Demonology Part I – by Jim Gordon

Dan is still wrapping up some things, but will be back to writing soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy this work volunteered to us by reader Jim Gordon! Don’t forget to vote! ~dS

Demonology Part I

by Jim Gordon

Julie sipped her iced tea as she searched through the stacks. She couldn’t believe how poorly the library was organized. There was no discernible order to the placement of the books, making her search practically impossible. Julie was picking through a shelf when she heard an unexpected sound.  It became clearer as she pulled her dark blond hair behind her ear. She could hear a slurping sound, like someone giving head. Peaking through the shelf she could see a woman bobbing up and down. A flush ran through Julie as she realized the muscle-bound man receiving head was her classmate, Randy.

Randy was against the wall, pants around his ankles, shirt open. As Julie watched her free hand drifted down her sundress, brushing her puckering nipples as she past her freely hanging apple-sized breasts. Her hand continued over her taught tummy, lifting the hem of her sundress and sliding into her panties. Expert fingers found her clit as she spied on the scene before her.

Julie’s hand kept pace with the black haired woman’s bobbing head, and Randy’s stifled goans. Julie’s breathing quickened; she could tell Randy was rapidly approaching release. Julie felt a connection with him, like his pleasure was her pleasure. Their connection came to a crescendo as he grunted out his pleasurable conclusion. Julie bit her lip to stifle her own moan. The mystery woman gulped as she swallowed Randy’s load.

The woman stood up, and Julie instantly recognized her. Those huge six inch heels, the almost-too-short skirt, and the loose fitting plunging V-neck that couldn’t hide her complete lack of breasts should have all been clues. But it was the black shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes that were unmistakably those of her most indomitable rival, Sun-hui.

Julie went from post orgasmic bliss to revulsion, yanking her hand from her slit. She couldn’t believe she’d just gotten off to her rival giving head to her crush amidst the stacks.

In a sultry voice Sun-hui whispered to Randy, “So once you find that book, summarize what it has to say about pressure points and bring those both to my room. I’ll give you a repeat performance, or if you do a really good job, maybe more.” She straightened her shirt and skirt and started to walk off, and Julie, still staring through the stacks, realized Sun-hui was going to see her as she passed. In order to have a cover story if she was spotted Julie grabbed the closest book and ran for the nearest exit.

The young blond returned to her dorm, her sopping wet panties uncomfortable for multiple reasons. As she walked into her room she paused to read the title of the book she had grabbed: Demon Summoning and Binding 401. Julie laughed at the title. The implication that there were enough books like this one to create a pile amused her.

Looking at the clock Julie figured her roommate, Rebecca, wouldn’t be back for a few hours. She poured herself a glass of wine, kicked off her shoes, and slid her wet panties to the floor. Julie figured that even without the book she had been looking for Rebecca would be able to help her with the assignment once she got back.

There were perks to having a roommate a year ahead in the same program.

After her third glass of wine Julie started leafing through the book she had found. Despite her recent cum the graphic pictures were starting to get her hot again. Julie reached under her pillow and pulled out her vibrator. There’d be no disappointing surprise to ruin this orgasm. She started teasing her lower lips while perusing the pictures.

One image was captioned as an arousal demon; it showed a devilish creature with a forked tongue fellaciating a woman.

The next illustration read pleasure demon under it, depicting another horned being with two huge veiny dicks double penetrating a woman.

The third drawing, captioned lust demon, showed a female abomination standing over a human couple. It appeared that the demon was directing the action. Hot…steamy…lusty action…

As Julie thought about the couple in the last image she shuddered in orgasm and dropped the book off the bed as her body went weak.

Once the afterglow passed the satisfied woman shut off her vibrator and grabbed the book off the floor. The pages had flipped to a section she hadn’t seen before. It was titled Ritual to Summon and Bind a Sex Demon. It made reference to the three demons she’d just been masturbating to. The ritual required a focus object to bind the demon to. Julie gulped down the last of her wine and with a smirk started chanting the words before her.

Reader poll. Which demon does Julie summon:

1. Arousal demon

2. Pleasure demon

3. Lust demon

4. Julie performs the ritual three times

Vote in the comments below! Votes will be taken for about a week!



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Still Around, Still Planning A Return

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know I’m still around. More drama on the back-end, 2015 has been pretty sucky so far. Hoping things shape up soon.

Meanwhile, fans of petrification should go take a look at EXIERN. Sadly the process happens off panel, but while the princess was traveling her friend Isabel was turned to stone by the queen. She’s only been in a couple panels so far, but her pose has been very consistent!





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A Thankful Update

Hello My Wonderful Readers,

You may have noticed a distinct lack of updates here lately.

Earlier this month a close member of my family went into the hospital. Her time there was expected to be simple and quick, but gradually slid from Observation to Extended Stay, and then to her current room in the Intensive Care Unit.

My time quickly became filled with the responsibilities to my family, and the tending to the possible arrangements no one likes to think about. When it comes to The Only Two Certainties In Life, I would have much rather been discussing Taxes these last few weeks…

Because other responsibilities can’t be shirked I continued – and continue – to work on the funded projects I had committed myself to. But that meant no time to update this website.

While I always believe that stories should come from a point of inspiration, I’m not one who only writes once they’ve chased down and captured their muse. Although this is a hobby of mine I try to treat my work and my supporters with professionalism. And professionals don’t chase muses, they show up and put words to page.

However, when writing stories there is certainly always more to it than just words. I’ve always prided myself on having a prose voice that is fun and somewhat fanciful. Unfortunately, I do recognize that my work during the time of this hospitalization has lacked that voice. The sentences I have written get the work done, but they aren’t fun to read.

That’s not acceptable to me.

But I’ll be making that right. Over the next week I’ll be reworking things and reaching out to people.

I’m thankful for all my readers. I’m thankful to everyone who has supported me in various ways. And, the reason I’m comfortable talking about this now, I’m thankful that my family is moving from the Intensive Care back to the general Observation wing of the hospital. She won’t be home for Thanksgiving, but I am just thankful that now we are positive that she will be home soon.

So, as a cloud lifts for me and a New Year approaches, I wish the very best to you all. May your clouds lift, or at least may the silver linings be obvious and plentiful. I hope 2014 can close out with good spirits, and that any tunnels have lights that lead to a bright 2015.

Once I put things right in the private projects I’ll be back here with more fun for everyone.

Thank you all,




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Compounding the Issue, Part IX

by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

Quick Actions and Unheard Words

Knowing that neither Jenna nor Joy could object to their clothes being taken – and technically they would be wearing them anyway – Kora keyed in and borrowed a black skirt and a red frilly top that just managed to hold in her breasts. She’d wanted something looser to allow for whenever she might next grow, but that had not been an option. She’d pick something up better suited for further growth sometime later.

