Icymasamune makes comics patreon!

Yup, actually going to start doing comics again! The first comic, mainly due to interest, that I will be working on is Naomi’s. Patron support will handle allowing me the time investment to get pages and setup completed on the comic as well as divert some time towards other, personal, projects.

The patreon itself will primarily be a way to support while having access to production assets like work in progress, character designs, lore notes, and so forth; while the comic pages themselves will be posted online for free.

At the moment I am keeping the incentives open because I would rather get some feedback on what potential supporters would like to see for incentive before I start dedicating to encouraging higher patron levels.

I look forward to hearing from everyone and thanks in advance for your support!


Daytime reblog (and Tor chibi care of Monk).

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