billie, now a combination of four girls, and unsure where any of her or them or they or us began or ended, or if she was more Billie or… more and more… Melori… or all four girls… squeezed her massive breasts, twice as big as Mona had ever sported, her mouth hanging open at the sight of herself. “I’m serious, I’m getting turned on just looking at me.”

“Then I’m sure you know what looking at you does for me and Winter-cock.” Silas gave her a look that made her pussy quiver.

“Mmmm, all those orgasms, and you haven’t really gotten to cum in any of us, have you?” Billie asked, though it felt more like Tori’s teasing and Bella’s love of her girlfriend mixing together to talk. Then Mona’s… and really Billie’s… sexual need brimmed up and pushed past, “How about we see if I’m big enough to deepthroat that monster.

Silas opened his mouth to respond, but found his jaw simply hanging loose as Melori dropped to all fours, her huge heavy breasts swinging back and forth as she crawled to him, her mouth opening wide, frighteningly wide, as she walked forward and impaled herself face first on his cock.

He could see how she had to work slowly, relaxing her throat as she kept crawling forward, only pausing here and there as each woman’s instincts had to be fought or encouraged, knowledge of four different women about how to suck a cock mixing together as she pushed herself further and further forward until, to all present’s shock, she took him to the base.

Then she began rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, face fucking a foot of cock with more and more speed, Silas working to keep a rhythm, but finding the goddess before him was nearly too much for him and Winter, the goth cock begging him over and over to just let her cum and fill up her composite lover with all the cum they could muster.

Silas wasn’t one to say no to a lady, but Winter was no lady, she was a cock… which meant he held for about two minutes before Billie reached up and squeezed his massive, basketball sized balls with both hands, and he blasted her full of cum.

Melori eased her way back, smiling all the way as Silas shuddered and twitched at all the feedback his Winter-Cock was giving him, before popping free, not spilling a drop of cum. Admiring her work, Billie began playing with her new, super enhanced pussy, before three different butt fiends rose up in her mind and spun Melori’s ass around, only the butt virgin Billie squeaking in surprise as with two powerful hands, Bella and Mona spread their cheeks, and Tori viciously shoved their ass down, taking half of Silas’ Winter-cock in one booty drop.

All four women stopped, eyes opened wide at the sensation, Melori moaning long and hard before she could bring a shuddering sudden climax under control. With still shaking hands she reached out and changed to a more ‘booty bouncing song’ on Bella’s phone, before they started working, showing off four women’s skills in one as Melori began butt fucking that amazing cock in a way Silas had never felt before.

Silas was once again shocked, using both hands to squeeze an ass that put even Gidget’s to shame, and watched as a skill that the conjoined Kara and Jess hadn’t been able to pull off. It hadn’t taken long at all before the gorgeous woman fusion had ‘bottomed’ out and was fucking two and a half feet of cock with just her fat ass, using all of Bella’s knowledge about leg reps, Tori’s skill on squats and all the one’s she’d put Mona through as well to buttfuck the best cock in the country, with the best ass on the continent, Billie desperately trying to file it away, and feeling more and more like she was less in control, and the four were becoming just a mix.

Silas begged, he pleaded, Melori squeezed, twerked, twisting her hips all the way down, and before the song was over, was rewarded as Silas and Winter again came into the fusion beauty, filling her ass with all the hot sticky cum they could.

This time, to their credit, it was a minute before Billie had the strength to lift herself off that cock, carefully clenching to keep every drop of cum inside her amazing ass.

Feeling the other three parts of her a bit dizzy from all the sex, Billie took control and spread her legs. and used two fingers to spread her pussy lips, blushing as she looked into Silas eyes.

“Silas, we, I mean, I want to.. can we… please just fuck us like a real woman.”

“You are a real woman.” Silas soft, deep tones blew over her body like a warm breeze, sending a shiver down their spine and up into their heart. “You’re all woman, more woman than maybe any woman has ever been.”

Unlike the blowjob that had been all for him, or the butt sex that had been about sharing their pleasure just the way they wanted, an in control fucking Silas had barely been able to hang on for, what Billie did now was a joining of heart and spirit (or spirits) as the two simply fucked. First she was in his lap, her swirl of hair dancing around her face as she happily bounced over and over again, taking more and more of his cock until her ass had rested on his hips, feeling his balls against her plump cheeks, driving her to an orgasm that seemed to rattle her very brains.