Jenna and Joy, meanwhile, were totally happy to be bundled together in Joy’s shirt. The tightness meant that they were pulled together in a fantastic cleavage that allowed them to rub up against each other physically in addition to mentally. They hummed away inside, enjoying the caress of the material and skin.

Strolling through the quad, straight down the center across the grass to maximize her visibility, Kora had an absolutely evil grin to her as she watched the reactions of those around her. Men were staring, women were scowling (and sometimes staring), and Kora was smugly satisfied. As she walked along she saw a guy and a girl on a bench at the other end. The girl, who had a runner’s build and the slightly built chest that naturally accompanied her body type, was tapping at her phone. This was good for the guy next to her, who was unapologetically staring at Kora’s bosom. He was lucky that his actions were not being noticed by his companion.

But that did not last.

A slim hand grabbed the guy by the chin and literally pulled his attention back to his lady friend. Kora watched with a laugh as he tried to keep one eye on the big bobbing bosom while being chastised. Then his attention went fully to the woman next to him as he attempted an apology. Kora continued walking, expecting him to turn and drool over her once more once he was finished talking. But it was clear he was no longer trying to steal glances, and that whatever his apology was it was in earnest.

No no, don’t pay that flat bitch any mind, Kora thought, upset that she’d lost her sway over even one man, Look at me, damn it!

Then Kora felt warmth pour over her boobs. They lurched forward six inches with such speed that the shirt that had once belonged to Joy was sundered to slivers. Kora was physically pulled forward by the momentum, stumbling and falling to the grass. Pain and shock ran through her entire body – except for the parts of her that were Jenna and Joy.

The breasts that had been women were laughing and letting their most pleasant thoughts mix with each other as the sensation of growth pushed them towards a shared orgasm. They reveled in their pleasure, and also giggled a little from knowing the comeuppance that Kora was about to experience. Back in her room Kora had cast on herself the same jealousy growth spell that Jenna had used the day before.

That meant that what would have been only three to four inches of initial growth with one spell was now going to be doubled, as both copies of the spell went to work. But Jenna’s growth spell was also still in place. As Kora sat on the grass, unable to understand why she was growing so much, her breasts flowed out nearly eighteen inches from her before stopping.

Retaining their spherical shape Kora’s breasts really looked like pink beach balls. As a group began to gather, taking pictures and laughing, Kora tried to stand up. Jenna and Joy were heavy, and just coming into their second afterglow, laughing to themselves. As she got her feet under herself Kora looked around. Everyone was pointing and taking pictures of her.

No, not of her, of her breasts.

No no no, Kora bemoaned as she finally started to stand, an arm cupped around each boob, Don’t just look at them! I did this so I would be sexy, not so everyone would look at them! Look at me!

Jenna and Joy came again as more warmth washed over them. Kora’s newly directed jealousy caused the entire process to begin anew, and Kora was pulled back to the ground. What was happening to her was completely beyond Kora’s understanding. As her breasts inflated to the size of large dogs she started screaming. Amongst her mostly incomprehensible tirade she was shouting about how everyone was supposed to be paying attention to her, not the tits that were Jenna and Joy!

But this just started the process over yet again.

Jenna and Joy had reached the size of small cars by the time a group of women appeared on the roof of Rogers Hall, one of the buildings that bordered the quad. Kora was still screaming and struggling to escape the heavy flesh that was attached to her.

With shared conviction the gathered witches removed the spells expanding Kora’s breasts. Jenna and Joy settled at a size so big the A-Team could have fit inside either of them. The magical women then silenced Kora’s vocal chords. They were tired of her screaming, and another spell meant she would find her hands unable to write or type legibly. Kora now had no way to expose the coven. The girl had broken their trust, used their spells for malice, and would – with some magical guidance – spend the rest of her life in a circus freak show. One more bit of magic moved the book that had been the cause of all this from Kora’s bag into their possession.

One spell that had not been removed was the one keeping Joy and Jenna in love. Trapped forever as supersized tits seemed like punishment enough for the girls for stealing the book. The fact that they would forever more experience pleasure while Kora silently struggled was just a bonus of karma.

Jenna and Joy had no idea that all of this was going on. They’d been cumming and cumming with each growth, and were now finally enjoying an extended afterglow. As their minds mingled together in the waning pleasure they were vaguely aware of the new scale they now possessed. Size mattered not to them, but little parts of them did giggle at the realization that Kora would no longer push them around.

Now the situation was quite the opposite.




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Compounding the Issue, Part VIII

by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

Serious Considerations

The next morning Jenna had to admit that she had a problem. Her breasts – Joy – were amazing, but just too big. There was nothing for her to wear, save for a folded up bed sheet. And the risk of her chest growing again, and at this rate, was now much too serious an issue. There was a very real possibility that she’d end up growing to the point that she could no longer walk.

Jenna searched the book and couldn’t find anything sounded like it would fix the problem. She realized that, if she and Joy were going to have any shot at a mobile life together, she’d finally have to do what they’d worked so hard at to avoid; talk to Kora.

Since the books was the RA’s Jenna figured only she would have any insight into what could be done, let alone would believe her. After struggling getting around the desk thanks to Joy – who was happily reveling in all the contact – Jenna retrieved the book from behind it, wrapped a sheet around herself, and made her way down the hall. There was light streaming out from under Kora’s door, and Jenna knocked softly in the hopes that the terrible woman would not open it and Jenna would have an excuse to leave.

Kora opened the door looking more haggard than Jenna had ever seen her before. She didn’t look like she had slept, and her eyes were puffy as if she had been crying. Sweatpants and a tank top even sat disheveled upon her. As she looked Jenna up and down the face of exhaustion turned into a face of anger.

It was you fucktards!” she almost yelled, catching the volume of her voice at the last moment. Before saying more she grabbed Jenna by the upper arm and pulled her into the room. The sudden jerking caused the knot tied in the sheet to become undone, and as she came to a stop inside the room Jenna’s Joy breasts were completely bare. “Where’s my God damn book?”

It’s here,” Jenna answered, holding up the tome. Kora snatched it, almost crying again – but this time out of happiness to have it back. “I’m sorry we took it.”

Shit, you’re sorry?!” Kora almost shouted again, collapsing into her desk chair, “Do you know what I’ve been through, bitch? Do you know where I’ve had to go, what I’ve had to do, what I’ve lost, what I’ve had to promise because this fucking book went missing? Fuck, if I didn’t have this in my hands right now I’d still be thinking my life was over!”

We didn’t think it was that important,” Jenna quickly replied, “We just thought it was a diary.”

