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Howdy all,

Creative projects are what I really enjoy in life, but mistakes made in my past have really limited the freedom I could have to further pursue them. I’ve started a fundraiser to try and fix that.

How can you help? Well, anyone who donates anything at all will get an illustration based on my work. And some individuals will be able to commission me for an original story!

Head on over to my IndieGogo page to see how you can help and get a 10,000 word story commission!

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Compounding the Issue, Part II

by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.


Freshman year Jenna and Joy had discovered what they called the library’s Book Graveyard. It was actually the shelves for part 030 of the Dewey Decimal System – the Encyclopedia and Book of Facts section. The internet, search engines, and online databases had made this selection of World Books, 1990s Bar Books of Random Facts, and other reference material a long abandoned collection of information.

Instead of trashing this reference material and leaving a large stretch of empty shelves the campus library moved the books to the far back corner of the third floor. Layers of dust could be measured with a ruler atop the door-to-door-sold tomes, and it was in this quiet corner that the two girls finally pulled out their pilfered pages.

“What the hell is this?” Joy growled as they flipped through the book she’d snatched from Kora’s desk. The front cover was a nondescript gray with no writing on it. It looked as if it could have started out a blank journal, but the internal pages now clearly showed it was not a diary. The formatting was much more similar to that of an instructional book.

Also, the text was not in English.

“Hold on a second,” Jenna muttered as she pulled out her phone and called up a translator. She typed in a few words from a page which looked like a table of contents. The app took a moment to analyze them. “Huh.”

“What’s it say?”

“Well, this is Latin.”

“Kora speaks Latin?” Joy replied, “You don’t even know Latin, but Kora does?”

“No one speaks Latin except for the Pope, and I don’t think this is a religious text. Or, at least not Catholic.”


“Because this is a listing of spells!” Jenna answered with some honest enthusiasm in her voice. She really hadn’t known what they would have achieved with any information from Kora’s diary, besides bringing more of her wrath down upon them.

But to find a book of spells? That was different.

“Spells? Shit, I risked my neck for useless junk? No one would believe us if we tried to shame her about it,” Joy sighed. She’d been holding the book while Jenna translated, but now she pushed it fully into the other girl’s grasp. “At least I can still make it to class on time.”

“Well, if Kora thinks these spells work, maybe they could be useful,” Jenna replied, struggling to hold open the text in one hand, while typing with just her thumb on the phone held in her other.

“You think they’re real?” Joy almost laughed – how could anyone so smart think such a thing?

“No, no, I don’t,” Jenna partially lied, “But if Kora thinks they’re real maybe there’s something in here we could gently threaten her with. You know, like, ‘Leave us alone or we turn you into a newt.’”

“Okay, yeah, I can see that maybe working. But do me a favor – leave the book here…” Joy patted her hand to a shelf above her that wasn’t quite full, “…just in case Kora decides to start searching dorms once she realizes it’s missing.”

“Good idea,” Jenna said somewhat absently as Joy began to edge herself away, “Enjoy class, I still have a little time.”

“Okay, thanks.”

As Joy left Jenna propped the book open on one of the shelves – typing with one thumb was taking too long and creating too many typos. As English translations came back it was difficult to get an exact contemporary meaning for many of the Latin phrases, especially since context was limited. But so far Jenna could tell that the book was dedicated to the enhancement of the body and mind. Based on their titles there looked to be spells that would change one’s hair color, taste preferences, height, eye color, and even ear size and orientation.

These were all interesting, but not really of interest.But Jenna stopped when she reached one that read “One grows breasts overcome a rival.”

That sounded promising.

But also ridiculous.

But it was still worth a shot.

A few more translations and Jenna found that all she had to do was read the spell aloud three times while ingesting some blood. It didn’t specify whose, so she pulled out a nail file and scratched the back of her hand. A little trickle of red surfaced, which Jenna quickly licked up and swallowed. She then repeated the phrase.

Standing for a moment she waited to see what would happen.

Nothing did.

A cold tide of shame overcame Jenna. Even though no one had been around to see what she had tried to do, Jenna couldn’t believe she’d actually been so desperate for bigger tits that she’d actually try a magic spell.

What’s wrong with me? Jenna silently fumed. She angrily shoved the book up where Joy had indicated earlier and stormed off to class.



