Judging By The Cover

I will return to the last entry of La Metafeminine En Español soon (as well as getting that A Lamp for Medusa review written) but after a missed update something more creative is required!

Judging By The Cover

Cheryl arched her back and cried out. She could feel another splash of fluid on her already-soaked-and-dripping thighs. Her scream of pleasure was barely muffled by the pillow her face was pressed into.

She could feel all four of her nipples dragging against the mattress. Her second pair of breasts were still growing in, getting heavier and heavier on her ribs. Every pleasurable pulse pushed more pink flesh up from her skin. Fat and muscle knitting itself to her in a strange and alien way. She no longer had any doubt of the gypsy’s legitimacy.

Her loins were already quivering from the intense erotic impulse racking through her body as she grew two new tits. But now a new quiver was shivering through her hips. Cheryl flipped herself to her back, four fleshy grapefruits swinging and jiggling as she moved. They flattened out atop her body completely covering her ribs. The air licked at them, teasing them almost as badly as the sheet’s fibers.

Cheryl’s legs were shaking. She could feel her juices dripping down them. The mattress was already soaked to its limit.

“Ah…aAHH!” the runner cried out as her hips started to spread and crack. Her labia and pussy felt as if they were softening…and then stretching. The gap between her legs stretched wide before a new isthmus of skin split it in half. Two engorged clits settled next to each other above two pair of labia. Cheryl’s breathing was haggard, and she could barely catch her breath – as would be expected of anyone who had just experienced two simultaneous orgasms.

The exhausted woman lay back in her bed for a few minutes, doing nothing but breathing. Her entire body felt thrice as sensitive as it had before, and she did her best not to move – or risk setting off a chain of events she didn’t think she’d be willing to stop.

Slowly, gradually, as the post-orgasmic glow left her and her body settled into only twice its previous sensitivity, Cheryl lifted her head up. She peered down her doubled cleavage and could see a pair of mons pubis rising up from her lower abdomen. Twin rivers leaked from her pussies, and four hard nubs atop her chest reached for the ceiling.

“I bet I get twice the pleasure you get in bed…” Cheryl recalled saying to the strange woman.

“Oh yes?” was the reply, “I’m sure you will.”

She wasn’t certain then, as Cheryl watched the hand waving and chanting, if it was real mysticism or just a crazy woman’s rants. Now it was clear which was the case.

Cheryl’s plan had worked.




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La Metafeminine En Español: Gorgonas y la Piedra

Alright, welcome back to our next entry of La Metafeminine En Español! This time we’re going to be looking at a selection of works where Gorgons and Stone Transformation were the primary metafeminine aspect on the cover.

We get things started with a bit of a dud;

The cover to my copy of El Libro Pasional No. 93: El Laberinto De La Muerte (The Passionate Book: The Maze Of Death)

The cover to my copy of El Libro Pasional No. 93: El Laberinto De La Muerte (The Passionate Book: The Maze Of Death)

Right off the bat El Libro Pasional No. 93: El Laberinto De La Muerte (The Passionate Book: The Maze Of Death) starts off strange. Medusa is the gorgon within the pages, so I assume she’s the one pictured on the cover. But I have no idea why she is portrayed there as a kindly old woman. I was hoping that we’d get some sort of compassionate telling of her tale within, but no. Inside there are only four panels (out of a 100+ page book) which illustrated Medusa, three of them bust/head shots and the fourth a bad body silhouette. And she’s scary, but looks a guy right in the face and…nothing happens.

At all.

They don’t even fight.

There’s a couple women in skimpy outfits within, but in general avoid this one. It’s not worth the money.

Moving on to one which at least has a better looking cover…

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia No. 25 - Perseo y La Gorgona (Jewels of Mythology - Perseus and the Gorgon)

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia No. 25 – Perseo y La Gorgona (Jewels of Mythology – Perseus and the Gorgon)

Your opinion of Medusa’s portrayal in  Joyas de la Mitologia No. 25 – Perseo y La Gorgona (Jewels of Mythology – Perseus and the Gorgon) will depend on how you like your gorgon. If you said “asleep and completely inactive from start to finish” then this is the book for you.