You thought it was a…where is Joy? Is that slut not repentant?”

I don’t know how she feels, but she’s here,” Jenna held up her breasts, “I accidentally turned her into my tits.”

Fuck, she’s…there’s one of those spells in here?” Kora muttered, opening the book and scanning the index.

Yeah, it’s like the third or fourth from the bottom,” Jenna sighed, “I need you to undo the spells.”

And why the shit would I do that for you?” Kora responded, not looking away as she flipped through the pages of the book.

Because right now Joy and I are the only two who know why my boobs are so big, but people are going to start asking questions, so if you want to keep that book a secret you may want to consider doing something about this.”

That’s true,” Kora answered, lifting her thumb up to her mouth. Jenna didn’t notice that the other woman was pushing the pad of it against an especially sharp incisor, “I do need to do something to keep this fucking fiasco quiet.”

I’m really glad you think so,” Jenna let out a relieved sigh, “I’ll think if you…”

Jenna trailed off as she realized Kora was already chanting a spell under her breath. The brunette furrowed her brow – the chant’s pacing sounded familiar, but Kora was speaking too quietly for Jenna to recognize any phrasing. It wasn’t until Kora began the third verse, placing her hand on Jenna’s bare shoulder, that Jenna heard her name and she realized which spell it was which Kora was speaking.

No! No! You don’t understand!” Jenna yelled out, starting to back away. She went to put up her hands in protest, but as she did so she felt her muscles start to go limp. What was intended to be a quick raise with palms out was a slow effort with limp wrists.

No, I think I understand quite well,” Kora grinned as she began to direct and press the spell properly onto Jenna. The RA reveled in her slow, threatening approach towards the struggling girl, “Without any trained control over the spell you gave yourself some pretty absurd breasts out of Joy. I figure this way I can get the bust I’ve always desired and silence you at the same time!”

This…not what I wadded…” Jenna trying to cry out, but amidst the protest her jaw started to go soft and hang loose. Her legs seemed to be retaining some structure, but she could feel the bones of her upper body softening under her jellifying flesh. Eyes wide in terror stared at the approaching woman as Jenna’s head slowly slumped to her shoulder as her neck gave out. Her face would have rolled into the gigantic sagging bosom before her if Jenna’s ear hadn’t stuck to the top of her arm.

Helb me…” were the last sounds Jenna managed to say as her body began to fully lose its shape. Her momentum caused her limp arms to swing against the sides of her breasts, causing them to stick and begin to fuse.

Help you? No. Toy with you? Yes! I spent an entire day being questioned and accused of betrayal by a four thousand year old coven when I couldn’t return this book to them. Do you think I fucking wanted to break into and search every dorm on the floor? Or go around campus checking every place I could have stopped at? No! That was because of you, and once I’ve dealt with you and returned this tome perhaps I can put this whole thing behind me!” Kora cried out, the rant clearly the product of a day’s anxieties and frustrations.

Kora’s evil grin was the last thing Jenna saw as she felt, despite her attempts to make her soften legs step back again, her body lurch forward. She closed her eyes as she went face first through the neck of Kora’s top. Her skin was immediately absorbed into Kora, her muscle and bones starting to flow into the witch’s chest.

Jenna could feel her consciousness traveling down the witch’s bosom and settling into her new home. Jenna’s mind was racing, trying to scream in protest, but she no longer had any tool to do that with. Even the sensation of her softening legs kicking and struggling seemed to be a distant echo.

But that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to stop trying to escape. Although Jenna’s body was now almost entirely a shapeless glob pouring into Kora, the RA had left Jenna’s legs with some definition so that they would lend support to her weight.

Jenna was going to show her how terrible an idea that had been.

Kora’s concentration had by now shifted from pressing hard on the merging spell to trying to guide the final size and shape of her growing breasts. She was not prepared for a sudden burst of resistance, especially not Jenna’s legs making a sudden series of kicks. Surprise broke Kora’s concentration, and without thinking she grabbed each thigh in an attempt to wrangle them away from lamps and shelves. Of course, that meant Kora’s hands became stuck to the erratic appendages.

Stop moving, you bitch!” Kora gasped, re-concentrating her mental energy on finishing the spell. The bulk of Jenna’s body had merged with her, and now the bones and muscles within Jenna’s legs had lost the structure needed to do anything of real consequence. With a pop! and a pop! the angry RA now had a new problem. Even though the struggling limbs were dealt with, she was unprepared for how big her tits had gotten. This had not been a good time to lose the use of her hands.

Jenna’s disruption meant that Kora’s breasts had stopped growing just larger than volleyballs, and the maxed-out fabric of her top was painfully cutting into her sides. By now Jenna’s twitching feet were all that were attached to the end of Kora’s arms, but the lowered risk of destruction did not help in removing the tight shirt. Finally, toes were integrated and disappeared under skin, and fingers she fully controlled stretched out from the end of Kora’s wrists. The witch quickly pulled her top off, breathing a sigh of relief as her lungs took in their first full breath in nearly ten minutes.

Taking a moment to recover from her restriction Kora stepped over to her mirror and admired her work. She’d concentrated Jenna entirely into her bosom. Although this made her breasts a little heavier than a similarly-sized woman would have dealt with, they were also incredibly round and resistant to the slope of gravity. Kora turned and admired her nearly-perfect spheres, taking a moment to gently tap at the nipples pointing straight off the front of them. Tiny little jolts went down to Kora’s groin, and inside her breasts Jenna felt the taps and tried to resist their pleasures.

You can’t do this! Jenna mentally languished. She could get a faint vision of what Kora saw in the mirror, and was aghast at the ridiculous titties she had become. Jenna couldn’t comprehend why Kora would have formed her into boobs that looked so fake. The former brunette tried to struggle, tried to do anything. For a moment she thought maybe she’d made one of her nipples twitch, but Jenna couldn’t seem to repeat the reaction.

That was me… another voice gently spoke up, I’ve had a little more time to practice.

Suddenly Jenna realized that another mind had joined her. Joy’s consciousness had moved into Kora’s bosom along with Jenna’s, and was finally making herself known.

Oh, Joy! Jenna mentally languished, I’m so sorry I let…

Once again Joy’s relationship spell took hold of the roommates. Jenna’s lament was washed away thanks to the dynamic change which had once again happened to them, their minds altered to love each other in the new situation. After all, becoming another woman’s breasts was, truly, the most intimate relationship Jenna and Joy could possibly have. As their minds curled together in metaphysical spooning, any fear or anger either of them had about the situation was quickly pushed away. They were now an object of pure sexuality and life.

