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Foamy Breast Expansion

I recently rediscovered Foamy the Squirrel. If you’re not familiar with this hilarious series, you’ll be glad I did around 3:10 in the video below. Enjoy! ***

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Stretching and Remolding in Music Video

Howdy all! Thanks for all the support! In the meantime, enjoy this music video that includes stretching, remolding, and even some light vore. ~dS ***

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Nobody said “weird”

Been a super busy week, so for now please enjoy this “not weird” commercial. ***

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Age Regression in Big Budget Movie

I hope you will excuse the lack of names and titles regarding this video, but the primary audience for the film really isn’t (and shouldn’t be) readers here. And since it seems that trying to add an age verification plugin … Continue reading

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Video: Golden Woman

Yesterday my December 2013 edition of Playboy arrived, and while leafing through it I stumbled across a very intriguing advertisement. I immediately went looking for a digital version, and found it;   Now, while I was looking for this image … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The New Killer Instinct’s Orchid

Even though I was one of the first to own an N64, I never owned the Killer Instinct game that came out for it (and played it briefly only once). So I missed out on learning about the characters, and … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Snotty Nose

Okay, so, if you don’t like unusual phallic placement just skip this entry. I’m not always the biggest fan of it, but something about the “woman has a penis for a nose” genre piques my interest on occasion. This video is … Continue reading

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“Once Upon A Time” season premiere…

Although always a show I kept an eye on from afar, “Once Upon A Time” had a season premiere which involved both mermaids and inanimate transformation. Honestly, I think the entire clip is worth watching; ***

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Music Video: Lady Gaga – Applause

“Applause” is an alright song – it’s not my favorite of Lady Gaga’s compositions but it is far from her worst – but it’s music video is something else. Filled with the usual A, B, C, D, etc. stories that … Continue reading

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Venture Bros. Gets Some Extra Hands

Hey, so, since my lovely announcing girl from last week is…still lovely, but somewhat unavailable, it’s back to me making announcements. Without making too many promises I have had the time to start writing again, so yay! More fiction should … Continue reading

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