Yeah, you read that right. Medusa doesn’t do anything more in the comic than she does on the cover – although she is portrayed with feathery wings inside. She’s in eight panels – including shield-reflection and post-beheading appearances – and just lies with her eyes closed the entire time except for the panel where she’s actually beheaded.

And somehow she manages to petrify one random guy while sleeping.

I’d list an appearance of the Fates as something to look for – named La Damas Grises (The Gray Women) in the story – but they’re pretty nasty looking. If you like the cover and want to see more of the lovely-woman-with-snake-hair version of Medusa sleeping then go for it, but overall it’s another one I won’t recommend.

Fortunately Joyas de la Mitologia No. 278 redeems the usually reliable publication with this next issue;

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia No. 278 Presenta: La Mujer Que Tenía El Corazón de Piedra (Jewels of Mythology Presents: The Woman Who Had The Heart of Stone)

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia No. 278 Presenta: La Mujer Que Tenía El Corazón de Piedra (Jewels of Mythology Presents: The Woman Who Had The Heart of Stone)

Presenta: La Mujer Que Tenía El Corazón de Piedra (Presents: The Woman Who Had The Heart of Stone) tells the story of Anaxarete. You don’t get many adaptations of Anaxarete – a woman who spurned an interested man so acidly that he killed himself – and it’s interesting to see the story play out in graphic form. Ultimately, as Anaxarete remains completely cold to the man even after his death, she is turned to stone by the gods.

In this story it is the man’s mother begging the gods that all of Anaxarete should be as stony as her heart, and it comes to pass. We don’t see the actual stone transformation happen, but we see her posed while flesh-and-blood in one panel and then being unloaded from a cart as a stone statue – in the same position – on the next page.

I have to recommend Joyas de la Mitologia No. 278 for purchase despite two downsides; the lack of transformation on panel and the slightly lesser art quality than that found in other issues (although not unacceptable). But the cover is fantastic (although unrelated to how things actually play out within), Anaxarete’s maintained pose between fleshiness and stoniness is well done, and sometimes you really want to enjoy a metafeminine punishment that is coming to a deserving character. Anaxarete fits that bill well.

Closing things up is;

The cover to my copy of Novelas Inmortales No. 501: Triunfos del Amor (Novels Immortals: Triumphs of Love)

The cover to my copy of Novelas Inmortales No. 501: Triunfos del Amor (Novels Immortals: Triumphs of Love)

Novelas Inmortales No. 501: Triunfos del Amor (Novels Immortals: Triumphs of Love) turned out to be a great purchase, as was No. 462. Honestly, I went back and forth on whether to include it in this entry or next week’s, but I felt the cover demanded it be filed primarily under Stone (you’ll understand what all that means later).

First, let’s look at the cover. Anyone interested in petrification knows that Galatea appears in the upper right. Its a great flesh-to-stone transition – although I bet that chisel hurts. Beneath Galatea is a woman with bird wings growing from her back. We’ll get to her later.

Now, Novelas Inmortales is a black-and-white book, the first of today’s stories. While I’m not usually pro-B&W, sometimes it does force some detail work that could be overlooked with color. For example, the first thing that we the readers -and Pygmalion himself - see when Galatea starts to transform from stone to flesh is that the solid orbs that had made her eyes begin to develop irises.

From there her transformation to a real woman is shown mostly through small motions, but it is a beautiful sequence full of joy for the couple. That alone is worth the cost of the book, but if you also want to see Pygmalion get all up on his creation while she’s still stone then there are a few earlier sequences for you.

Now, about that winged woman from the cover. That is Alcyone, who throws herself into the ocean when she learns her beloved has drowned at sea. Great work is done with Alcyone’s transformation, which takes place roughly over four panels.

At first, Alcyone holds up her hands, clearly aware that something strange is taking hold of her. Then, over the next two panels, her arms sprout feathers and transform into full wings. The transition of arms to wings is well done, and has great detail. It also looks nothing like her illustration on the cover.