Over the next few minutes each personality took up primary residence in an individual breast, but they were still mentally together as one. The warmth of their love stretched between them. Jenna and Joy were happy, and silently giggled at the pleasures being paid to them as Kora continued to explore here newly grown boobs. She had no idea that Jenna and Joy were so enjoying her ministrations.

For a few more moments Kora admired herself. Unlike Jenna Kora could not have been more thrilled about her look – she had porn queen tits! Now she’d be able to return the book to the coven that afternoon, she’d eliminated the only threat to the coven’s secrecy, and she had the breasts she’d always wanted.

Well, maybe they could be a little bigger. Kora grabbed the book and started scanning the index again. A few spells down she stopped at one that looked promising.

She didn’t notice that the page she turned too looked very well-thumbed.

to be concluded…



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Compounding the Issue, Part VII

by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

Shared Benefits

Jenna had never been so happy to walk through campus. The stark shadows cast by the lamp posts accentuated the deep cleavage trying to burst its way out of the borrowed dress. Men and women alike stared as the happy brunette strutted towards the off-campus row of frat houses. She was pretty certain her bouncing bounty had caused a passing biker to slam into a parked car.

The smell of pot and alcohol hung heavy in the air at the party. It was immediately clear that most everyone had been partying for some time before Jenna arrived. Not concerned with getting high or drunk, Jenna only wanted to find Joy – and she was rewarded with a scene that seemed out of a movie. As Jenna entered the Kappa house and began to look for her roommate-turned-lover the crowd of drunk and gawking college partiers split aside. There was a clear path now between her and the buxom blonde.

Jenna’s mouth fell open. Joy had purchased a blue, backless mini-dress. She had been facing away when Jenna first spied her, and Joy’s impossible chest swung into view as she turned. The material down her front was clearly intended to be light and ruffled, but thanks to all the extra flesh Joy had up top the blue fabric was stretched nearly to its limits. A few bracelets, a pair of very high heels, and her blonde hair falling just right around her shoulders finished the look. Joy locked eyes with Jenna, smiled, and motioned her over.

You look amazing!” they both giggled, making small claps.

Where’s Jon?” Jenna asked, looking around. She was clearly flushed, her body betraying how much she wanted to grab Joy then and there. But doing so now would ruin the impact they wanted to have on the man. “I’m not sure how long I can control myself.”

I just sent him to get me a-”

Wow, ladies, you look incredible.”

Jenna and Joy turned to see Jon standing with a red plastic cup in each hand. He was dressed in a matching t-shirt, jacket, and slacks. The material hugged him in all the right places, and only a few hours earlier that day the look would have driven both girls to soak their panties.

But his visage had no effect on either of them now.

And they weren’t wearing panties, anyway.

Oh, hey Jonny,” Joy pouted, “We have something we wanted to tell you.”

Oh yeah?” Jon smiled. A small group of partiers around them had begun to watch the trio. The girls’ outfits were already all that was needed to attract attention, but rumors of the roommates’ breast expansion had already spread through the jock and hottie grapevine. Quite a few people were eager to see if the best was yet to come.

It was, but not even Jenna and Joy knew that yet.

Yeah,” Jenna answered Jon, allowing her body to dip a bit so he could see down the front of her dress, “We wanted to tell you we found ourselves a bedmate for the evening.

Oh yeah?” Jon repeated, the enthusiasm in his voice barely contained. It was still clear that he thought they were talking about him. His chest was puffed up, and he was glancing around at all the people he thought were going to witness the greatest score of his college career. “Who is it?”

She is,” Joy and Jenna replied simultaneously. And they began making out in front of everyone.

Jon wasn’t sure how to react at first. As he had been prepared to learn more about the sexiest threesome he could possibly imagine, most of his blood had rushed from the top head to the bottom. Since his expectations had been shot down in a less-than-clear fashion that was also immediately followed by a lesbian make-out session, it took him a moment to realize the kissing women didn’t intend for him to join them. His first thoughts were about how his rock hard cock felt, not how he may have just been humiliated.

But it was when Joy’s lips started to merge with Jenna’s, and her head started to push down towards Jenna’s cleavage, that the power of speech returned to Jon.

What the fuck?”

Thanks to the relationship spell Jenna and Joy weren’t even aware of an issue. All they knew was that they were sharing an incredible kiss, when an absolutely amazing sensation fell over them. Joy felt her mouth start to fuse with Jenna’s – and it felt wonderful. She instinctively moved towards Jenna’s breasts, more and more of her head merging with the other woman’s chin, then neck. Jenna, overwhelmed with a feeling of a pleasurable intimacy like none she had never known before, threw back her head and gasped as Joy’s face, all the way back to her ears, pushed into her chest.

Joy knew she was being sucked into Jenna’s body. It was a warm, loving feeling. It felt like everything that lead up to great sex and great sex at the same time. Her body was being pulled out of her dress and flowing into Jenna’s tits, inflating them, but not at an equal rate to how much of Joy’s body was being taken in. Absorbed up to her ribs, Joy could feel some of her flesh moving to enhance Jenna’s ass and her legs, making her slightly taller and toned.

But most of her was being taken in to Jenna’s growing titties.

As Joy’s breasts were absorbed into her Jenna found herself finally needing real support. She pushed past Jon, who backed up well clear of her. Joy’s dress fell to the floor while the seams of Jenna’s split as she threw her arms to the wall. She watched the crack of her roommate’s ass line up perfectly with the split of her own breasts, and in a few moments Joy’s legs and feet slipped into each boob. This was accompanied by Jenna’s dress tearing down the sides. Jenna’s breasts now hung free and proud.

There was nothing left of Joy. Not physically at least. Inside Jenna’s chest the remains of Joy’s consciousness took up residence. She’d never felt so warm, so happy, so loved. The spell was designed to make them find happiness and love each other each time the dynamic of their relationship changed, so now Jenna and Joy deeply adored the fact that Joy had become, mostly, Jenna’s own round flesh.

Each of Jenna’s tits had gained at least six inches from Joy, probably more. Watermelons were no longer an appropriate point of comparison for them – ovular beach balls, maybe? It didn’t seem like there was anything more to do at the Kappa house now. While Jenna’s dress was destroyed there was a chance that Joy’s dress could still stretch far enough to get them back to the dorm room. Jenna pushed the remains of her clothes down her enhanced body and picking up Joy’s dress from where it had fallen.

Jon seemed to be the only one completely panicked by what he had just seen. Everyone else had cheered and hooted, either believing it to be yet another crazy stunt or just being too high/drunk/both to really register what had just happened. Jon just backed up and ran away in horror while the rest of the partiers returned to their own cliques once it was clear that Jenna was getting dressed and the show was over.

