So….. After having just complained about a certain company… a job came open with them. So guess where I’ve got an interview next week? 😛 Kind of two minds about it, and the awesome thing about being me? Pretty easy to talk it out with myself.

Sneaky Commission Slots!

icymasamune: I’m going to open three character illustration slots to sneak some money work in between the other stuff. Same as my usual commissions, but only going to open for character illustrations: $25 black and White, $50 color. I’ll open up more commission slots after these and the other stuff I have to work on …

ryuunafadoodles: Finally finished ME3 and lemme just go off record and say I HATE EVERYTHING AND I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY anyways here’s edi practicing hugging on a pillow in case another planet blows up again and Shepard’s in a crummy mood: Love these images of her trying to figure out how to …

yroxis: tackyobama: cumfufighting: 6999696969996999699969669996999666669996969996999696996666969696969696969696966669666666696969669669666969999969696999699969996969999699966666999696696696669996669696969696966696969666696966666669696966966966696999966999696969666969696999669996696699969669669996969 highlight the numbers press ctrl and f type in 9 IM SCREAMING Reblogign cuz fuck mobile Sometimes when you get punked, you just gotta reblog it.

lightfootadv: Art Jam this week was “OC time-skip” drawing them as they might look a year or two into their future. Here’s Annie from Pulse.  I originally planned to include a more advanced armored suit for her, but couldn’t decide on the details in time. Man @lightfootadv can draw!

grimphantom2: shokveyv: dobe-qj: justnuts: Optimus you are so majestic  always reblog “perceptor JUST DO IT” LOL you never realize that Optimus had the best lines in the 80′s series XD That moment when you realize Optimus was the 80s truest badass.