We don’t see any facial alterations or other changes – she grows wings and then we see her as a fully transformed bird in the next panel – but what we do get is fantastic. Between Galatea and Alcyone we have two great – and purchase worthy – metafeminine tales in Novelas Inmortales No. 501.

Oh, and yes, there is also the tale of Baucis and Philemon within, but their transformation into trees is barely shown.

Anyway, those interested in the change Alcyone underwent should tune in next week as we tackle our final La Metafeminine En EspañolEl Reino Animal!



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La Metafeminine En Español: Para los Árboles

Alright, welcome back to La Metafeminine En Español! Today we’re going to be looking at a selection of works where Tree Transformation was the primary metafeminine aspect on the cover.

First up;

The cover to my copy of Casos Extraordinarios! El Universe de Lo Oculto (Extraordinary Cases! The Universe of the Unseen) No. 49

The cover to my copy of Casos Extraordinarios! El Universe de Lo Oculto (Extraordinary Cases! The Universe of the Unseen) No. 49

Casos Extraordinarios! El Universe de Lo Oculto (Extraordinary Cases! The Universe of the Unseen) No. 49 has a beautifully painted cover. The details are great, and the tree woman (seemingly planted on Mars or some other extraterrestrial locale) looks serene.

My assumption is that the cover was painted to go along with an article titled Los Poderes Ocultos de los Arboles (The Hidden Powers of Trees), but I’m sad to say that the article – and the entirety of Casos Extraordinarios! El Universe de Lo Oculto – appears to have nothing to do with physical transformation – metaphysical changes perhaps, but not the kind we’re interested in here.

Still, it’s a pretty cover, and worth a few bucks if you find it.

Moving on…

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia (Jewels of Mythology) No. 226

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia (Jewels of Mythology) No. 226

In Joyas de la Mitologia (Jewels of Mythology) No. 226′s La Muchacha que se Convirtio en Arbol (The Girl Who Became A Tree – to the point, eh?) we get our first Apollo and Daphne tale.

I won’t dwell on the substance of the myth for long here, because the next book does it far better. Just know that this is very much one of those “the cover art is better than the interior” situations. Inside we do get to see Daphne’s transformation into a tree in a very short sequence, but it is ugly and her ultimate form resembles more an ocean wave than a former woman.

But, Hell, look at that cover! Freaking amazing!

Let’s just say I would gladly frame – and recommend for purchase – the cover as a fantastic mid-process metafeminine work, without ever thinking twice about not being able to reread the story.

Let’s get to a much better take on that particular myth;

The cover to my copy of Novelas Inmortales (Novels Immortals) No. 462

The cover to my copy of Novelas Inmortales (Novels Immortals) No. 462

Novelas Inmortales (Novels Immortals) No. 462  has the opposite problem as the one above, as its cover is misleading regarding the fantastic work to be found within.

Over all it is an interesting little book. Not quit as big as my hand, it’s 170 pages each have only one or two black-and-white panels on them. It’s also interesting in that it appears to tell at least three different myths, but the stories are interwoven and drawn out with much detail.

So, in Apolo y Dafne (Apollo and Daphne) Daphne is introduced near the middle of the book, but she doesn’t transform until the end. And unlike many other adaptations of the Daphne myth, Apollo and Daphne appear to know each other and to be quite friendly early on in the story.

Sadly, this still remains a Greek tale where the woman’s fate is not put in her hands, but in the wills of the finicky gods. Apollo and Cupid get into disagreement, and so Cupid shoots Apollo with an arrow of love and Daphne with a leaden one. Apollo chases, Daphne runs, and if you know the story you know she calls out for help.

In this adaptation we are treated to a four panel transformation process, starting with Daphne’s legs sinking into the ground past her ankles, then her skin becoming rough and bark covered, then her clothing vanishing as her legs fuse into a trunk and her hair and hands become leaves, before she is left as nothing more than a tree with eyes.

The images are accompanied by descriptive boxes, which Google and I have translated to English;

And then, suddenly, Daphne felt her feet sink into the earth and all her limbs stiffened. Suddenly, her skin began to become a tender crust. Her hair became shiny leaves, her feet roots which penetrated the earth, her arms became branches. She was becoming…a tree!