Joy could not believe how good it felt to bounce around and bobble as Jenna walked, bent down, and came up again. Jenna could not believe that she now had the strength to do all of that with a straight back – she figured some of Joy had gone to enhancing the required muscles, which was true. Joy shuddered with delight as the blue dress was pulled on over her. The material was stretched beyond the fashionable point, but not beyond its ability to hold in Jenna’s Joy tits.

With their job at the Kappa house completed Jenna started her way back to the dorm. The blue dress had much less support than anything Jenna had ever worn before, but she didn’t need it thanks to her enhanced back. Joy hummed and bobbed in silent – but building – pleasure.

As she walked Jenna was once again thrilled by the glances she was getting. She was looking forward to getting back to the dorm and really enjoying her Joy breasts, but the dynamic of their relationship had changed even more – Jenna felt the desire to fuck a man starting to creep back into her mind. After all, Joy was a part of her now, so Jenna could pursue physical relationships with men once again.

But then something unexpected happened. It started when Jenna caught another guy staring at her breasts as she approached the dorm. At first Jenna just blushed and felt good about being so attractive. But then a thought struck her. Yes, technically these were her boobs. But now they were also another woman; Joy. So when a guy was staring at them, were they really staring at Joy, not Jenna? Were their looks derived only from an attraction to what Joy now was? Not the parts that made up Jenna? If she took this guy to bed would he just want to titty fuck her and ignore the rest of Jenna’s body?

A strange pang of jealousy struck the brunette.

And warmth overtook her chest.

Jenna stumbled down the hall of the dorm as she tried desperately to carry her tits in her hands. Inside them Joy was cumming over and over again as she felt herself expanding, the feeling of wet hot clay filling her. But this wasn’t just Jenna growing from the spell she had first cast on herself; she now had her first spell and Joy’s acting on her. Jenna’s breasts were growing while simultaneously trying to outgrow themselves.

Jenna finally had to release her breasts as five inches of new volume was surpassed. Her hands were needed to cling to the wall as she tried to remain upright. They pulled hard on her as gravity took them; the weight being rapidly added to her upper body outpacing the ability of her new muscles to support it. There was no longer anything that could act as a natural size comparison for the scale of her titties. They’d pushed aside the blue fabric that had once contained them and were hanging to her navel. A gasping Jenna was thankful that no one was in the hallway to see her toplessness.

It had had been nearly impossible to unlock the door to her room, since she couldn’t see the lock. Once the door finally clicked open Jenna stumbled in, struggled to close it again, and then collapsed forward onto her bed. She’d not even had a chance to turn on the lights, using the brief glint of light from the hallway and the various power strip LEDs to find her way.

Joy mentally gasped in pleasure as her enormous expanse bounced onto the mattress. She could feel Jenna leaning against her, trying to catch her breath. There were parts of Joy that were sore from being stretched and knocked around, but overall she felt more pleasure than pain. Jenna’s heavy breaths were rocking her wonderfully into the sheets.

Leaning against her finally-support-gigantic-titties Jenna just breathed for a while. As her exhaustion and aching started to fade away the intimate joys that Joy was feeling slowly overtook Jenna’s mind. She let the dress fall away from her and carefully climbed into the bed, pulling herself to a kneeling position behind her chest. As she repositioned herself the sheets rubbed on her enormous underboob and Jenna felt her slit seriously dripping.

Oh…Joy…” Jenna sighed, running a hand over each mam and kissing them. She could just reach her fingers to a nipple. Gripping it was difficult, but she could run her tips up and down the shaft of the hardened teat. Jenna and Joy shared a little pre-orgasmic shudder, and Jenna slid her other hand under her breasts and between her legs. There it found a very wet bit of femininity.

Jenna bit her lip and let a little gasp escape as she plunged her fingers into herself. While two filled her needy dripping void her thumb found her clit. Joy could not directly feel the delight between Jenna’s thighs, but she could feel a general bliss emanating from her host. In addition to that, as Jenna’s work down below became more harried and urgent, the hand working her breasts also doubled its speed.

Soon both Jenna and Joy were shuddering and cumming. As Jenna’s muscles started to relax, and wonderful afterglow took her, the fully human roommate let her body slide backwards and to the side. She curled her legs up and spooned the breasts that had once been her friend, and both girls found a deep sleep waiting for them in the impossible embrace.

to be continued…



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Compounding the Issue, Part VI

by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

New Ground

Jenna arrived back at the dorm to find it empty. She pulled off her completely defeated blouse and once again examined her breasts. She lifted them up, and could brush her cheeks against the upper curves. A light smell of her own sweat wafted from them, a scent that Jenna did not find entirely distasteful. Her thighs were fidgeting and squeezing together a little. All the rubbing to her nipples and titty skin was creating quite a fire down below. Jenna released her breasts, letting them slap down against her. The slight pain from gravity’s tug helped push back the need between her legs.

She was just about to start looking through Joy’s clothes when she heard someone keying into the room. Terrified that it was Kora Jenna grabbed her blouse and tried to cover herself, but let her arms drop as she saw Joy enter.

As the door closed they got a look at each other.

What the fuck did you do to yourself?” they both said, simultaneously.

Me?” Jenna was the first to respond, “You know what I did, I cast a spell for bigger breasts! Which was not something you needed! What did you do?”

Well,” Joy sighed, not seeing the point in lying because of the second spell she’d cast, “I was afraid you’d end up bustier and smarter than me, and I couldn’t handle that, so I cast a spell that would make me grow every time you did.”

What? Why would you?” Jenna’s anger at what felt like a betrayal was rising up faster than she could fully process it, “I just wanted to be a little more desirable, but you had to…go and…”

Jenna’s tirade faded off as Joy’s other spell acted on them, eliminating any cause for jealousy or feelings competitive underachievement. Before now neither woman had ever considered a member of their own sex attractive.

Now they couldn’t imagine being attracted to anyone else.

Fuck, your titties look delicious.”

I need to feel your skin against mine!”

In a flash Jenna and Joy were embraced. It was difficult, since their breasts took up so much room, but with a little bending they managed to get their lips to meet in a sloppy French kiss. They both worked to get Joy’s sweatshirt off, and as they moved to the nearest bed each girl shimmied their bottoms and panties to the floor.

A heavy scent of womanly musk was released into the room from both of them.

Amidst the sheets they were an awkward flailing of limbs and boobs. When nipples weren’t being squeezed between fingers at least one of the roommates had a teat between their lips. For the first time their hands felt the smooth, soft skin of a woman, moving from shoulders to hips to ass, pulling each other as tightly against themselves as they could.

I need…I need your tongue on my clit!”

And I need mine on yours!”