Then he’d pushed her onto her back, never pulling out as he held her legs back, taking advantage of Tori’s flexibility to pin her by her calves, pounding into her with all the passion and love he felt for everyone of his lovers, burying his face in her gigantic tits and stretching her pussy with every bit of Winter’s girth. If she was having a single orgasm, or a half dozen, each layered one on top of each other, she couldn’t tell, and simply rode the waves like Billie had her one summer in Hawaii.

Just when he felt like he was about to cum, he released Melori’s legs, plucking at her thighs. She got the hint and spun like a split roast on his cock so that she was face down, letting him drive his cock deeper into her womb than any man had ever been, her hands feeling her belly and amazed at how it stretched and distended, even with Bella’s amazing muscles, as he fucked her so hard his balls were slapping her pussy.

And it was like this, this final act of passion, this tri-position fucking and the culmination that six people had become two, and two became metaphorically one, as they all came one more time, finally overloading Melori’s mind and making the merged woman pass out as SIlas roared and collapsed across her amazing ass and onto her well muscled back.

Silas just snuggled his lover for a bit before slowly pulling Winter out of the girls, Winter whimpering in his mind that she really could get hard again if he’d just give her a minute. Chuckling, he came free with a pop, watching as Melori’s greedy pussy squeezed shut, once again not letting a single drop out.


“So?” Silas arched an eyebrow. It hadn’t been a question or even really a worded thought as cocks didn’t have thoughts, as it was a ‘what next’ feeling from Winter. “Ah! Well, I think you’ll have your lover back soon enough.”

Huh? But I thought…

Winter, though again, cocks didn’t really think, lapsed into silence as slowly, languidly, Bella pulled free as if she were simply rolling over in slow motion, leaving Billie, Tori and Mona… Mary if he had to hazard a guess, behind, still out cold as Bella slowly blinked herself awake.

For her credit, Winter quickly came back to life for her lover, and soon the blonde had stradded and was grinding along the length of Winter-Cock, coating her with pussy juices as Silas wove the spell and lovingly passed her back to her lover right at the moment of orgasm, so all three of them could feel one last final cum before Bella softly laughed, careful not to wake the sleeping brunette with swirls of red hair as she gathered up her things, tucking her third-leg into a pair of sweatpants, and giving Silas a kiss on the cheek. “Call us the next time you want some fusion fun. I think we’re gonna stay like this for a while.”

Silas waved, feeling a warm smile at having gotten those two love birds together, in more ways than one, as Bella-Winter left his dorm room, and completely distracted him as Tori peeled herself away from… Bina. Instead he was startled as the typically sour faced cadet tapped him on the shoulder and gave him a blushing, sideways smile.

“Thanks for the roll in the hay.”

“I’d say it was ‘my pleasure’ but I think that’s exactly what you were thanking me for.”

“Fuckin’ right I am.” Tori gave a happy sigh, her eyes trailing over the fused woman she’d so recently been part of. “Damn, you could talk me into joining in on that any time.”

“Really?” Silas felt his ears perk up at that, almost pondering if he could catch Bella-Winter before they left the building.

“Yeah-no.” Tori shook her head, her smile falling a little bit. “It was fun as hell, but that definitely needs to be a once a month at most thing. Besides, I don’t want to fall too in love.”

“What do you mean? Not with me, surely.”

“No not with you, and don’t call me Shirley.” Tori snorted, and Silas honestly couldn’t tell if Tori had just tried to make a joke or honestly misunderstood what he’d meant. “I mean… Ummm… Well… Mona and Gidget… ugh, sharing a head with her just made me fall a bit harder for her, and also made me realize just how much of a pair those two really are meant to be. Speaking of, why didn’t you invite her?”

“Oh! I did. She just had work until…” Silas checked his phone, realizing it was still Mona’s phone, “about now, actually.”

“Then I’d better beat feet, as I bet she’ll want to stop by and scoop her lover up.” Tori sighed again and turned, mechanically pulling on her clothes.

Silas watched, but not out of any sexual desire, but out of feeling some sense of comradery with the tough woman, having finally seen someone you could really truly fall in love with, spend your life with, and feeling it fall through your fingers as each woman defused from Billie one at a time.

And without another word, or even a glance back at Silas, Tori was gone.

For a moment he simply sat in silence, looking at the fusion of Billie and Mona, his eyes amazed at just how insanely busty the two women were together, and was just about to reach out with his powers to see if he could see what the hold up was in the two separating when the door to his dorm room swung open and a familiar figure was standing in the doorway.