(Y entonces, de pronto, Dafne sintió que sus pies se hundían en la tierra y que todos su miembros se entiesaban. De pronto, su piel comenzo a convertirse en una tierna corteza. Sus cabellos se volvieron brillantes hojas, sus pies penetraron la tierra cual raices , sus brazos se convirtieron en ramas. Toda ella se fue convirtiendo… en arbol!)

The really interesting thing is that over two panels, both of which show Daphne as a complete tree, she still has eyes and eyebrows! It’s an interesting sight, and we are left with the final image of a tree which retains its ability to look around! Between that and the story’s fantastic substance – both in pacing and artwork – I would absolutely recommend grabbing this if you find it.

And our last tree book is…

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia (Jewels of Mythology) No. 243

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia (Jewels of Mythology) No. 243

When I first saw Joyas de la Mitologia (Jewels of Mythology) No. 243′s cover I at first thought that they had visited the Apollo and Daphne myth twice. But as I went through La Mujer Que Odiaba a Los Hombres (The Woman Who Hated Men) it seemed clear that this was some other myth I was actually unfamiliar with!

Then it became apparent that, because I can’t read Spanish and was selectively translating, this was actually two myths merged together, creating an expanded one. It combines the tale of Lampetia and Phaethusa – two daughters of Helios who were supposed to guard the cattle and sheep of Thrinacia and failed when Odysseus and his men showed up and ate them – and the tale of Phaethon, who died when he fell from Apollo’s chariot.

In Phaethon’s original tale he is supposed to have seven sisters, the Heliades. That is the link between the two myths – Helios’ daughters. This story reduces the Heliades to just the two, who are merged with the Lampetia and Phaethusa from The Odyssey. I still have no idea why it’s called The Woman Who Hated Men. I’m sure it would all be more clear if I could read the whole thing instead of selective popping text into Google Translate.

Anyhoo, bottom line, this is one of the rare comics that combines fantastic cover work with some good interior work. At the end of the comic the sisters are turned into poplar trees. Although there is only one panel dedicated to it, both women have an intermediary stage between human and tree which is quite nice, featuring full-body bark and sprouting greenery. It doesn’t quite live up to the amazing cover, but both make this a good buy!

Okay, that’s all for the trees! Tune in next week for our penultimate installment of La Metafeminine En Español!



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La Metafeminine En Español: A Partir de la Miscelánea

Of the many Spanish language comics I purchased it was certain that some would not be winners. White future updates of La Metafeminine En Español will be broken out into themes, today’s update is to get things started and take care of the books that didn’t quite fit elsewhere or didn’t pan out.

Before we get to the individual issues, a note about how they will be “reviewed.” Since I can’t read Spanish, and I haven’t had time to translate them in their entirety, my comments will mostly be about cover and interior art. There may be exceptions where I have taken the time to translate, but for the most part I’m just interested in passing on whether or not the visual metafeminine material is present.

That said, let’s get started with one that had none at all!

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia - "Atalanta, la Atleta Enamorada y Fatal"

The cover to my copy of Joyas de la Mitologia – “Atalanta, la Atleta Enamorada y Fatal”

Atalanta, la Atleta Enamorada y Fatal” – or, “Atalanta, Athlete In Love and Deadly” – had absolutely nothing metafeminine in it. If you know the story of Atalanta you know I bought it hedging a bet that her eventual fate – the transformation into a lioness – would be included in her story. And while the comic seems to tell a fairly complete tale up until the end of her golden-apple-strewn footrace, the story does not stretch beyond that. Without even a single goddess vanishing or rematerializing anywhere, this is the only issue I picked up of Joyas de la Mitologia that I can’t find any metafeminine material within to recommend.

The cover to me copy of Hermelinda Linda #1,170

The cover to me copy of Hermelinda Linda #1,170

Next on the list of limited metafeminine material is issue 1,170 of Hermelinda Linda. Here’s a sentence you’re going to hear from me a lot; the cover is the best part of this comic. We do get a few pages of the witch on the cover (who is gray, not green, inside the issue), but even the scene depicted on the cover plays out within with another woman who is attractive but decidedly Caucasian.