The weight of their massive breasts made assuming the sixty-nine a challenge. When it became clear that doing it on their sides wasn’t an option Joy rolled onto her back. Her boobs barely pooled out to the edges of her ribs, retaining much of their round curve. Jenna had to lift her leg high to get it to the other side of her lover’s body, and as she settled down atop her Joy actually had to nestle Jenna’s lower body into her cleavage in order to reach the brunette’s dripping slit. Jenna’s breasts rolled down either side of Joy’s hips as she lowered her face between the blonde’s thighs.

They each found that the other’s juices tasted amazing. Their tongues lapped eagerly at the slits before them, while arms continued to play with tits and ass. After a minute each girl felt the warmth of an orgasm begin to tighten their bellies, and soon they were both cumming. Their bodies locked and their muscles spasmed against each other as their orgasms took hold. They were both so taken by the experience that neither had it in them to scream, instead a silent yell of pleasure stretched their faces.

As the girls finally came down from their bits of bliss Jenna lifted herself up and collapsed next to Joy on the bed. Their four boobs rolled against and amidst each other as they let the afterglow warm them. Their hands found each other, and fingers gently caressed palms.

That was amazing…” Jenna finally managed to sigh, “…but what happened? I’d never thought of you like that…this…before.”

I was afraid my first spell would upset you…”

First spell?”

Yeah,” Joy fessed up, now incapable of lying to her lover, “So I cast another one which I thought would keep you from being mad at me once you learned what I did.”

Well, that part certainly worked!” Jenna smiled, realizing she held absolutely no ill-will towards Joy for anything she was admitting to, “But this wasn’t what you expected, was it?”


But I really liked it. Like it.”

Me, too.”

And here I thought I’d be fucking Jon Ronson tonight.”

Me to – wait!”

Although each girl really wanted to fuck the other again, that desire was far from capable of suppressing to urge to gossip. It didn’t take long for them to put together what had happened inside and outside the student store.

That…that…” Jenna was fuming.

Cut him some slack, if you could fuck us both, wouldn’t you?”

Well, yeah, now. So…I guess, yeah, he didn’t do anything wrong…”

But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to go to the party, make out in front of him until his dick practically bursts, and then leave him with the worst blue balls ever, right?”

Jenna almost fell off the bed from laughing at Joy’s little plan.

I love it!”

Wonderful!” Joy giggled, giving Jenna a quick kiss on the lips as she got up. Jenna’s body actually ached a little as the other woman left the bed and started putting her sweatshirt back on.

What are you doing?” the brunette asked.

Getting dressed enough that I can run over to that boutique off Payne Street without getting arrested.”


Because I don’t think I have anything sexy that will actually fit these babies,” Joy grinned, hefting her watermelons as she bent down to grab her panties and skirt.

I’ll go with you,” Jenna replied, standing up from the bed and reaching for her own bottoms.

No, no, some of the fun will be surprising you,” Joy winked. She flipped one foot up a little to accentuate her flirting. Jenna laughed at the silly move as Joy grabbed her bag. “Besides, I think we’re big enough! I’m certain you can find something of mine to wear. Use the extra time to find a spell in here that will turn off this growth!”

Jenna almost dropped the book as Joy tossed it to her. It actually bounced off the brunette’s boobs and tumbled into her grip.

You took the book! I thought we’d lost it!”

Nope, figured I might need it if my second spell went wrong. And it did, but in the best way possible, right?”

Oh God, I can’t imagine my life without you as a part of it!” Jenna exclaimed. Nothing about that felt wrong to her at all.

Seriously!” Joy grinned. Fully dressed she made her way to the door, “If Kora comes back, um, I guess hide! And I’ll see you at the party, okay?”


With that Joy was gone. Jenna retrieved her phone and climbed back onto the bed. Still completely naked she sat cross-legged. Her breasts almost came to her thighs. She was certain that in the same position Joy’s sex bags would have rested on her legs.

It took a little while of translating before Jenna found anything that sounded like it would undo or remove any of the spells. To be honest, Jenna didn’t want to remove the spell on her – not just yet. She’d honor Joy’s desire to not grow her own chest any further, but Jenna felt she could go bigger.

It took a little additional translating before Jenna was satisfied that the “Combine two spell” was probably what she was looking for. If she couldn’t flat out cancel the spell Joy had cast on herself, then the next best idea was for Jenna to move it to herself. Then she’d be the only one growing. A prick from her nail clipper, a few incantations, and it was done.

After hiding the book between the wall and her dresser Jenna gleefully threw open Joy’s closet.

Thirty minutes were spent giddily going through the blonde’s collection of sexy outfits, and the final thirty minutes were spent by Jenna trying to decide which ones she believed she could actually fit in. Ultimately she managed to squeeze into a small-shouldered sundress with alternating horizontal white and soft-red stripes. A small black belt would have completed the look, but Jenna’s breasts caused the dress to ride up too far past where the belt would look right. The sundress was supposed to stop midway between Jenna’s hips and knees, but was pulled up just beyond the crease where ass met thigh.

Satisfied with her look, and not feeling like her breasts were too constrained, Jenna freshened up her make-up and left for the party. As she left the dorm she was completely flabbergasted by how she’d avoided Kora yet again.

She no longer believed she could just be lucky.

to be continued…



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Mind Control Stories by Doctor MC

I don’t write a lot of stories involving Mind Control, but there are some really great ones by Doctor MC. Just like me Doctor MC believes in bringing a great story to the projects he works on, and I have had the pleasure of reading Three More Wishes and really enjoyed it.

For you Mind Control lovers out there, you should certainly check out;




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Compounding the Issue, Part V

by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.

What Comes Around

Joy cleared her throat as she took the podium. She’d accidental bent and rearranged her 3×5 cards when she stuffed the spell book into her bag, and now she hoped she’d arranged the cards correctly. She’d never heard of someone failing Public Speaking, and she wouldn’t be the first. She set her phone to buzz when her time was almost up, and placed it in the podium’s small shelf. She gripped the wooden stand with sweaty palms and began reading.

The curvy blonde was accustomed to having to read over her bosom. It was something she lived with gladly. What was different this time was that her bosom had gone warm and was now trying to actively block her view of her cards.

Pretty much everyone gasped at the same time as Joy’s breasts grew outwards. With her bra and tank top already tight on her the pink flesh had only two choices for escape; either push out under her arms, or up into a cleavage that resembled a bubblicious butt more than breasts. Joy could think of nothing more to do but stare slack jawed down at her painfully pulling tits as they billowed up towards her chin.

“Ow ow ow ow ow…” she hissed, her mind finally catching up and realizing that it was the spell acting on her. Joy considered for a moment how good it would feel to rip off her shirt and bra and relieve the pressure in one swoop. As desperately as she wanted to do that Joy was now aware of the cell phone cameras that had risen up from the student audience in front of her. She was not about to strip in front of the digital world. Instead, she calmly reached back and undid the clips of her bra through her tank top. Her shirt jumped as her tits pushed forward. The tank top still kept things restrained, but it was clear from the stress on her shirt and loose brassiere that Joy had just gained three extra inches of soft flesh.

