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“Once Upon A Time” season premiere…

Although always a show I kept an eye on from afar, “Once Upon A Time” had a season premiere which involved both mermaids and inanimate transformation. Honestly, I think the entire clip is worth watching; ***

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It Girl! – The Comic Every TF Fan Should Be Reading

I’ve been trying to find the time to review It Girl! and the Atomics, and the opportunities have just not been there. But transformation fans should absolutely be checking out this series! Not only have the covers been great – … Continue reading

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Bloom Tide

Bloom Tide a mermaid story by Dan Standing   Serena peeked over the wall of coral and watched the other merladies and lads cavorting at the opposite end of the sandy pitch. She growled quietly as they swam in close to each other, … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Playboy, August 1976 – Part I

As usual, we’re breaking up the Playboy review into two parts. The first concentrates on the articles singled out on the cover, and the next will delve into the rest of the issue. For the first time with a Playboy … Continue reading

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WWII Trench Art: Topless Mermaid Reads Over Soldier’s Shoulder

One of my goals in studying the metafeminine is finding examples of it across all times and situations. And I am very excited about one of my acquisitions; an example of the metafeminine in Trench Art. Trench Art, as defined by … Continue reading

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Fantasy Women of Pinball: Fathom (Bally, 1981)

For an explanation of this series and my Ranking System read here. I’ve mentioned that something that really gets me stoked for a pinball machine is one that tries to tell a story, or make your actions/score part of an … Continue reading

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Mermaid Slot Machine in Cleveland Casino

Cleveland recently got a casino, a Horseshoe. Amber and I recently had the chance to explore it. Among the many “sexy goddess” and “sexy fairy” and other randomly themed “sexy” machines was a mermaid one, Mermaid’s Gold. I nabbed the … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Spell For Chameleon (Xanth-1)

Normally my reviews are all spoilery. This is because I’d tell the whole tale to give everyone the context of the material, and then voice my opinion of it, in hopes that it would drive people to support the subject. … Continue reading

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La Sirena: Before and After

Our friends took us to a few places in Austin. One was an awesome store called Monkey See Monkey Do. The other was an outside craft market they help with. At Monkey See Monkey Do I bought the first image … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga – Yoü And I music video with Mermaid

Okay, so, this is probably the LAST song I ever expected to see a mermaid pop up in, but if I’ve learned anything it’s to not limit my expectations regarding anything the Gaga produces. And she’s created a pretty fine … Continue reading

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