DanStanding.com joins 21-er-20th Century

I’ve hooked up an iPod to an 8-trak player. I’ve gotten cable to play on a tiny hand-held TV. I’ve played BluRays on a black-and-white TV with only an antenna-in jack. I once got 9 TVs to play the same DVD simultaneously despite various RF and AV inputs. I got an Atari Jaguar to play on a Commodore 64 monitor.

But ask me to program a website and my head explodes. I’m good with wires and jacks, but the minute I have to look at HTML and code I’m completely lost. It took me 48 hours to figure out how to make this thing auto-Twitter!

So it is with great pride that I announce that the new version of DanStanding.com is up and running! It is quite a miracle. I still have a lot of things to adjust and update, but at least it doesn’t look like a GeoCities website anymore. So, explore what piddling material is currently up and around and stay tuned for even more coming!


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