She knew that Jenna must have had quite a jump in size if it had given herself so much growth – these were practically the size of Joy’s head!

Now that the immediate pain was dealt with Joy looked up at a new problem; the professor and students all staring completely dumbfounded at what had just happened. Joy fidgeted for a moment. With the number of phones still raised with their cameras pointed at her she didn’t want to try running from the room. She looked down over the more distant horizon of her bosom and considered picking up where she’d left off on her presentation.

What did one do in this sort of situation?

Joy’s options were narrowed down for her as another wave of warmth washed over her boobs.

Oh no! rang through her head as Joy realized she was growing again, What the fuck are you doing, Jenna?

There was no choice in the matter now. Joy knew she was already lucky that her tank top hadn’t yet burst down a seam. She was probably already the queen of video uploads, she didn’t need to help that by having her boobs spring from her shirt.

God, how could someone resist editing something like that into slow motion?

Trying to keep her balance as she bent down Joy grabbed her bag from next to the podium, struggled as she stood up, and jiggled her way out of the room – leaving her phone on the shelf. Once in the hall she fled through the first door she could find.

Which was an exit out of the building.

This left her slowly spreading her stitching outside at the edge of the quad. Clutching her bag to the growing flesh Joy looked around for a place she could quickly duck into before her classmates thought to follow her. She spotted the school store two buildings down and made her way for it. She could feel the meat of her chest pushing against her, and the pressure she was placing against it was painful. She barged her way through the door of the store and down the first row of aisles. As she made her way towards the dressing rooms she grabbed the largest sweatshirt off the first rack that offered them and disappeared inside the little room.

Dropping her bag to the floor Joy struggled to peel off her top and the remainder of her bra. As all supports left them gravity pulled her mams down through the open space between stomach and fabric and Joy threw the confining fabric aside.

“Holy. Shit.”

Round sex pillows the size of watermelons hung from her. Joy was barely able to keep her back straight. They were bigger than anything the girl had ever imagined having.

They were amazing.

“I must have, like, the biggest titties of all time!” she exclaimed, clapping and lifting up off her heels for a moment. The fresh flesh bounced and pulled, forcing Joy to brace herself against the wall. Once they stopped moving she took a moment to hold and cradle them, reveling in the sensation of her palms against her bosom. They felt good – maybe not much more so than her breasts usually did – but the novelty of being able to lose her face in her own cleavage added something to Joy’s experience.

The reality of having to eventually leave the dressing room hadn’t been forgotten, and when she was done exploring she picked up the sweatshirt. There was some struggling before she was able to get the XL sweatshirt over her assets. So big were they that the supposedly large top barely reached Joy’s belly button.

As she left the dressing room Joy looked for the credit card in her bag. Making her way towards the front, with both her breasts blocking her vision and her attention directed towards the search for her card, she didn’t see Jon Ronson in front of her.

“Oh! Hey, look where-” was all Jon got out before he saw the size of the chest that had bumped into him. The gears changed. “Sorry, I didn’t see…Joy?”

“Oh hey Jon, how are you?” Joy blushed. His gaze at her fully-filled sweatshirt and the obvious shifting of things around his crotch wasn’t anything she was unfamiliar with, but something about the over-the-top nature of her changed body made her suddenly bashful.

Also, her bra-less nipples were rubbing against the inside of the sweatshirt and stirring things up around her crotch.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Jon finally answered, not initially registering that she’d asked him a question. “What’s nnn…uh…what are you up to?”

“Oh, just some clothes shopping,” Joy replied. She pulled out her credit card in a victorious flourish, and simultaneously twisted her torso back and forth. This caused her boobs and his eyes to swing a bit. “Would you like to help me try something on in the dressing room?”

The pause that followed Joy’s question was caused by Jon’s brain trying to pull itself together.

“I, uh, I’d love to, but I have practice to get to. However, I’d love to check out one of your new outfits tonight at the Kappa party,” Jon finally replied.

“Oh, sure,” Joy replied. Then a fun thought struck her. If her breasts alone were melting his mind, then… “And you know what, Jon? If you see my roommate Jenna you should invite her as well. If I see her I’ll do so myself. I think you’ll find out that there are some new things we’ve been…sharing.”

Joy’s response had been purposefully unclear, and Jon’s mind filled in the blanks Joy suspected that his young male mind would. She couldn’t wait for his reaction to seeing them together.

“Uh sure. See you then,” Jon affirmed, and he stumbled into two clothes racks as he tried to leave while letting his eyes linger on the expanse wrapped within the sweatshirt. As he finally left the store Joy giggled to herself, then approached the counter as she searched for the UPC tag hanging somewhere from her yet-to-be-purchased top. This would do for now, but she hoped she could find something much sexier back in her own closet.

to be continued…



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Compounding the Issue, Part IV

by Dan Standing

Based on a commission.


Jenna had walked to Prob/Stat 101 absolutely beaming. With a shirt that fit and a bra that kept her from being completely obscene she could not have been giddier about the looks she was getting. Seated in the second to last row, smack in the center, Joy could watch the reactions of the various male students who came in. Instead of stepping up onto the rows of desks some flat out stumbled as they eyed her eagerly bared cleavage.

In a way Jenna also relished the sneers she was getting from many of the girls, although deep down she did feel sad that someone would dislike her just for having big breasts. Soon the teacher arrived and class started. For the first ten minutes or so Jenna was able to concentrate on the class. However, it wasn’t long before her pencil was lowered and her eyes were raised. They wandered to the hunkier boys seated in the rows below her. Now she had the titties, so now she needed to decide who to use them on.

As Jenna’s eyes flitted about she settled on one of the basketball players. He had on shorts and a t-shirt that let her see the muscles of his arms and legs. Jenna nibbled her finger for a moment as she thought about running her hands over his flexing body, feeling his – what was he looking at?

Again Jenna followed a guy’s eye line and found him to be staring at a girl’s cleavage. Unlike last time this girl’s breasts were smaller than Jenna’s – although still nothing to scoff at.

He should have sat up here to gaze upon me… Jenna thought, suddenly jealous that a guy would even look at someone else’s subpar chest just because Jenna’s boobs were out of view.

As the thought concluded warmth welled up in the student’s chest. She looked down and this time managed to stifle her gasp as she saw her breasts once again growing. It was as if her stretched skin was being filled with warm clay. She felt the weight on her shoulders increase as the bra’s cups filled with her sinful cushions. Her nipples, which had been comfortably cradled by the cups, were now being plowed into the material.

