Jessica Workman, with a side of Existentialism

Here we have the beautiful Jessica Workman, with a side of light musings of Existentialism.

The philosophical musings are my own addition, and are not intended to be portrayed as opinions held by Ms. Workman or Playboy. ~dS

I’ve always been something of an Existentialist. I think life is all about human experience.

I mean, what other experience could it be about, right?

It isn’t like one can live the “rabbit experience” or “possum experience.”

“Human experience” is pretty much our only choice. And everyone always seems to be so down on it.

You have to create your own values from life. We only get one shot here, so why classify the whole experience as an inconvenience?

And then there’s the whole “is there or isn’t there a God?” thing. “Why hasn’t God answered my request?” “If there’s no God how do we define values?”

C’mon people, think about it. If there were no God, all our core human values – respect life, don’t cheat each other, be honest – still apply as decent ways of mutual human interaction. No higher power needs to validate that.

And if there is a God, creator of the universe and thinker on levels of capability millions of times over our own, do you think you’d really be able to clearly recognize his interaction with you? And, I mean, he created a planet for you to exist on. How much validation do you need?

Seriously people. With or without God, life is precious and amazing. Calm down and appreciate it.

An aspect of Existentialism people seem to get tripped up on Facticity. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s about how people are usually defined just by their past, but that such a view is wrong.

Yes, our pasts make up part of who we are. But one must always remember how much else helps define who we are; our thinking of the here and now, and our goals for the future.

Even our bodies – how we look, our physical ability, transient needs – help to define who we are. So it’s never fair to judge someone solely on their past – or their body. We are all so much more than any single aspect. It’s the gift – and curse – of free will.

The best thing about Existentialism is the search for Self. I feel that is the best way to happiness. Discover who it is you are, and always act accordingly to that – not who it’s thought you should be – and you’ll find satisfaction in life!


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