Jenna had been sitting so completely swallowed up in her personal disappointment that she hadn’t noticed the professor starting class. As she waded out of her mind and back to the world around her she pulled out her notebook and began taking notes.

This, of course, forced her to look down at absolutely nothing blocking her vision. And this reminded her of the childish actions she’d taken.

She angrily clapped the pencil down onto her desk loud enough that those students immediately around her looked up for a moment. Jenna didn’t care, she was already too ashamed of herself to add any more embarrassment to the pile. She had to put something else on her mind. Even though she was in the back row of a stadium style classroom she didn’t dare risk playing with her phone. She needed something else to occupy her time with that didn’t glow in her lap and risk her being thrown out.

Looking around Jenna spotted Jon Ronson seated a few rows down from her and about four seats over. Jon was one of the school’s star football players.

There were few female students that didn’t want to find his eyes resting on them at a party. And fewer still that didn’t find his warm manhood resting on them after a frat house event. Sadly, despite her party past, Jenna was only a member of the former group, not the latter.

Jon had hung his varsity jacket on the back of his chair. He sat in full view of many fawning females, his cotton t-shirt hugging every one of his muscles. At the moment Jon was eagerly writing down a note from the droning professor that Jenna had missed, thanks to her personal distraction. She didn’t care, she just watched the young man, imagining what he would be like right after a game, hot and sweaty, taking his shirt off in the locker room…

Suddenly Jon’s imaginary upper body wasn’t the only thing that was wet.

As Jenna gazed upon Jon he stopped writing and looked up. It took a moment for Jenna to realize he wasn’t looking in the direction of the professor. When she followed Jon’s gaze Jenna saw that he was staring at a cheerleader two rows below and across from him. The young woman was eagerly taking her own notes, and the angle of her bent back in combination with her low-cut shirt meant that her apple-sized breasts were almost entirely on display.

Jenna felt a twinge of jealousy run through her, and suddenly her breasts felt warm. This was not just a blush from the Green Monster – something truly unusual was acting on her. A quick glance down proved it; Jenna could see her nipples being pushed against the inside of her shirt as her breasts grew beneath them.

Hold on – as her breasts grew beneath them?

“Holly shit!” Jenna hissed, not loud enough to get the attention of the droning professor, but loud enough that her immediate neighbors looked over.

And kept looking.

By now Jenna had her hands in front of her stretching top, the little teepees caused by her teats only an inch or two away from her fluttering fingers. She hadn’t yet noticed the stares she was getting as her tits continued to swell, her nipples getting harder and harder from the fabric pressing against them. Her breath was ragged as little pulses pumped new fat into her chest, the skin stretching and then relaxing with each growth spurt. It felt like a large mouth was taking in Jenna’s whole breasts and then letting them slide through the lips, leaving them a touch larger each time.

“Oh…” Jenna sighed, her body spasming from the feel of the fabric. Her boobs had passed the size of her fists and her expansion was starting to slow as she reached softball-size. She continued to stare down in shock, the world around her just a peripheral blur until the guy next to her slurped up the drip of drool hanging from his lip and murmured, “Cool!”

Jenna made a sharp intake of air as she sat bolt upright and realized she was being watched. The intake of air was not from sudden embarrassment – although she was quite embarrassed now – but was actually caused by the feeling of her tits bouncing around under her shirt. Her new mass was confined by the material and threatening to pop at least one button. Jenna was completely unprepared for the weight of the fleshy mounds of jelly that had suddenly overgrown her ribs.

Flushed with arousal and embarrassment Jenna quickly grabbed her things and rushed out of class.

to be continued…



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Compounding the Issue

by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.


Jenna stretched, her arms rising over her head and her back arching. As she did so her t-shirt dragged across her pale skin. Relaxing, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sat for a second, her head hanging a bit as she willed herself to stay awake. She wasn’t very enthused about facing the day.

Her dirge of enthusiasm was partially brought on by her dislike for her classes. As a technically college sophomore Jenna should have been taking the classes she was really interested in; biological science courses. But as a former party-hardy freshman who ditched most of her basic courses she now found herself having to retake them – with passing grades, this time.

The second reason(s) she wasn’t keen to start the day lay before her. The problem with letting your head hang is that it puts one’s bosom right into view.

Or, it would have if Jenna had one. She would have cheered to the Heavens had she woken that morning – or any morning – with soft pink grapefruits gently sloping from her ribs. Instead, under the light cotton she slept in, were a pair of breasts about as large as the word “grapefruit” is long.

