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Moosehead’s Wooden Lady

Earlier today Amber and I ate at the Moosehead Saloon Westlake, one of our favorite places. Of course, Amber insisted I sit underneath a certain decoration. Then she insisted I take a picture… ***

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In the Beginning: TMNT Mutations: Mutatin’ April

Some time ago I started to think about when I first realized that female transformation and metafeminine characters were something that I was interested in. While exploring that I wrote an entry about the box art for Companions of Xanth, one … Continue reading

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Someone hacked my Yahoo! account…

Hey all, Looks like someone hacked my Yahoo! email account and sent out some bogus links with it. If you get any weird emails from standing_dan(a)yahoo.com please delete them. I’ve changed my password so this should be resolved. ~Dan ***

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The Importance of Order – Part I

 The Importance of Order Part I by Dan Standing “Why is there a sex doll in my dorm?” Cece looked up from Dania’s bed, a huge smile across her face. She was in her pajamas – nothing more than poofy soft pants … Continue reading

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Series: Fantasy Women of Pinball (and the Arcade)

Last week regular readers Catfish and WeirdArchives mentioned that there are pinball machines out there that feature unusual and fantasy-style females. Since I can’t go around buying pinball machines willy-nilly, and I already had an ad flyer (sent to arcade owners to encourage them … Continue reading

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A Minute To Reflect

This morning Amber told me something that always surprises me; “I’m proud of your work on your websites.” Given that my websites generally involve me writing about  – and looking at – naked women, you can understand why I’m a … Continue reading

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Updates and Next Week…

Hey All, First, I just want to make one last push for anyone who wants to donate to TIME AND AGAIN: ISSUE 2. Right now we’ve raised enough that I’ll be able to tell the Genie’s origin story, but there … Continue reading

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SexyFantasyComics Update…and dreams…

I want to make sure everyone knows that my new illustrated ebook REBOUND is now in the SFC. Featuring 5 illustrations by Andrea & Ale, I hope that those who love breast expansion, multiple breasts, and lovely loving ladies find … Continue reading

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Well, that was fun…

Note to self; If working on your website, and the the action you are about to take is preceded by the question “What does this button do?” DO NOT DO whatever you are about to do. Yes, in case it … Continue reading

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SFC: “Protie” Anne: EL REY MIDAS Photoshoot

Today we post “Protie” Anne’s newest photo-shoot in SexyFantasyComics. Join us as we visit Anne in her photo studio, and she preps for a King Midas themed photo-shoot…although, it turns out to be one we expected and Anne didn’t… ***

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