Hermelinda Linda may be worth checking out if you want to see a few more attractive women levitated – willingly by themselves or forced by another – or if you enjoy the idea of a young woman mind controlling a mugger to stab himself to death. But there’s not much more magics going on.

The cover to my copy of La Lampara de Ah...Ladina! #11

The cover to my copy of La Lampara de Ah…Ladina! #11

Next up is Issue 11 of La Lampara de Ah…Ladina!, or The Lamp of Ah…Ladina!, which contains the story “Mision Suicida” (Suicide Mission). This was actually the first comic that made me really wish I knew Spanish!

The set up seems to be this; the story’s genie (attractive and dressed pretty much as you see her on the cover) is used to create crazy circumstances for a story. In this case, she startles a guy in his car and gets him to wish himself into the middle of a spy thriller – although this plays out as real life, not as if he has been sucked into a book. The genie appears a few more times in the “Chief Quimby” or “Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus” role to spur on our unwitting protagonist’s mission, but her role and appearances are small.

I picked the book up because of the genie and the robot on the cover. Sadly, the genie has not made some woman into a robot – there are fembots in one scene but their role seems to be little more than to make the bumbling spy thankful he didn’t shoot a real woman. They appear human until he lifts one’s bullet-ridden body from the floor and her head comes off.

While the comic has very little metafeminine material within it, “Mision Suicida” is filled with cheesecake. Pretty much every woman is absurdly curvy and wearing form-fitting outfits or bikinis. It also looks really funny. So if you can be happy with just a tiny smattering of the metafeminine this looks like it could be a book worth picking up – if you know Spanish!

Also, if you don’t mind La Lampara de Ah…Ladina! being literally tiny. My fingers are longer than it’s nearly square pages!

The last two items for today are issues of El Mil Chistes – which pretty much just means “Jokes.” When you see the covers I think it will be obvious why I bought them. First up is No. 327;

The cover to my copy of El Mil Chistes No. 327.

The cover to my copy of El Mil Chistes No. 327.

The joke on the cover is the classic; , “This is nothing! You should have seen the one that got away!”

Way to impress the merlady, man!

There’s nothing more metafeminine inside – unless you count extreme cartoonish cheesecake, and one panel of toplessness. But that cover has one of the best mermaids I’ve ever seen.

The cover to 327 is pretty good, but No. 591 is one of my favorite covers out of all the comics I bought, whether posted here or coming later;

The cover to my copy of El Mil Chistes No. 591.

The cover to my copy of El Mil Chistes No. 591.

I can’t make much sense of the joke – which translates for me as the clearly incorrect “I tell my plan to entertain, the three…?” – but who the hell cares, really? Possibly the best and sexist mermaid I know of, and to boot we’ve got a maidmer I might not kick out of bed! And in 264 issues El Mil Chistes has really improved the detail of their interior cheesecake art (and the one panel of toplessness) – although they’ve not added any metafeminine within.

I think it’s easy to say that El Mil Chistes No. 591 is a definite buy if you find it!

Okay, that’s it for the random issues! Tune in next week as we get started on some themes, and I find comics with transformation and metafeminine work between the covers!



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Starting Next Week: La Metafeminine En Español

You’ll have to excuse the sparse update this week, I am trying to finish two long gestating projects. But I do have a new review series to announce that will start next week!

Correos De Mexico

Thanks to my Tax Return, I treated myself to a number of comics from Mexico. I have long been aware that there are some beautifully realized mythological graphic adaptations drawn by our southern neighbors.

And I had over a dozen of them sent to me!

So, starting next week, I’ll be posting themed entries which will collect each comic that involves a particular transformation. There’s some great art amongst what has been sent, and I’m very excited to get to it!

See you then,




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Comic Review: Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug

There are two ways that I shop for metafeminine hard copies. One is hearing about a book, comic, or movie and deciding I’d like to check it out for myself.

But the other is by stumbling upon some cover art or poster that piques my interest, discovering that there is practically no information about it online, and hoping for the best.

Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug is an example of one of those risks working out for me. Hailing from all the way back in 1993, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I ordered this little piece of MU Press history.

The cover to my copy of "Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug"

The cover to my copy of “Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug”

This is a selection that has been adapted to graphic novel format by Chuck Melville (who also did the cover) from a larger novel written by Paul Kidd. The comic is black-and-white and was inked by Mike Raabe. Although the comic is not without its perplexities, I greatly enjoyed it. If you intend to read on, be aware; SPOILERS!

First of all, yes; all the characters are anthropomorphic. As I have said before, the inclusion of such characters is never something that drives me to read a story, but it doesn’t stop me, either. If you are someone who immediately turns away from a tale because it has, well, a tail from the start, you are robbing yourself of some great works. You don’t have to have a fetish for furry females to appreciate their sexiness or a good story.

The story here is Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug. It’s framed around the storyteller she-bat Sandhri, who is stuck in a jail cell and passing the time by telling the guards the tale. This allows for some great gags here and there, especially when the guards interrupt the story to inquire about some salacious details and Sandhri scolds them for being so interested in dirty things that have no real impact on the greater story.

But, be certain that there are very many wonderfully dirty things that are illustrated.

On this night Sandhri tells the tale of Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug. Things start off fairly Rapunzel-esque, in that Karanam has been isolated from the world by her sultan father in a tall tower kept watch by a lone guard. In this case, instead of Karanam’s hair growing to great lengths, it is her libido; years kept away from men has driven her desire to sample them to mythic levels. Her seduction of the guard who has gradually grown to lover her over the years sends Karanam into a lusty spiral.

Of course, being locked in a tower restricts her ability to sample other wares. But when she discovers that a djinn has been hidden away in the tower’s treasure storehouse, her options open up. In return for freeing him the djinn agrees to grant Karanam three wishes.

It should come to no surprise that Karanam’s sex-deprived mind has one goal – the elimination of the term deprived. The first thing she wishes for is to be so beautiful and desirable that no man could resist her.

And it’s at this point that a minor stumble shows up. You see, from the start of the story Karanam has been drawn as a very sexy she-fox. She’s thin and lithe, with a fine hourglass. She’s a pleasure to peruse upon the pages. Then, after the wish to be beautiful and desirable, some magic flashy-flash happens and she…looks exactly the same. At first I thought it was meant that the djinn had tricked her – that she was already beautiful and desirable and that the djinn’s spell was little more than “Watch me make this half empty glass half full!”

But, as I read through the story and the conclusion, it was clear to me that not only could the djinn have not tricked her here, some sort of physical change to Karanam is clearly intended to have occurred. But I cannot discern any. It is a small disappointment, as she certainly didn’t become less attractive, but some perceivable alteration to her form would have gone a long way to bettering the moral of the story and, well, my enjoyment.

If a wish implies breast expansion at least let us at least see some!

Anyhoo, right after wishing – and apparently receiving – the gift of enhanced beauty and desirability, Karanam must realize that her physical appearance won’t do her any good if no one can see her while locked up in the tower, so she makes the sensible second wish – that the djinn provide her whatever type of lover she wants whenever she wants one.

Through the next few pages the princess runs the djinn ragged by bringing her dozens of magically-drugged sex toys of both genders (I’ll let your personal moral compass come to rest on that one). But after each one Karanam finds that she is still lacking a satisfaction that she cannot quite put her finger on; satisfaction she did have following her tryst with the guard (who she’s only slept with that once, and who has been patiently trying to ignore the sounds of Karanam enjoying her many “guests”).

When she makes mention of this missing satisfaction to the djinn, who is already well aware that the guard is deeply in love with Karanam, the djinn quickly and easily diagnoses the problem; she’s been fucking when she should be loving. Of course, the tricky djinn phrases it that “two souls were joined” that night and only the same could satisfy her, so Karanam immediately wishes she could join souls with someone.

His trickery coming to fruition with Karanam’s third wish, the djinn grows to monstrous proportions and swiftly eats a terrified Karanam – her soul will join with his after she has digested.