Yes, this word – “grapefruit.”

Her nipples were the most prominent part of her tits, and Jenna hated how sensitive they were. At the end of a pair of Double D boobies hard nipples are great, like the cherry on a sundae. Hard nipples growing off the curve of one’s ribs are just a frustrating reminder of what isn’t behind them.

But they were all she had to work with, so Jenna had given up the practice of wearing padded bras to simulate curves. She’d gotten the stink eye from one too many guys who’d taken off her bra and turned the lights back on when they couldn’t find what they thought should be there.

A rustle from the bed at the other side of the dorm snapped Jenna’s self-reflection back to the world around her. Looking over she saw Joy push herself up onto one elbow. Her roommate’s blonde curls fell like a curtain of vines across her chest, bumping into the domes that were Joy’s breasts. These were the grapefruit-sized examples that Jenna was so jealous of. The only thing Jenna’s brunette strands did when they fell across her chest was keep going and then swing back.

Morning,” Joy smiled, her eyes not quite open yet.

Morning…” Jenna replied. Even this early her roommate’s attitude was perky; Jenna guessed it had to match everything else.

Slowly the roommates wrested from their beds. Messages were checked. Social media was read and replied to. Outfits were selected.

Jenna watched in silent jealousy as Joy picked out the tank top, skirt, and wedge sandals for her hourglass silhouette. Jenna fully believed that a cheerleader-toned body such as Joy’s was all she needed to get ahead in the world – after all, Joy hadn’t flunked any classes.

Jenna had no idea Joy envied something of hers.

While Jenna picked out a conservative blouse and shorts Joy glanced over the paragraphs filled with scientific jargon that took up the screen of the brunette’s computer. The curvy blonde was impressed to the point of jealousy regarding how smart Jenna was. Knowledge came easily and quickly to the other roommate…when she applied herself. Joy cursed how many hours she needed to fully absorb what Jenna could do (sober) in minutes.

With their clothing selected both girls donned their robes, grabbed their shower baskets, and took to the hall.

Where they encountered the one thing that could seriously dampen Joy’s mood.

Morning, bitches,” Resident Assistant Kora barked as they passed her in the hall, “You sluts were actually quiet last night. Couldn’t pay any boys enough to sneak back with you?”

Kora’s body type fell somewhere between Jenna and Joy’s; not quite as ideally sexy as Joy, but with more defined curves than Jenna. Her job as a Resident Assistant was to monitor the dorm for any and all signs of drugs, alcohol, and debauchery. She had the graveyard-shift-into-early-morning patrol, which made her already naturally cranky personality all the worse.

In fact, Kora was prone to being bored on her patrols. Bored, Cranky, and a Position of Power was a bad combination. To fill her time Kora was known to manufacture problems, such as banging on quiet doors in the middle of the night just to wake people up and inform them of “noise complaints.” Almost all booze or weed that she confiscated just went back to her room…some of which would be carried with her and “found” when doing a random check of another room. And one whiff of cologne or any male-oriented scent had her banging on every door in the dorm until she found the contraband man.

Standing up to Kora, stopping her from pushing them around, was a commonly discussed daydream between the roommates. But this morning Jenna and Joy were too tired to try, simply letting Kora’s insults come at them. As the pair entered the showers Kora went on to the rest of her patrol, happy at how she could so casually insult them with no resistance.

After soaping, washing, and drying their lithe bodies the duo went back to their room, dressed, gathered their things for their classes, and went back to the hallway, this time passing Kora’s dorm room.

And when is a door not a door?

When it’s ajar.

Holly shit,” Joy muttered, elbowing Jenna, “Do you think Kora’s still on patrol?”

Probably,” Jenna replied, glancing back down the lengthy hallway behind them. When she turned back around Joy was quietly pushing open the unlocked door to their RA’s room.

What are you doing?!” Jenna hissed, now panicking and looking around to see if anyone had left their room. There didn’t seem to be any witnesses, and as she turned back around she found Joy trying to push something into her satchel bag.

Quick, quick, hide this before someone sees!”

What? What is this?” Jenna exclaimed, fumbling with what felt like a book. She pushed it into her bag with her other study material, but was unable to get a good look at it.

I think it’s Kora’s diary! I snatched it off her desk. Quick, hide it and we’ll stop at the library to check it out!”