“Hey fuckers, sorry we’re-” Jess jerked to a sudden stop, her eyes taking in the dorm room, the woman on the bed, the naked Bio-mage, and the heavy smell of sweat and fucking, before whipping her brunette head around to focus on the blonde head she shared from the hips down with. “Kara you dumb cunt, we missed all the sex!”

“That is NOT my FAULT, you fucking bitch” Kara, blonde volleyball star and recent body mate to Jess cursed back at the brunette. “You’re the one who wanted us to have matching tops when we don’t HAVE matching top halves and-”

“SHHH!” Silas hissed, though even he had to admit the red and blue team jersey’s the girls were wearing, Jess in the red, Kara in the blue, both did and really, really didn’t match, and the purple jeggings didn’t help either. “Billie and Mona are still sleeping.” He gestured to the woman on the bed.

“Woah, is that.” Kara’s bright blue eyes opened wide and together her and Jess padded on silent feet to hover over the short, busty woman still lightly snoring away.

To her credit, Billie and Mona looked about seven months pregnant with a belly, womb, and ass full of more cum than possibly any woman had ever handled outside of a bukake scene with at least fourty guys.

“Yeah, I had them and… Bella and Tori all in one body for a bit, it was hot as hell.”

“I bet.” Kara licked her lips, Jess nodding.

“Wish we could have gotten in on that.” Jess added.

“In on what?” Came a soft shy tone from the doorway, causing all three awake heads to swivel around and spy the short woman with the undisputed ‘best ass’ on campus, now that Melorie had diffused anyway. Gidget padded over on soft feet and reached a hand out to her lover fused with the red head she’d so recently heard about. “Is that…”

“Mona and Billie, or Molly as I’m thinking of them right now.” Silas nodded.

“If only I hadn’t had to work…” Gidget’s hands drifted down to her lover’s belly, jerking back. “Oh my, is that all cum?!”

“That’s what we were just asking.” Jess piped up with, earning an elbow from Kara to keep her quiet.

“Wait, didn’t you say…” Gidget’s head swung around as Silas blinked before nodding.

“Uh, yeah, my cum when fused with Winter as my cock-”

“You had Winter as your cock instead of Bella?” Kara gushed, before covering her mouth and earning a poke in the ribs from her body mate.

“Yeah, anyway, it’s what I used as a catalyst to cause fusion.”

“I really, really was looking forward to fusing with Mona tonight.” Gidget bit her lip. “I was hoping you’d still have enough left to… you know…”

“Sorry, all that’s left is that four gallons or so in that cute belly.” Silas shrugged, then pondered. “Which… should be more than enough.”

“R-really?” Gidget blushed, already unbuttoning her shirt, Kara and Jess elbowing each other to make sure they were both watching the tan young woman reveal that amazing ass.

“Yeah.” Silas nodded. “I think we can make it work.”

“Mind some company in there?” Jess asked.

“Jess!” Kara hissed.

“N-not at all.” Gidget blushed as she unhooked her work dress, revealing the lack of panties from underneath, she could so rarely find a pair that fit her huge ass that she usually went without. “I’m already going to be sharing with Billie anyway, and Mona speaks highly of you two.”

“Bullshit.” Both women said in unison with deadpan expressions, earning a guffaw from Silas. “We can barely stand each other.”

“I was being polite.” Gidget shivered in the cool dorm air. “But either way, yeah, the more the merrier.”

“Ok girls, I think I know how to make this work, but first, I need Gidget to spoon Mona and Billie. Kara and Jess, I need you too to…”

It had taken a bit of work, and the result hadn’t been quite what he’d expected, but even he had to admit that… Billie, Mona, Gidget, Kara and Jess made the cutest, curviest, short stack he’d ever seen.

Though how he’d split Billie between Mona and Kara, and Jess and Gidget, as a two headed Billie+Mona+Kara, sporting Billie’s glasses, Kara’s blonde locks from the ears down, and Mona’s mop of black hair atop, and a dark tan half of a curvy body, joined to a pale body that was Billie+Gidget+Jess, sporting Billie’s bandanna and red hair down to the ears, Jess and Gidget’s brown hair from there down, and a body that over all had every curve, especially Gidget’s wide hips, and Mona’s huge tits, along with Kara and Jess’s split yet together aesthetic and Billie’s over all mix of shy geek mixing with Gidget’s receding wallflower, her sporty nature mixing with Mona’s outgoing and Kara’s in your face attitude… he was suddenly reminded of his first thought upon meeting Billie.

“What would it be like to split her into two heads?”

Overall, all the girls involved agreed this was the best Halloween costume ever.


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