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Selection: The Sad Story and Lamentable Fate of the Fair Minthe

It occured to me that perhaps not everyone is as familiar with the tale of MINTHE as I am. I’ve always appeciated Greek Myth transformation stories, but the downside to many of them is that the transformation cast on the … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Playboy, August 1976 – Part I

As usual, we’re breaking up the Playboy review into two parts. The first concentrates on the articles singled out on the cover, and the next will delve into the rest of the issue. For the first time with a Playboy … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Heavy Metal, February 1983

HEAVY METAL is a magazine I’ve been wanting to review for some time. But, given the various stories and artists featured within each issue’s pages, it wasn’t until I worked out the home run/hit/miss method I used to review Pulp … Continue reading

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Mexican Cinema Poster: ANIMALES HUMANOS

I am constantly searching for transformation-themed material (just wait until I get to what I found in the Poconos!), and recently discovered this Mexican Cinema movie poster for a film called ANIMALES HUMANOS. It’s so large I couldn’t scan it … Continue reading

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Concept: Danger Dryad Evolved

Not sure if I will do this or not, but I was playing around with the idea that Danger Dryad’s fingers and toes start to become more vine and root like. Since she no longer has a biological need for … Continue reading

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Last Day For “My Frustration Is Your Opportunity” Suggestions (& bonus poem)

For those of you who missed my “My Frustration Is Your Opportunity” post – or just haven’t gotten around to leaving a comment – today is the last day to leave a comment/suggestion. Many thanks to those who left their … Continue reading

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Flashback: Fertilizer

Prepping for another doctor’s visit, so I decided to post this sprite comic I did way back. It is still one of my favorites. Sprites are based on the King of Fighters pallet. ***

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Captain Planet Spoof – tree transformations

Although there are no female transformations on screen, I think I’d be remiss not to post this Captain Planet spoof starring Don Cheadle. Keep the audio down if you’re someplace you should be quiet. Don Cheadle is Captain Planet from … Continue reading

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Three Blondes On An Island – mythical/plant/petrification/breast expansion story

Three Blondes On An Island a story by Dan Standing   “Oh my God, we’ve become a living joke.” “Like we weren’t already, have you seen the tabloids?” “Shut up, both of you, we have to figure this out.” Three … Continue reading

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Poem Reposted: Don’t Leaf

Don’t Leaf a sonnet by Dan Standing “No Trespassing.” This dumb sign won’t stop me. Lovely garden, I must have a flower. I stop when I see a face – on a tree. This place must have a magical power. … Continue reading

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