Fine, fine,” Jenna shot back, clutching her bag to her chest as the two of them scurried down the hall towards the exit, “But I think this was a bad idea!”

to be continued…



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From A Table

From A Table

a short by Dan Standing

Carla knew she shouldn’t have taken the black heels. But they were sitting all by themselves on that table with no one around, the black patent leather glistening and calling out to her, the four inch heels begging to be worn. So she swiped them.

All day they sat in her purse but Carla waited until she got back to her apartment to try them on. Heading to her bedroom she placed the shiny heels by her mirror and began to undress. She slid the blouse up and around her lithe arms and auburn hair, and then freed her perky tangerines from their fabric prison. A skirt and thong slipped over her juicy ass and down her long smooth legs. She admired herself in the mirror, as she often did, posing to accentuate her hourglass. Carla loved her body, and she loved anything that enhanced its sexiness. She was excited to see how her legs would look in the heels.

She grabbed her new shoes and unzipped the zippers that ran down the center rear of each heel. The fit of her right foot was a bit tight, but her left slid in slightly better. She zipped them both up and posed before the mirror.

Moments after Carla zipped up the back of the second shoe she knew something was wrong. As she crouched in a sexy bend to accentuate her ass she felt a new tightness in the tip of the shoes. It was as if the black leather was flowing into the toe space and filling in around her toes. She’d barely had any room to move them, but now looked down and realized she could not flex her toes at all. They were completely surrounded and held stiffly in place by the material.

Reaching down to unzip the shoes and remove them Carla watched as the rim of patent leather that had been resting around the top of her ankle sunk in and merged with her skin. There was no longer and seam between ankle and foot, just smooth black that transitioned to Carla’s skin tone. Running her fingers over the former divide Carla felt that the only thing raised above her new skin were the closed teeth and handle of the rear zippers.

Not sure how to react to this Carla stood straight and examined her look once more. Her feet looked very sexy stretched up in the shoes, and the angle nicely enhanced her legs. If she had to be stuck permanently wearing only one pair of shoes for her life this wasn’t the worst to be stuck with.

As she stood finding the silver lining Carla felt an itch in the back of her calf. Turning so she could see the other side of her leg the woman’s eyes went wide.

The zipper had started advancing up the back of her leg, directly up the center of her calf. And the shiny black leather color was expanding up after it…




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Foamy Breast Expansion

I recently rediscovered Foamy the Squirrel.

If you’re not familiar with this hilarious series, you’ll be glad I did around 3:10 in the video below. Enjoy!



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Stretching and Remolding in Music Video

Howdy all! Thanks for all the support! In the meantime, enjoy this music video that includes stretching, remolding, and even some light vore. ~dS



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Permission not asked, nor granted

Some of you may be aware that recently an old comic of mine saw a “continuation” at a website I used to write for.

I was never asked about this continuation, it does not have my permission to use characters I own copyrights on, and I generally find the whole situation insulting. I’m gauging my own anger and “is it worth it?” thoughts on how I may proceed with action. Wherever it goes it is not my story, which I am already working on in SFC.

To be clear, anything [new] that isn’t posted here, my Smashwords page, on my dA account, in SexyFantasyComics, or is Whites a Delight but the Redder the Better is not my work. Support what you will, but I thought it best to inform what is and isn’t mine.




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Not just WHAT, but HOW.




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Oh God, I did this to myself! All I wanted was bigger breasts! But now it’s all I am! My long silky legs, that so many men stared at and traced with their hands – gone. My feet and toes…mmm, my toes that so many men had sucked on, sending shivers and pleasure through my bones to my pussy – gone. My taught stomach and toned arms, perfectly formed at the gym – gone. My green bedroom eyes and my lips, my gorgeous bee-stung lips that had kissed so many mouths and enveloped so many salty cocks – gone. My ass, round and perky and so erotically slappable – gone. Even my pussy, my pink trimmed pussy with its needy clit that would blush and flush for a hunky man – gone. I remember feeling the muscles and bones, softening…shifting…compacting. My tits getting warm and tight as they grew…and grew…and grew. Swallowing up everything else that I’d ever been? I can feel myself, all that I am now, two beach-ball-sized boobs sitting in the middle of my apartment complex’s lobby. The cold tile has made my giant nipples rock hard. The air conditioning sends shivers through me. Why did I ever make that wish? And more importantly – why isn’t anyone making love to my giant disembodied bust?



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