Ok so Monster High.

The first time I saw any reference to it, it was in the toy isle and screamed of Mattel grubbing for money from the Hot Topic crowd and I wanted to keep it as far away from these four legs as I could! Yeah yeah, I know, I’m a monster girl that’s striving to be accepted by society in general so it should have been right up my alley, but, well, it’s essentially Goth Barbie? And blonde or not, I’m not a Barbie girl.

Worse, I went onto the wikipedia page for the show and yeah, I think it’s been edited since but it was pretty much pointed out ‘look, they made a commercial / movie for their Tim Burton rip off line!’

So yeah, been avoiding it for close to five years now.

Then, it autoloaded an episode on Netflix a few days ago,

and I was too tired to really do anything about it. I watched with growing fascination as it dealt with not just racism, but entitlement, dealing with what one race has done to another until relatively recently (but long enough ago it wasn’t in the lifetime of anyone present), about how it’s only by looking to the future can you really move on, how it’s people who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo that really keep racism going, and that they probably aren’t even racist themselves, they just want to hold the world still in time and are afraid of the future, and how speaking up and drawing attention to something might make it worse, but it also forces people to deal with things. In the foreground is an interracial pair who are dating, and how even though their parents are cool with it, it’s society at large that is making their lives pretty horrible, but this background drama is just incredible to watch through.

All this from some pandering, give us your money, show?

I promptly went on a binge of looking up other movies. A few (at least one, possibly the first one?) isn’t on Netflix. While there are some that are real stinkers, even those are interesting to see what the characters are up to, and how they’re handling today or the next. Some are CGI, some traditionally animated, all are worth at least one watch if you like the whole teenage (or mom) interest in vampires, werewolves, and Jersey Shore attitude.

Oh, and they have plenty of goofy jokes.

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