Of course, this is not the end of the story. Having heard Karanam’s decidedly not-lusty scream, the guard rushes in. Thanks to his true love for Karanam he is able to best the djinn, forcing the supernatural spirit to spit out Karanam safe and sound. The djinn is defeated, and Karanam’s previous wishes are undone since she now has everything she could possibly want. Mutual love is declared. Happily Ever After and whatnot.

I greatly enjoyed my time with Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug. Despite my personal issues with black and white comic art I was able to follow the story and action just fine, and at no point did I feel as if color would have enhanced any sequence.

The story moves quickly and even manages to squeeze in a moral, but a little more thoughtfulness on Karanam’s part would have been appreciated. It would not have been difficult to avoid the stumbles that drew me out of the story. Even if the art doesn’t reflect a “sexy wish” what good does it do Karanam in her tower? Her second wish completely negates it anyway, since her delivered lovers were muddle-minded to the point that Karanam could have been a fat hippo and no one would have cared.

I realize that these are actually critiques of Sandhri’s abilities of a story teller, and that she was understandably distracted during her telling of what was probably the shorthand version of the tale, but that doesn’t change how the effected my reading of the comic. They felt like obvious “plot devices” and not part of “plot.”

But even I know that, in the bigger picture of Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug‘s overall quality, these complaints are negligible.

Speaking of “bigger picture,” I should also mention that there is bonus character art published in the pages following the main story, and there is beautifully painted Princess Karanam paper-doll bonus on the back cover. And no, none of those images are nudes.

Trust me, there’s plenty of that in the story proper.

THE FINAL VERDICT: Little issues aside, as a whole Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug is a sexy, fun, adults-only comic that carries all three aspects all the way through the tale. Furry, mind control, size difference, and even a little vore find their way in to appeal to all sorts of fans…even if the possible breast expansion failed to materialize. Regardless, Princess Karanam and the Djinn of the Green Jug is a comic that does many things very right, and should be an instant purchase if you find it.



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If you recently submitted a question to the CONTACT form…

If you recently submitted a question to the CONTACT form can you please resubmit with contact information? Thanks!




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New Project: Metafeminine Book Club

ASpiritedWeekendI recently published a new ebook, entitled A Spirited Weekend. And while SFC members already have a copy, and you CAN go buy it over at Smashwords or a variety of other popular ebook websites, before you do so I want to tell you about something else.

I’ve been experimenting with Patreon, and have created a little project I call the Metafeminine Book Club. This is not a replacement for this blog or Sexy Fantasy Comics, it is intended as an option for those looking for something in between.

Metafeminine Book Club is a monthly membership project. What differs it from Sexy Fantasy Comics? Well, it’s cheaper and has different charge options. But the BIG difference is that Metafeminine Book Club will only be offering ebook publications of my work. You’ll get far less material each month and you won’t get anything created by the other authors who work in Sexy Fantasy Comics. SFC is still, I think, the best deal.

But, I recognize that SFC is not an option for everyone. So if you’re a fan of my work and would expect to pay $2.99 each month to buy my ebooks individually, you can just pay $2 there. Plus, if enough people sign up, you’ll all get added benefits of illustrations that I could not otherwise afford to do – or even sell through things like Smashwords.

Again, if you are already a member of SFC do not sign up for MBC. But, if SFC has always been out of reach, and you really enjoy my work and would like it for less money than you’d pay elsewhere, this may be a good option for you.

As always I welcome your thoughts and opinions. I’m always striving to serve my readers better! And please enjoy the short story posted below!




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A short breast expansion story: Real or Reality?

Real or Reality?

by Dan Standing

“Oh, sure, and I’m one of those fake-titted reality show sluts who gets off on being filmed.”

Tyreen’s statement had been in response to the introduction just given to her by the strange woman in the gym locker room. Tyreen, glistening with sweat from her weekly after-work routine, had just opened up her sports drink, turned to get her dress clothes, and when she turned back this nude woman was standing right by her locker.

“I’m the genie of the sports drink, and you have one wish!” the naked intruder had announced.

So Tyreen’s disbelief was understandable.

“Is that your wish?” the woman asked, not moving from her spot, despite Tyreen’s obvious discomfort.