Jenna sat as quietly as she could. When she’d grown the first time her surprise had robbed her of the chance to enjoy the magic acting on her. This time she would relish the changes being made to her. The bra and blouse had some room to spare, and as the support of the brassiere billowed her boobs up into the blouse’s collar Jenna let her bodily pleasure give her a little shiver as fabric and skin rubbed against each other.

After a moment the changes were done, and Jenna tried to calm her breathing. The bra was being strained, but was not cutting into her with any pain; Jenna figured she’d grown at least three inches, the last inch pushing her over Joy’s size.

As the full faculties of her logical mind returned to her Jenna acknowledge that she was a little confused by what had happened. She’d thought that the spell would just make her the same size as anyone she was jealous of. This girl had tinier titties than her, so…had she mistranslated the spell? Or, at least, misinterpreted? Would jealousy of any perceived competition cause her to grow, regardless of the difference between chest sizes?

Jenna’s concerns and thoughts on this wafted away, however. The supernatural warmth may have ebbed from her chest, but a far more natural one had welled up between her legs. The seemingly more important goal – or, at least, the more immediate one – was to sate the lust nestled amidst her thighs. So the search for a cock continued, and this time she looked around to those closer to her – perhaps a quickie in the restroom would be possible. A guy down a row and to her right had on some tight jeans which weren’t hiding the fact that he was excited about something. Jenna licked her lips; a nice thick object the size of a kielbasa was clearly outlined between the boy’s leg and his denim.

Assuming that this guy wasn’t turned on by math Jenna again tried to see what he was looking at. This time it was quickly obvious to Jenna what was going on. One female student in the second row was leaning back in her chair. She had small breasts, only about an inch bigger than Joy’s had been that morning. She was wearing a thin shirt over a bra. As Jenna had once done, this girl was wearing a bra far too big from her just so that it would give her some curves. But because of how far the cups pushed out the neck of her shirt this girl’s nipples were clearly visible inside the bra.

Fuck, he’s looking down there at her when I have way better tits and nips up here! Jenna muttered in her mind.

And then the warmth hit again.

Oh no no no…”

Jenna began squirming in her seat as the inflation of her mams began again. The bra was already filled, so the flesh had nowhere to go but up and out. The straps of the bra began digging into her shoulders, and Jenna sent a hand behind her back to try and release the hooks through her shirt. As those students behind and beside her took notice of Jenna’s struggles, and began not-so-subtly whispering amongst themselves, Jenna because self-conscious of what was happening. Between that, the pain on her shoulders, and the sound of material stretching near its breaking point, Jenna’s hands were too fumbly to make any progress behind her back.

It was when the top button of the busting blouse blasted off beyond the teacher’s podium that Jenna grabbed her things and lurched out of the classroom. Each desperate step down to the door threatened to throw her flesh into Jenna’s face. In the hallway her breasts were still growing as she saw her first chance at privacy; the handicapped bathroom. She locked herself inside the room and started to undo the remaining buttons of her blouse.

It was now that one of the bra straps finally had enough and snapped. Jenna was almost pulled to the floor as gravity yanked the overflowing tit down and forward. The brunette had just enough time to grip the sink and stop her fall, and the momentum caused the other bra strap to snap. Both breasts now overflowed out of Jenna’s shirt and across her ribs, and she stood braced against the sink as the growth came to an end.

Once she had her balance sorted out Jenna took a wobbly step back and looked in the mirror.

Jiggling balls of flesh just an inch bigger than volleyballs hung off of her skin. They blocked her upper arms in the reflection. Jenna couldn’t be sure if they were bigger than her head.

But they were far bigger than she’d ever intended.

I need to get to the library.”

There was panic in her voice. She’d said the sentence out loud in an attempt to calm and assure herself that there was a way to fix things, but that failed miserably as her voice trembled. She could no longer use the bra, and while the bottom buttons of the blouse could hold the material closed enough to keep her from being grabbed by campus security, it looked like she was wearing the sluttiest midriff baring tied-top ever. It offered no actual support, so Jenna had to walk carefully, while her breasts rolled and shook inside the shirt, constantly threatening to tug so hard on the knot that it would unwind and bare her nipples to the wind.

Like the last time the breast expansion had pushed her outside her control and comfort, Jenna was embarrassed by the outright leers she was getting as she bounced her way to the library. She wanted to be more desirable, not seen as slut. She could not believe how badly this was going.

Things did not appear to be improving for her when Jenna found the empty spot on the shelf.

Shit!” Jenna exclaimed, at this point not caring how quiet she was in the library. She pulled all the books from the shelf that Kora’s tome was supposed to be on, and then all the books off the shelf below that. When she was certain it was gone she slumped with her back against the shelves and almost slid to the floor. The weight of her breasts caused her upper torso to hang forward, and the angle kept her from sliding all the way down. She pulled out her phone and texted Joy, hoping she had some idea as to the whereabouts of the book.

When no response came back immediately she decided to return to the dorm room, and hope she could a) avoid Kora, and b) find something of Joy’s that would fit her new bosom.

Jenna found herself once again skulking across campus, her arms and bag crossed over her breasts to again hide and support tits she’d been unprepared for. After she’d passed the student store by about twenty paces she was stopped by a male voice.

Hey Jenna, wait up!”

Jenna could hear someone running up behind her. She dared not turn, afraid her swinging swaddlings would either pull her over or knock down whoever was approaching. She was surprised to see Jon Ronson jog around to face her.

Hi Jon,” Jenna almost stuttered, letting the coverage of her breasts go slack a little, “What can I do for you?”

Well, I just wanted to…” Jon’s voice trailed a little as he got a glimpse of the cavernous cleavage pushing up behind Jenna’s arms, “…to, uh, invite you to the big Kappa party tonight.”

Jenna’s heart skipped. She’d been to plenty of frat parties before, but had always gotten in as part of a group – or because nobody stopped her. But to be singled out and invited…she knew she was holding the reason for this in her hands. Her panic over her unintended growth had pushed her earlier arousal away, but now – with this hunk standing before her – Jenna felt it well up again. She let her arms relax even more.

Thank you so much, Jon,” Jenna smiled at him, bending slightly in a mock curtsy designed to give him a better view, “Hey, do you want to go someplace a little more private and…talk about the party?”

Oh, no, but thanks, I have to get to practice,” Jon replied, not at all trying to hide his interest in Jenna’s cleavage, “But I’d love to…catch up with you tonight at the party.”

That sounds great,” Jenna smiled, and the two parted.

She seriously hoped she could find something of Joy’s to wear.

But now she could let maybe a little more skin show.



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