“Yeah, sure it is, if that’ll get you out of my face,” Tyreen muttered.

“Wonderful. Fake tits, sluttiness, and camera-induced orgasms I can do. Granted, and goodbye!”

Suddenly the woman vanished with a splash of liquid as green as Tyreen’s drink. The startled gym-goer blinked a few times. Had someone really been there? Had the woman really vanished? Had she really been a genie?

Had Tyreen really just wished for-

Doubt did not have a lengthy home in Tyreen’s mind. Within moments she felt an incredible tightness in her sports bra. Tyreen had always been a petite woman – this went for both her height and her dimensions. Her sports bra was more of a fashion choice than a necessity. So when her handfuls of breast flesh began to fight back against the stretchy fabric Tyreen noticed.

“Oh…oh God…” Tyreen gasped, urgently tugging on her bra as the elastic cups filled with growing fat and silicon. With much effort Tyreen was able to pull the sportswear over her head, and she instantly turned towards the locker room mirror.

Her jaw dropped. Tyreen could see her breasts inflating before her eyes – and ribs! What had once been small mounds topped by equally small nipples were now the size – and shape – of baseballs! Tyreen brought up her hands and palmed her spherical tits. She could feel the natural fatty tissue that was growing atop her chest, but as her fingers squeezed she could also feel the resistance of what was obviously an implant within. Her nipples, swelling towards the size of thumbs, poked against her palms.

As her digits were pushed apart by the advance of her breasts from baseballs to softballs Tyreen pulled her hands away and was about to scream. But the swell of lust in her loins overwhelmed the swell of fear in her mind.

“Oh…” Tyreen shuddered as her knees went weak and she melted down to the locker room’s bench. Her pussy had suddenly become inflamed with need. She could feel her clit becoming achingly swollen and pushing against her flushing labia. Sitting as she was Tyreen could feel her juices flowing through every crease and cranny of her slit, seeping into her panties and gym shorts.

A flush ran over her skin, and Tyreen was instantly aware that she’d suddenly become much more sensitive all over. Her back was arching from the weight of the rubbery grapefruits hanging from her ribs, and Tyreen again grasped them. Her shotglass size nipples were squeezed between thumb and forefinger as she pushed her fingers against her taught skin. Her breasts had indeed gotten much more sensitive, and Tyreen cooed as the electric pulse of erotic contact zipped straight to her crotch. Her lusty moan echoed across the tile.

Tyreen stopped herself. She realized that something wasn’t right. This was wrong. She was sick.

And the only cure was a hot beef injection.

Ignoring how empty she felt between her thighs Tyreen got up and went to her work clothes. She pealed off the soaked panties and shorts and pulled on the black skirt – sans panties. The damp air circulating within the open fabric, swirling around her bare pussy, made Tyreen giggle. She pulled on her white blouse without the dress bra she’d put on that morning. Her tits, now finally ceasing their growth at the size of casaba melons with nipples that neared the size of two golf balls stacked atop each other, would barely fit inside the white fabric. Tyreen could only get three buttons together, and the pressure of the material against her skin was a constant turn on. She wondered how long it would take for her juices to run down her legs past the hum of the skirt.

She would have surely been stopped on the street in such an outfit. But Tyreen didn’t expect to get that far. She needed a man between her legs now and planned to be on her back in the men’s locker room within the next few minutes. She fluffed her hair, and with sexual assuredness strutted out of the locker room.

An orgasm immediately rocked Tyreen as she stepped onto the gym’s main room. She screamed in pleasure as her juices splattered across the inside of her thighs and skirt. She crumpled to the floor as her legs became jelly. Tyreen’s silicon boobs barely bounced against each other, but the buttons did rip off her shirt, exposing her chest to everyone who turned towards the commotion.

Before she’d even tasted the afterglow of her first orgasm another one hit Tyreen, this one so intense she couldn’t even get out a gasp.

She’d forgotten about the gym’s security cameras.

And now a slew of smart phones were being whipped out, each RECORD light pumping the thrashing woman with another spike of carnal bliss.

And Tyreen was giving them quite a show.




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